Our Website is no longer UGLY

VidAngel has a brand new logo, tagline and interface on the website.

We drew the new logo on the office wall with chalk

We drew the new logo on the office wall with chalk

We designed the new system to solve three problems:

  1. Looks. No offense, but the previous version of the website was, well, …gag. It looked like it came from the nineties, and not the good part. As soon as I came on full time, I revamped the logo and we tore into the look and feel of the website. We think the result feels more cinematic.
  2. Speed. Our servers think you guys are lazy, and have too much time on your hands from all the videos you’ve been watching. But really, they’re the lazy ones and have been complaining about all the traffic. This new website loads much faster for you and makes life easier for our servers.
  3. Customers. You’ve given us so many great movie suggestions that we created a better process for requesting movies and TV shows. Now, simply search VidAngel and below the titles we offer, you’ll find results from every movie that has ever existed (almost :).  In addition, customers expressed the desire to remove certain titles from view on VidAngel. You’re welcome.

You know what? I came to VidAngel thinking, “I get to watch movies all I want for free as an employee.” However, I’ve never watched so little because we’ve been working so hard. My excitement has replaced my sleep and movies, and my back is aching for a chiropractor. It was all for you. You’re welcome.

I’m so stoked to announce the new VidAngel. Enjoy, and trust me, it’s going to get even better.

– Megan Rae Morton, Director of Product

We're updating the apps to match the new design as well

We’re updating the apps to match the new design as well

6 thoughts on “Our Website is no longer UGLY

  1. I love the new changes! Everything looks fresh and welcoming and it puts Google Play Movies to shame. Thanks for providing the world with good, clean movies and TV shows. Love y’all guys 🙂

    1. Does VidAngel have a facebook presence? I tried searching and dind’t see you guys on there.



  2. Definitely it’s not ugly. In fact, I am seeing a professional website ready to launch anytime! It’s really a matter of effective upgrade in order to get the right taste for your website. And you focused on these upgrades that’s why you get the kind of website you want. Congratulations!

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