32 thoughts on “New Releases Coming Soon

  1. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to watch movies as a family again. We had almost given up because there were so many awkward and unexpected inappropriate scenes in every movie.

    1. I agree completely! 🙂 Just discovered VidAngel! It now means that we can have a family movie night once a week, without the difficulties we had of finding something suitable!

  2. Loving VidAngel! It’s such a refreshing relief to be able to watch movies without all the unnecessary bad stuff! Looking forward to Civil War when you post it 🙂

  3. We absolutely love, love, love vidangel! We enjoy movies but not all the inappropriateness that is in nearly every movie. Thanks for making movies enjoyable again.

  4. It has been wonderful to watch movies I have wanted to watch for a long time, but couldn’t because of a few in-appropriate scenes or language. I feel comfortable having my grandchildren watch movies with me and the service is much more convenient that Red Box.

  5. Thank you SO much for existing! You have made it possible for us to show our children movies once more. I remember the joy they felt being able to see “The Blues Brothers” and the joy we felt in being able to share that with them without all the swear words! Bless you!

  6. I love VidAngel! Is there anything in the works to add VidAngel apps to other devices besides a computer or phone (such as a PS4, samsung or sony smart tvs, etc)? They all come with the big (and even a few small) video streaming companies apps but I would love to get VidAngel on ALL my devices. Thanks!

  7. Vidangel is what every family needs- I can finally watch movies again without any worry about what might be in it. Thank you! I’m always telling everyone I know about it 🙂

  8. We are sooo grateful for VidAngel! In the past, I’ve always been on edge, ready to mute/censor movies when the kids were watching. This has been the greatest app for our family. It allows me to make decisions about what is appropriate for my kids, rather than allowing Hollywood to make those decisions. Thank you!!!!

  9. I could not be a bigger fan! We have so many possibilities now for family movie night! Thank you! I can actually watch movies people recommend to me now!!!

  10. Thank you for your service. I have told many, many family and friends about this (like a used car salesman!). I believe greatly in what you are doing and will be doing all I can to spread the word. Like so many others this is a huge blessing for those that enjoy watching movies.

  11. The movies are great, but we love the edited TV shows even more!! We’d love to see House of Cards Season 4, the wire, the Americans, and more!! Love the site!

  12. Thank you so much for this service! You’ve enabled us to purchase movies that we otherwise would never watch with our kids due to needless inappropriate content. I think it’s sad that the studios really only need to make small changes to their movie scripts and scenes to make the movies available to MUCH larger audience and the movie studios still refuse to make any changes. Very, very rarely do the f-bombs, gory visual elements and/or gratuitous sex scenes add anything to the story – and that’s what movies are – stories. I’m thankful that a company like VidAngel is around to make some great stories (sans the profanity, violence and obscenity) available for our family to enjoy together. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve wanted to buy or rent to watch with our kids that I ultimately decided not to get due to the content. Thank you!

  13. I seriously LOVE that I discovered VidAngel. I saw your ads on Facebook, but then my sister-in-law had it, and showed me how to use it. LOOOOOOVE how you can customize everything!!

  14. Love that I can edit parts of the movies out that my kids should not be watching….now they can chat with friends about many of the hero movies like superman without seeing all the graphic violence! Love love love this service!

  15. We love vidangel! So many great movies. And we love being able to edit out the stuff that we feel is inappropriate. So many movies now a day add material that is not relevant to the plot that is either vulger, crude or sexually inappropriate. It is great to be able to edit these things out and enjoy watching the movie.

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