VidAngel Steals Lawyer From the Studios

Dear VidAngel customers,


4 Hollywood studios have accused VidAngel of stealing their movies. That’s not true, but we are stealing their lawyers.

This week Attorney David Quinto, who used to be a lawyer for Disney and Warner Brothers, became the official lawyer of VidAngel. As you may recall, those studios and VidAngel are currently in a legal battle, so Quinto’s pulling a Kevin Durant and switching teams to the inevitable winners.


David Quinto is a fairly big deal.

The Hollywood Reporter named him to their list of Top 100 Power Lawyers. In fact, he was ranked #21 on the alphabetical list!

He spent 27 years as a lawyer for the Oscars, and during that time they never got sued for giving Best Actor to Nicholas Cage, so you know he’s good at his job.


He has had adventures in 140 countries during his life, including:

  • Outrunning a knife-wielding assailant for close to a kilometer in Rio de Janeiro
  • Escaping the Tuareg insurrection by fleeing Timbuktu aboard a Russian military cargo plane
  • Spending a month in Argentina during the height of the Dirty War and almost being executed in Mendoza (without cause, we should note)
  • Litigating his first case while still in law school and earning two published opinions, one of which has been cited by the Supreme Court


These are all true stories. No, WE PROMISE. They really are!


Welcome to the family, David!


David Quinto: silent guardian, watchful protector.

David Quinto: silent guardian, watchful protector.

37 thoughts on “VidAngel Steals Lawyer From the Studios

  1. Thank you, David, for defending VidAngel! My family is passionate about the premise on which VidAngel was created, that families want and deserve to watch wholesome movies, according to their personal preferences. VidAngel is a company that has worked within the laws to provide this exceptional service, and I commend you for joining this worthy cause in the defense of our freedom. My family has been steadily streaming movies via VidAngel since we first learned about them nearly a year and a half ago, and we have enthusiastically shared news of VidAngel with family and friends. While we have donated to their legal battle, we know that our contribution is relatively small, so we are truly grateful that you are dedicating your skills and time to such a worthy cause. Thank you!!

  2. God be with you David and Vidangel! Please win this case and continue to bring families together to watch movies in safety and assurance. You are doing Hollywood a favor. Now good wholesome people can actually watch these movies and enjoy the stories, not the smut. Seriously David/Vidangel, you have changed my moral stance on corrupt cinema with your filtering

  3. We had stopped watching movies in our house that were not christian based. Because of VidAngel we are now able to have family movie nights again. Congratulations on getting a top-notch lawyer you guys, keep on keeping on we are all behind you!

    1. Us too! The lawsuit premise is ridiculous and should be thrown out. Criminal we the audience cannot buy the movies we want and watch how we want to.

  4. May this new addition to Team VidAngel be successful and blessed. My family and I are hoping to hear great news very soon!

  5. I love it! Slay the Giant Goliath for us David! I love movies but HATE that they must include foul language or sexual immorality, VIDANGEL gives me back my movies without all the filth! Damn the man and Save VidAngel!!!!!

  6. The ability to filter out profanity and sexual content is the only reason I allowed my 9 yr old son to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s a Marvel fan but I haven’t felt comfortable letting him watch many of the Marvel movies until now. After watching this movie with my son, VidAngel alleviated all my concerns. This is the solution we have needed. We now plan on watching all the Marvel movies and my son is ecstatic. Thank you so very much for this service, thank you for the ease & usability of customizing the filters and thank you for the affordability to make movies family-friendly. I’ll be certain to share my positive experience with family, friends and across social media to make others aware of the superb service you have provided.
    Thank you again,
    Julia Hull

  7. Thank you! This makes it possible for my family to see great films we wouldn’t otherwise be able to see–Hollywood should thank you!

  8. I absolutely love your guys’ service, and it’s brilliant to be able to watch movies filtered! I’m really grateful for what you stand for.
    I am a little concerned that my VidAngel purchases aren’t really compensating the copyright owners in any way… that means that the money I spend to rent the movie doesn’t help pay the lighting-technician, visual effects supervisor, or any of the other hundreds of names that show up at the end of the movie. I hope this suit works out for the best and that the studios can be subdued while VidAngel can continue to offer great service.

    1. Do you ever rent from Redbox? Or, how about Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, back in the day? Well, it’s the same concept so you shouldn’t be worried. I’m pretty sure the studios all know that Redbox is a legit company. So, why couldn’t this be, also? VidAngel buys physical copies and streams them; it would be just like you going to Redbox and putting your credit card in and taking it home. It just saves you those steps, and let’s you watch it however the bleep you want. VidAngel is my hero!

    2. And, Kate, it’s awesome that you think about those people getting their cut; that’s a very relevant and thoughtful point! ?

  9. Hoping for a successful outcome for Vidangel. Enabling our children to watch good movies while at the same time protecting them from inappropriate content is a service we are quite thankful for.

  10. Literally Hollywood could save themselves all this bother if they’d just allow this. Probably make more per movie, too, but you know, they can’t allow that. They don’t want to let you edit their filth out.

  11. love , love you guys!
    we will not watch any of these movies without filters. To protect our own mind. We hear curing everywhere we go, i would not internationally subject myself to it in my safe home. even though we are married keeping purity in the forefront is pivital! Thank you , for helping a great cause!

  12. Keep fighting. My family loves VidAngel. We talk very highly of this company to everyone that asks about you guys! It’s nice to finally walk away from a movie feeling good about what I saw. Movies are supposed to be inspirational, or I would hope so. I’m now able to have a more “motivating” and “inspiring” feeling instead of a “what did I just watch?!” feeling. We hope to see more. Thanks again David and VidAngel Team.

  13. I am proud to throw my public support behind VidAngel. They provide the legal tools for me to protect my family and determine what is acceptable for my kids to watch.

    The movie studios could have been doing this on their own but have shown not the slightest interest in providing this for consumers.

    Well done, VidAngel. I spread your name all the time!

  14. Bravo! If the Hollywood Filmmakers won’t keep their movies clean, Congress has enacted law to allow us to do the censoring. This is the right of every family. Keep up the good work!

    It’s so sad that they would rather sue VidAngel than just make movies more tasteful to begin with. Thankfully there is the technology to make movies accessible to all families.

  15. Keep up the good fight, my family and I greatly appreciate the service you provide. We had many movies we had simply decided not to watch due to the unnecessary foul language that we were able to watch because of your service. Thank you for fighting to protect the right to filter.

  16. We went without cable television for about a year in my house. We forgot how the commercials were too violent or had sexual content in them, even during family friendly shows like Wheel of Fortune, until we recently bought some “bunny ears” (digital antennas I guess you could say) to watch the Olympics. When the commercials came on, my ten year old daughter would bury her head in the pillows on the couch, or would turn her head, to avoid the content that made her uncomfortable. Tonight, as we were watching a movie from VidAngel (our second one), my daughter blurted out two times, “I love VidAngel” during the movie because it cut out profanity, any sexual content and blasphemy. Thank you David for fighting for families like us. Thank you for fighting for kids like my daughter.

  17. Thanks so much for helping VidAngel Mr. Quinto!!

    This website has been such a blessing to our family. We absolutely would not be purchasing or renting any of these movies if it was not for VidAngel. We would choose just to not watch.

    Thanks again for what you are doing, and may God Bless you in Mighty Ways.

  18. The premise of the studios opposing filtering when they filter for broadcast and in-flight airing has got to go against them. Selectively allowing filters for different audiences and markets is clearly okay so why bother with the pretext of money?

    I would love this to be an embedded service on Amazon and Netflix!

    Is there any way to argue this from a music sampling angle? There doesn’t seem to be a rult that the whole song muyst be used whenever it’s heard. The movie Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid did a whole movie using clips from old movies as the secondary dialogue source.

    Anyway, best of success!

  19. I just learned of this site as I was looking for opportunities to filter out all the bad stuff in movies (at least what I consider bad for my home).

    I will most assuredly subscribe after reviewing with my wife.

    Does your service also filter my movies in my video library?

  20. Thanks for fighting the good fight, you guys. We’ll keep watching and donating and supporting the best way we know how. You’re the best!!!

  21. A far cry from the peanut gallery:
    In homes, hospitals, care centers, high schools, veteran hospitals, military bases, detention facilities etc…where potential mental instability necessitates calm environments to avoid triggering outbursts or reactions due to mental illness, PTSD and those suffering from other forms of trauma filtering is a protective measure. Many psychiatrists, wardens, MIlitaryMD’s, neurologists and others will declare it medically necessary for the safety, healing and well being of the patient and society to avoid portrayals of violence. I see it as a case for discrimination to refuse to honor the needs of our returning veterans, recovering and rehabilitating individuals and those mentally disabled.

  22. I sure hope you guys win! The irony is that many movies don’t get watched simply because of one scene that never needed to be in the movie. Bad judgement on the director’s part.
    Considering the mission of Hollywood to bring wanton sex into every home I am not surprised they are resisting. What does surprise me is the studios NOT participating in the lawsuit. They must work on another level of higher IQ or just want the increased sales.
    Winning this lawsuit will be a step up for America! Good luck guys.

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