Contact your Congressional Representative #SaveFiltering

We lost this round of the legal battle, which means the movies will need to remain down for at least the next couple of months.


The good news is that several members of Congress have already reached out, asking how to help save filtering! In fact, the very same team that got the Family Movie Act of 2005 passed is leading VidAngel’s efforts in Washington, DC.


Now is your chance to help! If VidAngel has improved the life of your family, please reach out to your senators and congressperson to make your voice heard.



Go to and enter your ZIP Code to find the contact info for your Senators and Congressperson.

Then, reach out in one of the following ways:

  1. Most effective: Visit their office. You can drop off a letter if you have time.
  2. Very effective: Give them a quick phone call.
  3. Effective: Post to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  4. Least Effective: Emailing (often ends up in spam folders).

In your messages, please address the following:

  1. Describe how important streamed filtering has been to you and your family.
  2. Emphasize that hollywood should not have veto right when it comes to how you watch movies in your own home.
  3. Finally, ask congress to amend the Family Movie Act to make it even clearer that streamed filtering IS legal.


Remember, a small company got the Family Movie Act passed in 2005. Today, over 1 million Americans are watching VidAngel, and you have given us over $10 million.


We can win this.


Help save filtering by reaching out to representatives and sharing this video with friends. We are just getting started. Thank you so much for your support.


All the best,

59 thoughts on “Contact your Congressional Representative #SaveFiltering

    1. VidAngel credits never expire. Here’s what you can do with them:

      1. Wait until our movies are back. We’re asking the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the preliminary injunction. If we are successful, the movies will likely be back up within the next few months. Please stay tuned. And remember – your credits are not at risk. We have $10 million in the bank from our recent investment round, so we can refund you at any time.
      2. Watch exclusive VidAngel content. Even though VidAngel is temporarily unable to offer movies, you will soon be able to view our VidAngel Exclusive content. Our first 3 titles – The Last Descent, The Abolitionists, and Life on Bitcoin – will be available very soon. In the next few months we will have an ever-growing list of titles available. You will be able to rent (not buy!) those titles using your credits.
      3. Cash out your credits. If you would like your credits refunded immediately, we’ll be disappointed but will make it happen. We hope, though, that you will choose option 1 or 2, and continue to stand with us to show the courts and Congress how very important our filtering service is to you. (cash out button is on the account page)
  1. Hollywood should really try and work something out. A Republican controlled government will not deal kindly with left leaning Hollywood if they are successful with their lawsuit. In the end they could be destroying their best chance at making a good deal with VidAngel.

    I would warn the Hollywood execs of the shifting balance of power in government is not going to be beneficial toward their agenda.

  2. I’m confused. What should we ask our congress-person for? I support the right to filter, but the lawsuit isn’t about filtering. It’s about streaming copyrights. How could the FMA be re-written to support VidAngel’s case without also granting sweeping immunity for any service that streams movies without license? Is this to support your counter-suit?

    1. They can amend the Act to further specify that filtered copies requested can then be streamed to the end user rather than relying on the physical copy of the medium. It’s a perfectly acceptable form of distribution given the current technological environment and the fact that end users access the content on a cloud based platform.

    2. We’ve had members of congress reach out who will introduce a bill. As soon as it is introduced, we will give you a specific bill # but right now it is very helpful to bring this up to members of congress so that they are ready for the introduction of the bill. Thanks!

      Addressing these messages will be best right now:

      1) Describe how important streamed filtering has been to you and your family.
      2) Emphasize that hollywood should not have veto right when it comes to how you watch movies in your own home.
      3) Finally, ask congress to amend the Family Movie Act to make it even clearer that streamed filtering IS legal.

    3. What I’d like to see is an amendment to the FMA making it illegal for them to introduce terms of use that discriminate against filtering, or making it illegal for them to “discriminate” against end use that includes filtering. Just my $0.02 🙂
      Good luck!

  3. If the lawsuit is only about streaming copyrights, why are the filtering company’s the only companies denied the license from the studios to steam their movies?

  4. This might be a dumb question… but how come you can buy censored music, but censoring movies infringes the artist’s rights?

    1. When we start publishing independent content that will license to us with filtering, please support that content on VidAngel! Thanks

  5. One little company got the family movie act passed…. Yeah, you’re first a movie pirate, now your hiding the fact that CLEARPLAY IS THAT LITTLE COMPANY.

    I didn’t think ya’ll could stoop any lower.

    No integrity.

    1. He was pointing out that we are dealing with a small company vs big companies and that a small company was able to stand up and make a change. No disrespect to any company.

  6. I sent a message via facebook to all three of my congress people.

    Do we get the money back in our accounts and on the videos we purchased?

  7. Can you please provide a form letter that states exactly what you need us to say to be the most effective? Most of us have f.t. jobs, school, kids, etc and find it easy when supporting a cause to fill out our name and zip off the form letter to our congressman. Anyone else agree?

  8. I am wondering if these comments are left by paid Internet trolls. I mean, really? Our family loved it! VidAngel has done for family friendly video streaming what Uber did for big city taxi service: they listened to the customer and filled the need. Now all of those who were not willing to do so are in an uproar because they are not making ‘enough’ money. Get a clue: Entertainment is discretionary spending. You get too expensive, too vulgar, too out of touch and you lose your clientele.

    1. Tell me why Neal isn’t informing everyone that ClearPlay is proud that there is a Market for filtered movies? Why does he have to resort to a fear mongering campaign?

      Your little video talks about 12 filtering companies that got sued. You conveniently omitted that ClearPlay was the ONLY filtering company to survive and is the big reason the FMA exists.

      Neal can’t use ClearPlay to back up his point that there is a Market for filtering and had been for 17 years, because when the judge compared the two companies hell see the ClearPlay can provide filtering without pirating movies.

      1. Charles,

        We’ve never tried to hide ClearPlay’s critical role in getting the FMA enacted and have given it attribution in the papers we’ve filed in court. Our purpose in preparing our call to action was to provide a short, pithy explanation and not to write a comprehensive history. The work ClearPlay performed during 2004-5 is not relevant to asking VidAngel users for help now. We wrote a call to arms. That has nothing to do with claiming, or denying anyone else, credit.

        Bill Aho, the former CEO of ClearPlay, and Bill Simmons from Grayling are the team who helped get the Family Movie Act passed for ClearPlay. Note we didn’t mention their names as well. This doesn’t mean that we are not very grateful for their original work on the FMA, it just simplified the script/message. Aho and Simmons are also currently helping VidAngel in Washington because they recognize the absurdity of the studios’ current position on the future of filtering.

        This chart does a good job of explaining what the studios claim legal filtered streaming looks like:

        Please note they have the contractual ability to shut ClearPlay streaming down at any time. That is not an acceptable future for filtering for us or for VidAngel customers.


      2. You seem to have some sort of ‘interest’ in ClearPlay…Our family initially used ClearPlay (before finding out about VidAngel) and we had a horrible experience with it…we tried 2 different movies and it DID NOT remove the filthy language…we were done. We couldn’t seem to get a refund until we sat on the phone for a lengthy amount of time… Then several years later a friend of ours informed us of VidAngel…it has been a real blessing to us…movies we would otherwise not watch, we are now able…well, we were…we will definitely contact our congressman…

      3. You think VidAngel is trying to pirate movies? Let’s look at the definition:

        Pirating is to “use or reproduce (another’s work) for profit without permission, usually in contravention of patent or copyright.”

        If they are “BUYING” discs and making the content of those discs available ONLY to the purchaser, how is that “reproducing for profit without permission”? Common sense tells me you don’t need permission from Hollywood to transmit content you own from one room to another, or from your home server to your iPad at work. Plus the actual wording of the FMA says:

        “the making imperceptible, by or at the direction of a
        member of a private household, of limited portions of audio or
        video content of a motion picture, during a performance in or
        TRANSMITTED to that household for private home viewing, from an
        authorized copy of the motion picture, or the creation or
        provision of a computer program or other technology that enables
        such making imperceptible and that is designed and marketed to
        be used, at the direction of a member of a private household,
        for such making imperceptible, if no fixed copy of the altered
        version of the motion picture is created by such computer
        program or other technology.”

        Notice the word TRANSMITTED? Does that mean anything to you?

    2. Is not about filtering and never was, otherwise 17 year old ClearPlay would have been shut down and the FMA wouldn’t have been created.

      1. Charles, please relax, no need to attack! We all need to work on this together. Perhaps ClearPlay and VidAngel can combine their efforts to have a bigger impact on Congress. If Hollywood has come after VidAngel, then ClearPlay is probably next. Let’s not look at this as competitors but a team working toward the same goal that will hopefully help and protect both companies going forward. Who knows, maybe Hollywood will see the interest in clean enyertainment and start making some adjustments on their own to meet the demands of their customers. God Bless!

  9. Thank you for fighting this injustice and fighting for our right to filter the filth out of movies. We love your service and it has been great for our family. We will keep our credits in our account and we’re praying for a positive bill to be made in congress. We sent e-mails out to our senators and representatives from Texas. Thank you for all you do and God bless you and all that is decent and righteous in the world.

    The Tracy Family
    Crowley, Texas

    The following is the e-mail that we sent to our members of the senate and house of representatives if you would like to read it and for those who would like an idea of what to write. Thank you!


    Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

    We know you are busy, so we will be brief with this request. As you may know the right to filter movies is under attack with a lawsuit from four major filmmakers. VidAngel is the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV shows. It is currently engaged in a high-profile legal battle with Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm. These Hollywood studios have taken legal action in an effort to eviscerate the 2005 Family Movie Act and prevent VidAngel from lawfully empowering parents and families to filter content on modern devices for private, noncommercial viewing.

    The right and ability to filter this filthy content out of movies is extremely important to our family. This right is 100% legal and rather than costing the movie studios as they claim, this service actually increases their revenue. Vidangel purchases the DVDs and BluRays from these companies to be able to stream them online. This service enables countless families like us to be able to watch movies we would never otherwise watch. It turns R-rated movies into PG-rated ones, etc.

    Right now all of the movies on VidAngel are currently unavailable under this injunction. We urge you to please take this control away from Hollywood to take away our right to watch filtered movies in our home. Please create an amendment to the Family Movie Act to protect our right and to clarify that filtering is legal under the FMA.

    Thank you very much for your time and for all you do for the citizens of Texas and of the United States of America.


    Randy Tracy and Family
    Crowley, Texas

  10. Thank you for providing the information on exactly what I can do! I don’t need all the extra rubbish shown in movies in my home, and I’m thankful that VidAngel offers the option to have it removed and still allow my family to watch so many movies! I contacted our state congress reps and hope they will push forward with changing this amendment. Hoping VidAngel is back up and running soon!

    1. We filed our opening brief on appeal last Wednesday. The studios are required to respond in 4 weeks. We reply 2 weeks after that. Then the 9th circuit will hold a hearing (they haven’t yet set a date).

  11. We wouldn’t have watched most of the movies we have through you had there NOT been filtering! Streaming actually brings the movie industry another chance for revenue from Conservative households. I don’t know why Hollywood WOULDN’T be behind another chance to make a buck!

  12. Thank you for posting a link to our representative. I’m in Washington State and just sent a letter. Keep up the good work VidAngel. I tell everyone about you all the time. This is a service worth fighting for!

  13. We have been using VidAngel from the begging. Much like clearplay it needed some work on a couple of points. But the amazing thing is that they actually did it! We “used” clearplay for 2 years before giving up on filtering. When VidAngel came out we were grateful for a company that actually listened to our suggestions, and was actively seeking to improve everything about their site. It has been an amazing thing to use, and i really look forward to seeing this court battle won.

  14. Keep fighting- and thanks for all you have done so far. I was curious about why ALL content was unavailable regardless of the studio that produced/distributed it. Is there not an opportunity for you to make small/independent studio content available? I realize (and part of your anti-trust argument is) that the handful of studios suing you represent 90% of the content on the market, but to me that leaves 10% that should, or at least might, work with you to allow their content to be available on VidAngel… Sherwood Studios (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, etc) for example should be an independent studio to support your cause and allow their content to be available.

  15. Neal I have tried 2 different times to cash out my credits and I have still not been given my refund and it has been over 10 days. I would like my money back!

  16. We will write our congressmen. I thought Disney was supposed to be family-friendly…so disappointed in them…we will write a letter direct to Disney too for what it is worth. Spent so much money on Disney movies and products over the years and felt good about it…until now. Our family is really missing Vidangel!! We would even pay more if needed once you are up and running to help with licensing if that is their issue…just want clean entertainment!! We will donate our credits. Keep fighting the good fight!

  17. I’m a little confused on how the video stores like Clean Video can exist without an issue then, if thats what this is about? They are editing(filtering) out content in those dvds that you would then rent and take home to your family. What’s the difference? Is it, in fact, the streaming? Or is it the filtering of content?

    1. Video stores like you describe were shut down in 2005 after being found guilty of copyright infringement in Colorado. They were making fixed copies of the altered version of the movies, which is not allowed by the Family Movie Act.

  18. VidAngel has made a BIG change in my families life.Before my family found out about VidAngel, we could rarely watch any new movies because they were all bad. Now, thanks to VidAngel, we dont have that problem anymore. We can filter as much as we like in our movies. My brothers and I used to feel like outcasts because our friends were raving about the newest movie that had just come out that we couldnt see. My Dad had to watch any movies we wanted to see first, then edit them for us. And if they said the J*s*s word, my Dad would turn it off immediately. Me and my brothers were SO EXCITED when we heard about VidAngel. Now we could stay up-to-date on the newest movies AND TV shows. My brothers and I LOVE the Green Arrow Show. VidAngel is a great movie renting site. It’s cheap to. Only $1 to rent a movie. And filtering is included!:0 I’m supporting VidAngel all the way! Even if it takes a year or more to get VidAngel up and running again, I’ll still support them. My whole family (including me) have signed the petition. If it werent for VidAngel, my family would never be able to watch any new movies. We would be so out-of-the-loop. Thank you so so so so so so sooooo much, VidAngel, for your great filtered movie renting service. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

  19. Hello, here is a copy of the letter I sent to 2 Senators and 2 Representatives in case it may be of help to others:
    Dear Representative ________,

    I am a lifetime Tennessean who would like to take a moment to address a matter involving the Family Movie Act of 2005. Earlier this year, I learned about a filtering service known as VidAngel. I have so enjoyed having access to movies for home viewing where I can choose to filter offensive words and/or scenes. For decades, I wondered while inflight, as I viewed filtered movies, why it wasn’t an option for me to purchase filtered versions of movies to enjoy with my family. Why was it that airlines could show R-rated movies that had been downgraded to PG for its passengers, by removing one or two offensive scenes or words?

    You may be aware that VidAngel provides this wonderful service by purchasing an actual inventory of movies. They then allow members to access, filter and stream them. This is, of course, legal and no different from what Netflix and other popular streaming services offer EXCEPT, Hollywood does not want individuals to have the power to choose. It seems that moviemakers want to ensure that ALL of the objectionable content they produce is consumed. It is frustrating to want to watch a movie with a young family, one which may have wonderful messages and scenes knowing that violent, abusive, sexual, and/or offensive language and situations are surely just ahead. Sometimes it seems these events are included to “get the rating”, because filtering them out does not reduce the enjoyment of the movie in any way.

    Please ask Congress to amend the Family Movie Act to ensure that streamed filtering is legal. I do not think that Hollywood should not be able to take away my choice in this matter. Their lawsuit against VidAngel has forced the company to shut down their service for at least the next two months. Of course, this is a hardship for any business but I hope your action in this matter will reverse this decision. This is my plea, and a very important matter of personal choice as a reflection of family values.

    Thank you for your service to our state and nation.

    Kind regards,

  20. Neil, whatever happened with the anti trust case? Did the judge throw it out–I seem to recall he was going to make a decision within 7 days?

  21. We love VIDANGEL. We have used it for a least 2 semesters. I told all my friends about it. Now that it is not available, our kids are sad. They have told me repeatedly how they miss VIDANGEL. We could watch so many movies within our rating that we approve in our family and take anything that offended us, out. I am writing me congressmen and representatives now. Where can I sign the petition? Keeping you and filtering in our prayers. Hoping more families speak up to protect our right to filtered media.

    G. Bessert

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