Guardian Angel Update – Edition #1

Good Afternoon Supporters,

So many neighbors have been hungry for updates on VidAngel’s situation, that I decided you should also receive exclusive updates as though you lived next door to me. Here’s an up-to-date summary:

Legal Update
In the District Court, Judge Andre Birotte issued a preliminary injunction against us, which is unprecedented given the delay and lack of evidence of any harm. We immediately appealed the decision (link to opening brief) to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and hope the injunction will be overturned within the next few months. But, we are currently shut down pending the 9th Circuit’s ruling.

VidAngel is counter-suing the same studios for antitrust violation, owing to their collective bargaining agreement with the Directors Guild of America which allows all the Hollywood studios to collude to deny licenses to filtering companies and to prevent any studio from breaking ranks, notwithstanding that the Family Movie Act is the law of the land. That case is still before Los Angeles District Court Judge Andre Birotte, Jr. and the studios have asked for the antitrust counterclaim to be dismissed. Judge Birotte has not yet ruled. For more details, please check out our blog.

Legislative Movement
After VidAngel was forced to remove all movies from its site, we were encouraged by the strong interest in helping us expressed by various members of Congress. We are actively seeking a legislative clarification to the 2005 Family Movie Act, to prevent the studios from continuing to misconstrue in the courts. The Family Movie Act was supposed to be the final word, but Hollywood is attempting to nullify it for the streaming era, so we’re asking Congress to secure entertainment filtering for any company that wants to provide it. The ability to watch filtered content is a fundamental right of American families.

Grassroots Activity
People all over America are joining the cause every day. A group called #SaveFiltering, started by a Florida family, has surpassed 150,000 signatures. We’ve also started a new page at to let our supporters know how they can help. The Schwartz boys pleaded for VidAngel to come back to music 🙂

On his vacation, the talented Matt Meese (of Studio C fame) did a far more entertaining job than I did in our call to Congress video. Watch Matt in Rome and share his video.

Talking Points
From our opening brief to the 9th Circuit Court (see page 13 and the introduction):

“Everything VidAngel does is for the sole purpose of allowing a disc-owner to watch a movie she owns the way she wants in her own home. Yet four Hollywood studios insist the Copyright Act prohibits what common sense demands. The Studios persuaded the court… that tiny start-up VidAngel threatened irreparable harm to the richest entertainment companies on Earth. The district court entered an injunction that forced VidAngel to shut down, leaving millions of American families with no viable filtering option.”

“The injunction should be dissolved. There is no evidence of irreparable harm. And there is no reason to believe the Studios are likely to prevail on the merits of their Copyright Act claims.”

How You Can Help
Share our legal brief with skeptics who say that this battle is not about filtering (page 13 and the introduction are especially helpful).

Visit to learn how you can help our cause in Washington, DC.

As always, would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Thanks for your support in this fight! You are the reason we can win this war.

Neal Harmon, CEO

12 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Update – Edition #1

  1. is someone starting a action for all the family hardship that is being cause due to not being able to filter what ever a person wants

  2. Neal, our family basically gave up watching anything together except for old classic movies we were sure of. It just wasn’t worth exposing our children to the unnecessary inappropriate content Hollywood insist on dropping in. Thanks to Vidangel we could enjoy newer movies and relax through them. Thanks for what you do.

    1. We have switched to watching film struck from Turn classic movies just so we can have some reasonably clean movies to watch. We miss Vidangle.

  3. I have owned almost 1,000 movies on disc and have 500+ movies on my vudu account, I subscribe to hulu, Netflix and Amazon prime. We are a regular family that loves movies but we also have standards that some movies don’t meet. This fight is about filtering. I give hundreds of dollars a year to studios for movie tickets and Blu-rays and I should be able to enjoy an action movie without the pornography and I should be able to watch a Super hero movie with my sons without fear of the F-word.

  4. Is there a way the families of America can file a class action lawsuit against these studios and prove to them how they are disenfranchising many of us from our legal rights?

  5. I’m very sad along with other friends that I’ve turned on to vidangel. This is such a great loss because you guys offer what other places can’t. I really hope that you can come back. As for now I’ve given up renting movies, it’s just not the same. I’ve signed the petition and I hope you don’t give up the fight. We want you back.

  6. We miss VidAngel movies. :(. We were able to watch Ant man with no kissing or cursing and with our whole family. I really hope VidAngel wins the fight, and can come back. We appreciate what you do.

  7. Does anyone find it ironic that Disney is all about filtering and protecting your family on the internet with that Circle device, but as soon as you do the same thing to their movies they shut you down?

  8. Don I agree with you. We need to stand up against the studios with a class action suit. We the American people should have the right to filter what content we watch from any source.

  9. Please bring VidAngel back!!!!! Just now I told my sons they could watch Super 8 (because I remembered it was about a group of kids in the 70’s). Right after they started the movie, I thought I had better check IMDB Parent’s Guide. BAM! 2 f-bombs and about 40 swear words!!!!!! Seriously?????? It’s a pg-13 movie ABOUT KIDS for crying out loud. Soooooo, I had to make them turn it off. They complained (of course!). I told them to blame the idiot liberals in Hollywood. They are the ones who want to force us to watch garbage.

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