UPDATE: Read VidAngel’s and Disney’s Appeal Briefs to the Ninth Circuit

Legal BattleJustice in the United States court system requires patience (this battle could take years to resolve), but we are trying to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of the fight to #savefiltering. Here is our report on the appeal to the Ninth Circuit:

December 12th, 2016 - Judge Birotte issues a Preliminary Injunction. You can read the ruling here.
January 11th, 2017 - VidAngel files its Opening Brief on Appeal to the Ninth District Court. The introduction starts at page 17. 
February 8th, 2017 - Disney filed its response (including Disney's standard manipulative mud slinging)

February 22nd, 2017 - VidAngel files its final reply before the Ninth Circuit hearing. 

VidAngel’s mission is to ensure families everywhere have the option to filter content as they wish. The future of filtering is in good hands because these appeals are being argued by Peter K. Stris, who has been to the Supreme Court 7 times.

There is a lot to digest, but we feel that the final two paragraphs of our most recent brief sum it up well:

"Although the public interest in filtering is strong and Congressionally sanctioned, the injunction robbed the public of any viable means to filter. VidAngel is shut down; ClearPlay no longer functions for [streaming] new releases; and the Studios have scared everyone else away.

"According to the Studios, the relevant public interest is in 'upholding copyright protections.' The Studios have confused themselves with the public. The actual public has no interest in seeing America’s only commercially and technologically viable filtering company destroyed through an unnecessary preliminary injunction. The legal questions in this case are as complex and novel as they are important. If the Studios prevail, they will be entitled to damages. If VidAngel prevails, they will not. In either case, there will be a final judgment that 'upholds copyright protections.'"
Now we are just waiting to know when we will get a hearing. We will continue to keep you up to date.

20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Read VidAngel’s and Disney’s Appeal Briefs to the Ninth Circuit

  1. Keep fighting the good fight! Congress meant to protect families’ right to filter. The Studios are blatantly ignoring that, which your team explained quite clearly in their arguments.

  2. Obviously, I see no reason why Hollywood should be unhappy that people are watching movies with a filtering service that they would not have watched otherwise.

  3. I contacted my representatives in congress asking that the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act be updated to include streaming. It was written in 2005. YouTube started in 2005. No one had really considered how big streaming was going to get yet.

    Anyway, they were pretty useless in their replies. Just boilerplate stuff. But they did say thanks, it’s good to know my thoughts and opinions about issues. So hopefully that counts for something.

  4. Man, these documents are so fascinating to read. When VidAngel wins this whole saga should be made into a movie!

  5. This whole thing is just classic oligopoly bullying… it reminds me of the story of Preston Tucker (which did make a good movie by the way… but ended badly for Preston).

    In my mind the issue is with the oligopoly members not wanting the standard raised on their product. If one viable long-term player with any significant market-share or public presence provides a significantly different (and better) customer experience… like the ability to customize/filter content. Then in a short-period of time… ALL the players in the market will have to follow suit and provide a similar experience. The problem is for the existing players this will inevitably lead to a loss in market share or a reduction in profit margin or both… so they’re going to fight it tooth and nail.

    They’re argument that this is just a streaming service and the only reason I do it is because it’s cheaper is garbage… I would pay double the price… honestly to watch filtered movies the way vidangel has presented it (granted… at double the price I would probably watch less… but I would still buy) because it’s filtered… I just don’t want to watch the crap… and have stopped watching as many movies… since vidangel’s injuction.

    Good luck to you… I hope you figure something out.

  6. I SO SO SO am praying for vidangel to win! If Hollywood has their way…we will not be watching movies at all! Keep at it Vidangel!

  7. I will be praying for you guys to win! This source is such an amazing thing and I would hate to see it go away.

  8. This will not be resolved anytime soon because VidAngel doesn’t stand a chance at winning a Ninth Circuit ruling. The Ninth Circuit is stacked with liberal activists judges who pay no attention to our laws or the Constitution. Instead of interpreting law as they are supposed to do they create law based on their own personal views. The only way VidAngel can win is with a Supreme Court hearing. Good luck!

    1. The problem with VidAngel’s case is that they had been marketing religious, family values as a reason why filtering is important to the public. It is. Hollywood does not care about family values and quite often promotes anything to disrupt the image of having a happy home as these themes and scenes are what they believe and their league of movie producers, directors, actors, movie critics, fans, etc make them artistic, edgy and a lot of money. If VidAngel would have held themselves out as a protesting band of corporate resistors fighting to make the cinematic experience more personal, intimate and cathartic for even the lowest paid sculptors, thespians and students to enjoy, then they would have stood a better chance of the left coast, left leaning courts making a better, more favorable decision.

  9. Same here. Praying for you guys and just finished watching your first movie. Excellent job and keep fighting the good fight.

  10. Have you asked one million moms or AFA to support the cause? I think they would give support and help you rally. Thank you for fighting the fight!

  11. Have you reached out to actors/ actress. Maybe they could help the case? Good luck on the fight VidAngel has ruined me now I don’t watch movies unless they are in tv or the in theatre once in a great while. All in all we miss you!!😩😩

  12. For as long as I can remember, the TV Stations have been play (Filtered) movies for years. How is it that they can show a TV (Filtered) version of a movie and no one else can.

  13. Thanks a for putting the filed court docs up where they can be seen. I think VidAngel should be more aggressive and consistent with its posts, to keep its community engaged. I’m rooting for this.

  14. I am really hoping that you can prevail in this fight. If only the courts will actually uphold the law and not just write their own. It is the studios that are breaking the law. Shouldn’t there be some kind of anti trust anti monopoly laws to protect against their bullying!!!

  15. We (our family and friends ) have truly enjoyed VidAngel and was beginning to watch more and more movies because of the filters. But stopped because of the injunction. There were very few movies that we could watch without the filters. We hope that you do win against these enormous odds. But as mentioned before because of the moral values of many of those in the film industry and most of those of the Ninth Circuit court, naturally, it’s a greasy steep up hill battle. Good fortune to you.

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