Why Can’t I Filter Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros on the NEW VidAngel?

Disney and other studios are trying to block even the NEW VidAngel System, even though we met all their previous demands.  Don’t worry, we have thousands of the best titles available. But in 3 minutes, here’s why they’re trying to block us, and how you can help.

A year ago, Disney sued VidAngel and persuaded a judge to temporarily close our old site. ‘Cause Disney used the same rationale it used on the Tower of Terror: “A lot of people love this. Let’s shut it down.”

We think they were in the wrong, as you can see in our video addressing VidAngel’s legality. But while we keep fighting the legal battle, we’ve released a new system that meets Disney’s demands:

  • 1) Pay creators through normal streaming channels, and…
  • 2) Don’t use decryption.


Yet Disney’s still trying to block us in court from filtering their movies. So it begs the question — how can it get all it wanted, and still not be happy?

Here’s the problem. Disney says Hollywood’s ok with filtering, just not with VidAngel’s model. But look at the history — Hollywood’s not ok with filtering. Except for filtering dollars out of actresses’ paychecks.

Sony recently tried to release cleaned-up versions of movies, but the Directors Guild threatened to sue for violating contracts that forbid filtering — contracts we know exist because of the Sony leak in 2014. So Sony backed down.

VidAngel (in the past) and our competitor ClearPlay (more recently) tried to filter using a Google Play plugin, but VidAngel got a cease-and-desist letter and ClearPlay was quietly blocked from adding new movies. Now that service doesn’t work at all.  And if ClearPlay’s new service gets big enough to bother Disney, it can be blocked in the same way, by enforcing anti-filtering contracts.

Hollywood studios may say they’re ok with filtering, but look at their actions. They’ve opposed the Family Movie Act, threatened to sue Sony, and actually sued VidAngel, ClearPlay, Cleanflix, and every other filtering company in history prior to VidAngel.

If you ask their permission, they reject you. And if you don’t ask, they sue you. They may say it’s not about filtering. But if Sauron sues Frodo and claims it’s not about the ring, you won’t believe him ‘cause he’s clearly obsessed with the ring. Though that analogy’s not perfect, ‘cause Sauron’s empire is way smaller than Disney’s.

But now you can help. Senator Orrin Hatch and other members of Congress are working to find a solution that allows families to filter on any device and any streaming platform. Please contact your own representatives, and ask them to support Senator Hatch’s efforts.

Here’s how.

Most effective: visit their offices. Very effective: give them a call. It’s like texting, but with your voice. Effective: Post on their Facebook and Twitter since, unfortunately, e-mail messages are often ignored.

To make it easier, you can go to SaveFiltering.VidAngel.com and enter your Zip Code to find their contact info and our advice on what to say.

Thanks for all you do. Now go enjoy our other titles.

LEGAL UPDATE: Setting the Record Straight About Disney’s False Set of Claims Concerning VidAngel and ClearPlay

15 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Filter Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros on the NEW VidAngel?

    1. that was actually the first format VidAngel used nearly 5+ years ago. This format customers could filter as well. it was of course shutdown nearly 2 years after VidAngel started.

  1. This argument needs to alter it’s framing. When the word family is used it immediately invokes religion & antiHollywood sentiment. This should be about the rights of children (people of all ages), there is so much entertainment that’s advertised and promoted that is detrimental to the mental wellbeing or development of youth. Furthermore there is strikingly little new & current content that an adult can watch in the presence of a child who exist not only in families but come in contact with adults in numerous ways. Those who use art in arguements against filtering clearly don’t have children around which is perfectly fine but they should understand that much of humanity grapples with this issue & again there is very very little content that is healthy, not appropriate or moral or Christian but healthy to watch with or around children present. Ratings are no longer enough & it hurts no one in Hollywood, if anything it expands consumption, what are they so afraid of?

  2. How do you answer the question that you’re caching the movies on your servers? Having that temporary copy is still a copy, isn’t it? If the caching only occurs on the local device, then that question doesn’t really apply I suppose.

    I really want VidAngel to be around forever, I’m just concerned that there are holes in your argument. When Netflix and Amazon get enough pressure, won’t they fold as well? They’re enabling you by not disabling you, and when it comes down to it, they’re going to do what’s in their best interest.

    I’m just glad you guys have the bal-s to do this. So glad you’re fighting.

    1. Caching is very much a gray area. The internet runs on caching. It’s likely most things you access online are cached in some way by your ISP, in an effort to reduce bandwidth and increase speeds.

  3. Its funny how Disney… The maker of “family and Kids” movies would argue against filter out offensive content. Boy, has the world changed. I can’t imagine Walt envisioned his company being the way it is. Hypocrites!

  4. I can’t thank you guys enough. I am a homeschooling parent and I love that there are so many well made movies that tell stories about historic periods in time, yet I can’t watch them with my children due to sex scenes, violence, cursing, etc. Now what you guys are doing…is so desperately needed. Hollywood doesn’t WANT us to filter out their violence, cursing and sexually explicit material because they WANT us to subject ourselves and our family to it. You have to understand. They have an agenda. Thank you for fighting back!

  5. This could be a silly question, but before I sign up I want to get clarification on one thing: If I link my Amazon Prime account to VidAngel account, can the Amazon Prime account still be used outside VidAngel, without any filter, on all other devices? Or does it have to be used through VidAngel from then on? In other words, will connecting Amazon Prime to VidAngel affect how Amazon Prime works outside of VidAngel?

    1. Miles, thank you for the great question. Your Amazon Prime account will not be altered once connected to VidAngel. If there are some titles you like to watch without filters directly on Amazon Prime you will be able to do so on your Amazon Prime account. When you connect your account it only imports titles that we have built filters for. The choice is yours from there on out. If you wish to watch with filters, it has to be done on our website. Please let us know if you have any other questions. If you want to give it a try, you can join now for free for 30 days with the option to cancel anytime. Check it out. You won’t regret it. Contact us if you have any other concerns support@vidangel.com.

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