New TV and Movies added to VidAngel in November, 2017

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TV Shows added in November, 2017



The Walking Dead (S8)



Silicon Valley (S3)



Mad Men (S3, S4)

Broadchurch (S2)

Documentary Now (S2)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S3)

BoJack Horseman (S2)

Peaky Blinders (S2)

That ’70s Show (S2)

Bates Motel (S2)

The Mist (S1)

The Ranch (S1)

Turn: Washington’s Spies (S2)

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S3)

Parks and Recreation (S3)

Bloodline (S3)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (S1)

The Night Shift (S1)


Movies added in November, 2017


Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

Sleeping With Other People (2015)

The Reaping

Saw II




Charlotte’s Web

Field of Dreams

Men in Black

Silent Hill

The Pursuit of Happyness





The Ticket (2017)

Shot Caller (2017)

Escape Room (2017)

6 Below: Miracle On the Mountain (2017)

The Dark Tower (2017)

Jungle (2017)

The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Lady Macbeth (2016)

The Ottoman Lieutenant (2016)

Majorie Prime (2017)

Kidnap (2017)

The Hero (2017)

The Osiris Child (2016)

Captain Underpants (2017)

Better Watch Out (2017)

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)

Penelope (2006)

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Tulip Fever (2017)

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

Leap! (2017)

The Glass Castle

Atomic Blonde (2017)

The Emoji Movie (2017)

Baywatch (2017)



Rust (2010)

A Knights Tale


Airplane II: The Sequel

Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee II

Dances With Wolves

Die Another Day

For Your Eyes Only



Live and Let Die


Never Say Never Again

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Spy Who Loved Me

Tomorrow Never Dies

The Lovers


The Big Sick

The Circle



2 Fast 2 Furious

Fast & Furious

The Fast and the Furious

The Sum of All Fears


Get Out

The Great Wall

Mechanic: Resurrection


Good Will Hunting



Dry Bar Comedy added in November, 2017

Moody McCarthy: The Good Jew

Paul Morrissey: A Real Humdinger

Warren B. Hall: Mostly Kid Stuff

Chris Voth: Cashmere

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28 thoughts on “New TV and Movies added to VidAngel in November, 2017

  1. Since The Disaster Artist is coming out can you filter The Room? I know it’s a terrible movie, but I still want to watch a filtered version to prepare for the disaster artist.

  2. Is Defenders still available? I know they took down Marvel movies but Defenders is still listed in my “Continue Watching” section. It’s having trouble loading but the whole site wasn’t logging in a little bit ago so I don’t know if it’s network errors or if it’s a licensing thing. If the licensing agreement allows Defenders, will it also allow filtering Netflix’s Punisher show sometime in the future?

  3. Hello. I couldn’t help but notice that Parks and Recreation only connects to Netflix. Our family has decided to boycott netflix because they say their dirty shows’s ratings are too low. So they’re putting more dirty content on their site. I was wondering that if there was some way that you guys could connect it to amazon. I might watch it sometime. My sisters watched the original version because they thought it looked funny from youtube. But when they actually did see it, they said it was dirty.

  4. I noticed that there are some filtered movies that are not synced with Netflix even though they are available on Netflix. Anyway you guys can help out? Thank you

    1. We’re working to make this automated better. It’s not perfect. It is always helpful for us when you report a title that we have but is not yet available on our Netflix service.

  5. Will you ever add shows from the CW that are available from Netflix, like Supernatural, the Flash, Supergirl? We would like filtered versions of quite a few TV shows.

    1. Beth, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, we won’t be adding those right now because they are Warner Bros. titles. During the current legal battle, we aren’t streaming any shows or movies owned by Warner Bros like those CW titles. Sorry.

  6. Thanks for all you guys are doing to create a safer, more family friendly viewing option. My question regarding the law suit is if VidAngel loses the law suit, will there be any streaming content still available for you to filter? In other words, is this law suit a make-it or break-it scenario? Thanks. Mark.

    1. Thanks for your support. There are lots of scenarios that can come of the lawsuit.

      We believe that, in the end, families will have more filtering options rather than less.

      We will keep you posted as things play out.

  7. is it possible to put filters on the movie “opportunity knocks”? or is it one of the movies that is blocked by the lawsuit?

  8. Now that Disney has bought Fox, can you filter the X-Men movies? I was wondering because you are allowed to filter marvel movies made by Disney.

  9. Thank you for this service. I love being able to watch movies with my kids without cringing. I’d like to suggest adding Plex if that is possible. Thank you!

      1. I would also like to sign the petition to add an option to filter your own content on plex. I would go purchase movies and shows if I could filter them. And I would pay VidAngel for that service!

  10. Two questions:

    1. Will Thor Ragnarok be available on VidAngel when it comes out?

    2. Do you have plans to incorporate Movies Anywhere into your service? I’d like to be able to stream videos I have in my Movies Anywhere account.


  11. You have The Sopranos season 1 but no other seasons. Are there plans to add other seasons? We love this show but will only watch it filtered. We’re not sure how VidAngel chooses what’s released. Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks

  12. I know that this may seem like a weird comment, but I just thought I’d put a little thought down. I know that you guys probably wouldn’t try tagging any movies that were rated NC-17, but if you wanted to, would it be illegal? I mean, there are rarely any NC-17 rated movies out there, but I never see any, except one time, I hovered over a movie while browsing Netflix years ago and the rating NC-17 in the below description briefly caught my eye. From what I hear, it’s illegal to let a child under 17 years of age watch a movie with that rating (because of its content). But on VidAngel, you can remove it. So would it make a difference? I’m not asking to start putting an NC-17 rated movie on your site. For 2 reasons (1. Because if you guys didn’t want to tag straight content, I didn’t want you to. (2. Because I have no interest in watching one of those movies anyway. Anyway, I was just wondering.

  13. Thank you for your product. We’ve really enjoyed it. However, we still have a Vidangel account because we think the blocked movies are going to be available again. We really don’t watch shows. There hasn’t been an update on the legal battle for over a month, so we’re wondering if the blocked movies are ever going to be available again.

    1. We are waiting for a decision on the case in Utah. It’s difficult to predict the timing of these decisions. We will keep you posted.

  14. Are Marvel movies no longer available on VidAngel? Your search engine is a bit buggy and hard to use (as in, you can’t actually get a result unless you search the movie’s perfect and complete title-at least that has happened to me often). I would love to watch Thor: Ragnarok on VidAngel, will it be coming on at any point?

    1. We just updated our search and now it’s much improved. You don’t have to type the exact title. Thor is a plaintiff title. Yesterday, we asked the Utah court to be able to filter Thor and other titles. No timeline yet but we hope soon.

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