8 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: April 23

    1. That movie is owned by a studio that is suing us. Until we get a win in that lawsuit, we will not be able to filter Blade Runner 2049 on our system.

      1. Neal, What’s the latest with the lawsuit(s)? I’d love to hear how things are going and would also like to see some kind of timeline, if possible.

        Love what you guys do!

    1. Marvel has added themselves to a lawsuit against VidAngel. We’re waiting for a ruling from the Utah court to be able to filter Marvel movies on our new system.

  1. Its been what 2 years or so since the Legal battle began. They have an entire blog dedicated to the suit, including the studios involved. Yet people are still requesting titles that they obviously cant filter legally. While i have requested several shows Banshee, Strike Back, Orphan Black ( which was pulled back in November due to an issue with the old system, still not up yet) most of all these shows have ended or have been rebooted 2x already. I dont bother sending in a request until i check the IMDB page for the production company listed under the movie, if its on the list no point.

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