18 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: July 3rd

  1. honestly not much there that i’m interested in. Other then A Quiet Place. And i saw that in the theaters a couple weeks ago. Fantastic film! Surprised that it’s already out on video.

  2. i’ve seen Masterminds and A Quiet Place as well, been waiting on Tau so thanks for that one. but the rest ill pass.

        1. Logan Lucky was interesting enough. But for me, it was mostly because of Channing Tatum. So i dunno. i might give it a shot.

          in my opinion, George Clooney”s Ocean’s 11 will always be the greatest heist film.

  3. may we plz get some more office plz it’s been a while since we have gotten a season plz oh plz may we get some office

    1. Happy TakaHorami got another season of the office, ive been waiting 7+ years for Banshee and Strike Back. Just got S1 of Banshee few months ago.

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