5 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: July 19th

  1. not much there movie/tv wise that i’m interested in (other then maybe Acts of Violence) But have really enjoyed the Dry Bar comedies.So i’m hoping these new ones will be good as well

  2. Acts of Violence was really good. Hurricane Heist was kinda corny and the effects were sub-par but not a bad action/comedy. looking forward to How it Ends but pass on the rest

    1. yeah. When i saw the advertisements for Hurricane Heist saying “From the director of The Fast and Furious” I decided that it probably not gonna be the the smartest film in existence………..

      Not sure about How it Ends. Kinda looks like a Book of Eli ripoff. I dunno though.

  3. I am absolutely loving being able to introduce my teens to the history in Tudors without all the bow sheeka wow wow involved! VidAngel rocks!! Pretty please tell me more seasons are coming soon. We are cooking through Season 1 with gusto. 🙂

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