5 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: August 7th

  1. I’ve heard that Hush is one of the better horror films on Netflix. Pretty excited to see that. Been going Through Parks and Rec while waiting for the final season of The Office to come out.

  2. Hush was really good watched it long time ago. Watched Like Father on here it was pretty good nothing else here for my interest. Filtering Deadpool 2 now considering ClearPlay cut way too much out of the original.

    1. Yes!! I completely agree about Deapool. Clearplay completely botched it (as usual) only had the sexual filters on, and it seemed like half the movie was cut. From reviews that I’ve read, the second one doesn’t seem quite as problematic as the first. Still, I am really hoping that Vidangel wins this lawsuit. If nothing else then to actually have decent filters for Deadpool.

      1. i asked CP about Red Sparrow and they said they dont filter p*rn. Deadpool 1 was way worse than Red Sparrow so naturally i filtered them both. You would think a company that pioneered the DVD/BLURAY/Streaming filtering that’s been around for nearly 20 years would have a system that could handle anything. Kinda sad and funny they’re still 2nd rate to VidAngel who is hindered by the lawsuit.

        1. Completely agree. CP could have EASILY been a monopoly within the filtering industry, which is very small to begin with. I honestly don’t understand why they are so picky with the movies they filter. You’d think they’d take advantage of the fact that Vid can’t filter titles. But for whatever reason they haven’t. But hey! That’s the free market for ya. If a company does a sub-par job in providing their customer with the desired product, competition will arise. I just don’t understand why Clearplay allowed themselves to become second rate in the first place.

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