6 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: September 18th

  1. Wow! This is a really good selection!
    Sooooooooooo happy about The Office. I’ve been watching Parks and Rec while waiting, and it is really inferior.
    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Rome. So i’m interested in seeing it.
    Scott Pilgrim……..let’s just say that it’s not my favorite Edward Wright film……like, at all………
    Really love the Dry Bar comedies. So i’m really excited about checking out this new one!
    The first Sicario was fantastic! Hoping the 2nd lives up to it.
    Slice….i’m curious to see if Chance the Rapper can act. Because, in my opinion, he really can’t rap…….
    Not sure about Uncle Drew. But I think it should be worth seeing if nothing else then to hear Logic’s “Ballin” in an actual film.

    Thanks for everything Vid!

  2. hope to see Uncle Drew and Sicario 2 when they get cheap. Slice im 50/50 on but again no free movies that im interested in that are new. As for TV liked the trailer for the Innocents, I watched pilot of Rome and to much political drama, little to no action lots of top billed actors, was hesitant to get into it considering it was canceled after 2 seasons. Perhaps everyone could request Spartacus they had a somewhat cleaned up version on Syfy years ago still had to skip over sensuality, got it burned to DVD but video is less than stellar.Slowly getting titles that interest me thanks V. I did filter 68 Kill working on Fist Fight

  3. Hey Vid. Was wondering if there was any chance of getting Hostel filtered?
    Starting to get into the Halloween spirit!

    1. i burned that one on DVD back when i still had DirecTV, still had to clean up some scenes. A lot of stuff they just blurred out. Really surprised that one wasn’t NC-17 considering how graphic it is. Same with Piranha (2010). Almost wish i still had DirecTV imagine quite a few movies i could be getting somewhat filtered that i wouldn’t have to do myself. It is what it is.

      1. Yeah. I’m kinda stuck at this point. I’ve been asking Vidangel for Hostel since before the the lawsuit. And i’m pretty sure Clearplay isn’t gonna filter that anytime soon lol.

        1. exactly why for years before VidAngel even showed up i have filtered alot of titles myself. Granted they are posting way more titles a week compared to ClearPlay even with the lawsuit hindering them, a good portion of them im not familiar with or watch. Sometimes i find a 1-3 titles that i like.

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