8 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: October 2nd

  1. wow, 1 free movie and very slim pickens, unfortunately nothing of interest. 1st post of October and not a single scary movie or show. Hope we get some better horror titles this year. Jigsaw, The First Purge, The Purge show to name a few. Keep em coming.

    1. Really hated the Purge films.
      As a fan of the Saw films, I though Jigsaw was pretty decent. But like all the others, the story was lacking. It also wasn’t as creative as the previous installments.
      The gore was toned down by a pretty large factor.
      I certainly agree about wanting more horror films for October.

  2. Hello VidAngel. First, let me just say that you guys are doing GREAT in the legal battle. You guys have a bill so you guys can have filters for films by the suing studios and you guys will not stop to make sure that families at home can watch great films without the dirty material. Keep up the good work. Now, here is the thing I wanted to ask about. In the search bar, you can vote for films that are currently not available but can be if they get enough votes. This program, first of all, is great and I can vote for the films I think would be great on VidAngel, such as Dirty Jobs, Seabiscuit, and The Road to El Dorado. None of which are on VidAngel, but I hope will be soon (The Road to El Dorado is PG, but has enough female immodesty and other content that makes the film lead towards a PG-13 (which was where Dreamworks was headed for in the first place with the film)). But I noticed there are films that you can’t vote for such as Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Won’t You Be My Neighbor. Won’t You Be My Neighbor is out on Clearplay, but not on Vidangel. And I think it was because incapable of being voted for, and because of that, the computer thought nobody cared. Once again, you guys are doing an excellent job in the legal battle and please give us updated about the bill 6816. I just came to say that if you guys could make those films able to be voted for, I’d appreciate it and would vote for them. Thank you for reading this.

  3. The search bar your referring to David is im guessing through the ROKU considering thats the only place i have noticed the feature for voting. Granted it is likely the most used for viewing movies, even using it through a smart phone can be a pain, i think searching for titles to vote for is much easier on a computer. I have been told its still in the testing phase so they haven’t gotten a lot of traction from it yet so the numbers are not accurate. go figure..

    1. Oh ok. I was just putting that out there so VidAngel can find flaws in their system so they can continue to improve it.

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