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VidAngel Browser Player and Chromecast Player Updated

HDTVsWe have spent the last year teaching all our customers to use the Chrome browser and the VidAngel extension to filter their movies. We also incessantly taught people, wanting to watch VidAngel filtered movies on their HD televisions, to use the Chromecast “tab cast” feature instead of using the YouTube cast button. But with the launch of Angel HD, we opened up more options for getting filtered movies on the big screen — Roku, Apple TV, and a desktop player that was “Cast-Ready,” utilizing Chromecast’s native playback functionality instead of simply mirroring a Chrome tab.

Since this launch, there have been certain bugs that our beta invitees have continually reported: A) the browser player for Angel HD often stalls and never recovers, and B) Chromecast playback has sometimes been really choppy. We’ve discovered that problem B is actually an extension of problem A, as our users, trained to click on the tab cast button, were inadvertently bypassing our dedicated Chromecast player and ended up mirroring an already stalling desktop player to their Chromecast devices.

This hasn’t been a great experience, especially for a device designed to be drop-dead simple like the Chromecast. We’ve finally solved both these problems, leading to a much simpler and much more reliable experience for you on both your browser and your Chromecast. No more incessant stalls on your desktop, as we’ve rolled out a new player to ensure that when you choose to watch your movies on your PC or Mac you’ll get close to the same smooth, consistent playback you see on Roku, AppleTV, iPads, iPhones, and Android. What’s more, you can connect your browser playback to your Chromecast through both the Cast icon on the player as well as through directly clicking the extension icon — in other words, you won’t accidentally start a tab casting session, but will be able to launch the Chromecast direct player no matter where you click.

While we’ve lost lots of lost sleep solving these problems, we’re eager to get the new players out to you so both are available starting now. We hope that, whether you’re watching on your computer screen or leaning back on the couch, you enjoy the better playback experience.