New TV and Movies Added to VidAngel October 2017

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TV Shows added in October, 2017


Owlegories (S1)


Stranger Things (S2)

Mindhunter (S1)

Documentary Now! (S1)

The Honourable Woman (S1)

The Last Kingdom (S1 & 2)

Rectify (S1)

Call the Midwife (S2)

Bloodline (S2)

Friends From College (S1)

Broadchurch (S1)

Portlandia (S2)

Limitless (S1)

Bates Motel (S1)

Blue Bloods (S1)

Manhunt: Unabomber (S1)

Luther (S2)

Ripper Street (S2)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (S1)


Movies added in October, 2017


The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

The Cult of Chucky (2017)

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996)

Virunga (2014)

Eagle vs. Shark (2007)

88 Minutes (2007)

The Rugrat Movie (1998)

Vincent N Roxxy (2017)

Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

I Love You, MAN

The Reaping

Saw II

Before Midnight

Ong Bak 2



The Book of Henry (2017)

A Ghost Story (2017)

The Mummy (2017)

The Beguiled (2017)

Baby Driver (2017)

The Big Sick (2017)

The Circle (2017)

47 Meters Down (2017)

Shin Godzilla (2016)

Some Freaks (2017)

Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Hurrican Season

Penelope (2006)

Off the Map

Mr. Baseball

The Producers

You, Me and Dupree

Public Enemies

A Month by the Lake

Halloween 2: Season of the Witch

Friday the 13th Part 2

Friday the 13th Part 3


The Blind Side

Fried Green Tomatoes



Into the Forest (2015)

Dark Places (2015)

Megan Leavey (2017)



Song to Song (2017)

Scent of a Woman (1992)

The Amityville Horror


Dry Bar Comedy added in October, 2017

Steve Mazan: Humblebragger

Kevin Bozeman: Clean and Unfiltered

Lucas Bohn: 2 Cool 4 School


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VidAngel Uses Chapter 11 Protection to Pause Los Angeles Lawsuit to Reorganize Its Business Around The New Streaming Model

UPDATE: We have created a special page to keep everyone updated on the chapter 11 process.

VidAngel is still up and running. And generating millions in revenue.


Chapter 11 reorganization can be bad news. But in VidAngel’s case, it’s good news for VidAngel and filtering.


First, chapter 11 is simply a reorganization and part of our legal and business strategy. Per federal law, chapter 11 reorganization automatically pauses our lawsuit with Disney and the other plaintiffs in California.  This strategy also allows us to continue our new lawsuit in Utah, where we are seeking a legal determination that our new filtering system is legal.


Second, VidAngel is not going away. To the contrary, our new VidAngel system for Netflix, HBO, and Amazon is up and running. We have millions of dollars in the bank, and are now generating millions in revenue. Our original series, Dry Bar Comedy, is exploding and has had over 16 million minutes viewed in the last 7 days. If you are a customer, you will be able to continue to use VidAngel to filter movies in your home using your Netflix, Amazon, and HBO subscriptions.


Third, this filing should give us time to take care of our customers and investors. Thousands of our customers invested $10 million to help VidAngel win the legal fight. We want to ensure that VidAngel continues to grow like gangbusters so that the many families who took a chance on us get their investment back – hopefully with a good return.


Remember, our new VidAngel system is growing rapidly. Our goal here is to reorganize the business around our new streaming model, which means pausing the lawsuit long enough so that, even IF VidAngel eventually loses the lawsuit on our old system, we have enough revenue from our new system to pay any damages to Disney. That way, VidAngel can survive and reap a return for the many thousands of customers who invested in us.


Finally, we want to emphasize that this is Chapter 11 reorganization, NOT Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is for companies going out of business. Chapter 11 is to protect companies that just need more time and flexibility to pay their obligations. Many companies, including Marvel, General Motors, and Delta Airlines have filed Chapter 11 reorganization and emerged as thriving, healthy companies. That is VidAngel’s plan, and we just took the first step.


To recap, VidAngel is:


  1. Pausing the California lawsuit
  2. Up, running, and making millions
  3. Exploding (over 16 million minutes viewed in last 7 days)
  4. Working to make a return for our investors
  5. Taking the same path as Marvel and Delta


We want to thank our customers and investors for all their support. We will keep you updated as we continue this legal battle – if necessary, all the way to the Supreme Court.



Neal Harmon, Co-founder and CEO

VidAngel: Now Providing Sunday Naps for Parents

As a father of 4 girls under the age of 5, my world needs a streaming platform that I can trust my little ones to enjoy while I grab a desperately needed 30 min Sunday nap. VidAngel is solving this problem, beginning with the release of Owlegories.

Owlegories is an amazing, animated series that follows a group of student owls on their adventures learning about nature, faith, and God. And my kids LOVE it…and I can TRUST it while I grab a nap.

I know my girls LOVE Owlegories because they now request “the owls”…even over Veggietales. And my wife and I are better parents because we get the much-needed Sunday nap without having to screen everything our girls watch.

This is the beginning of our effort to give parents of little children a break from the relentless needs of being a great parent without sacrificing your kids.

What features would help you give your kids a controlled TV experience that both you and they can enjoy? Let us know how we can continue to improve VidAngel for youngsters.

New TV and Movies on VidAngel Added September 2017

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TV Shows added in September, 2017


The Walking Dead (S7)

The Defenders (S1)

Ripper Street (S1)

Dexter (S8)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S2)

Portlandia (S1)

The Fall (S2)

Dragons: Race To The Edge (S1)

Love (S1)

Travelers (S1)

Penny Dreadful (S1)

Lady Dynamite (S1)

The Office (S3)

The Wonder Years (S2)

Blacklist (S1)

That 70’s Show (S1)

White Gold (S1)

The Good Place (S1)

Halt and Catch Fire (S1)

Master of None (S2)

Narcos (S3)

Peaky Blinders (S1)

Parks and Recreation (S2)

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (S1)

Sense8 (S2)



Goliath (S1)

Deadwood (S1)

Movies added in September, 2017


She’s Gotta Have It

Little Evil

Doctor Strange


The Transfiguration

The Incredible Jessica James

What Happened to Monday?

To the Bone

Notes on Blindness

Age of Adaline


Iron Man

Pulp Fiction

Schindler’s List


Jaws 2

Jaws 3

Jaws: The Revenge


Mona Lisa Smile

The Place Beyond the Pines


An American Werewolf in London



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Monster’s Ball

The Prince & Me

Open Water

The Uninvited


Spider-Man 3

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3

Guardians of the Galaxy



Thor: The Dark World

Captain America

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: Civil War


Dying of the Light

True Believer



Blade II

Blade Trinity

Point Break

The 33

The Help


The Great Gatsby

Mr. Holmes

The Nice Guys

In the Heart of the Sea


The Blind Side


Dry Bar Comedy added in September, 2017

Brad Stine: Put A Helmet On… 2017

Zoltan Kaszas: Cat Jokes

Johnny Beehner: The Flamingo Special


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Marvel movies now available on VidAngel

Great news! Marvel movies are coming back to VidAngel. Why?

Disney has chosen not to contest the fact movies owned by its subsidiaries are not subject to the California court’s injunction and so there will be additional titles available for filtering on VidAngel. Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney. There are several other subsidiaries of the plaintiffs you’ll recognize. For example:


We’re glad to be filtering titles from these great companies again. We also look forward to when we’re able to filter Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. titles again!

New TV and Movies on VidAngel August 2017

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TV Shows added in August, 2017


Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (S1)

Atypical (S1)

Dexter (S5)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S2)

TURN: Washington’s Spies (S1)

Luther (S1)

Narcos (S2)

Orange Is the New Black (S4)

Better Call Saul (S2)

Sherlock (S4)

Bojack Horseman (S1)

Gypsy (S1)

Dear White People (S1)


Glow (S1)

30 Rock (S1)

Bloodline (S1)


Patriot (S1)

Sneaky Pete (S1)

The Pacific (S1)

Harley and the Davidsons (S1)


Silicon Valley (S2)

Game of Thrones (S7)

The Wire (S1)

Movies added in August, 2017


Icarus (2017)

Synchronicity (2015)

The Protector 2

Rage (2014)

Perfect Stranger

Pound of Flesh (2015)

Message From the King (2017)

Opening Night (2016)

The Wedding Party (2016)

XOXO (2016)

I Called Him Morgan (2017)

The Thin Blue Line (1988)

Milk (2008)

The Discovery (2017)

The Leveling (2016)

The Longest Yard (2005)

The Switch (2010)

Big Daddy

The Last Five Years


The Dead Zone (1983)


Your Eyes Only

America’s Sweetheart


The Seventh Sign

Stomp the Yard

The impossible

Red Rock West

The Corruptor

Prime (2005)

Get Shorty

The Devil’s Own

The Golden Child

The Mist

Conan the Destroyer

Vertical Limit

Lonely Hearts

A Simple Wish

Lolita (1962)

Everybody Loves Somebody (2017)

The Prince

The Express

The Seventh Sign

The Skulls 3

The Skulls 2

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

Celeste & Jesse Forever

The Secret of Kells

Berlin Syndrome

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017)

Precious (2009)

Pieces of April

Wakefield (2016)

The Lovers (2017)

Free Fire (2016)

Song to Song (2017)


Dry Bar Comedy added in August, 2017

Cash Levy: Game of Chance

Dave Burleigh: Nobody’s Keeping You Here

Patrick Keane: Long Love the Keane

Aaron Woodall: Unknown

Jordan Makin: The BFFG (Big Fat Funny Ginger)

Paul Sheffield: Singled Out


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Quality over Quantity – VidAngel’s Take on Autoplay

In an effort to serve the needs of families over the needs of VidAngel, we have decided to give families the option to easily turn off the upcoming VidAngel “autoplay-the-next-episode” feature. Here’s why.


Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube go to great lengths to keep users on their websites for the longest time possible. They spend millions ensuring that every feature of their products is habit-forming (see Hooked: How to build Habit-Forming Products).


Thanks to Netflix’s autoplay, bedtime at my house is a battle. As the evening episode of “When Calls the Heart” ends, our girls fight to keep Mom or Dad away from the remote so that the next episode will begin. As parents, we usually find the autoplay feature to be a hindrance, not a help.

Netflix Autoplay: Next Episode Playing in 9 seconds


Has the Netflix autoplay feature had a net-positive impact on our world’s happiness and productivity? At VidAngel, we are hesitant to take a similar strategy.


Personally, I find media to be a good servant, but a bad master. I value media, not when it consumes my every minute, but when it helps me achieve my other life goals, such as:


  • – Love (seeing examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships)
  • – Learning (seeing examples of those who have been where I am, or where I want to go)
  • – Empathy (understanding those whose experiences are different from my own)
  • – Laughter (cultivating a light-hearted life)
  • – Or a Nap (resting easy without worrying that the little ones are getting into trouble)


Tristan Harris, founder of Time Well Spent,  also believes that media is a bad master. He argues that, rather than incentivizing binge watching and “show[ing] whatever keeps us scrolling”, the tech and media industry must instead begin “to put our best interests first.”


I want VidAngel to put the needs of families ahead of the needs of VidAngel. Meaning that customers who, like myself, wish to consume their media in moderation should not feel pressured to binge watch against their better judgment.


Although our team is currently working on an autoplay-next-episode feature for those who have asked for it, we have decided to use VidAngel to help achieve our media goals as families rather than simply copying Netflix’s.  Hence, our tech team will provide an easily available “disable autoplay” button. That’s something I’d like as a parent. We’ll also make it super easy to “enable autoplay” for those who are in the mood to binge. It’s up to you.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts or parental feature requests below in the comments. What would you love to have as a feature to your favorite family media app?


Even though the average American watches five hours of TV per day, we’re ok if VidAngel families get quality rather than quantity on their media experiences. Watch however the BLEEP you want.

Neal Harmon, Co-founder and Father of Eight 🙂

9th Circuit Court Ruling Has No Impact On VidAngel’s New System

(Los Angeles, CA—August 24, 2017) VidAngel, the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBOusing modern streaming platforms such as iOS, Android, and ROKUhas been engaged in a high-profile legal battle with Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm for more than a year. These Hollywood studios are engaged in a legal effort to render the 2005 Family Movie Act useless in the 21st century, preventing VidAngel and other services from lawfully empowering parents and families to filter content on modern devices in their homes. VidAngel has responded by engaging in a robust, crowd-funded legal defense in which the company is prepared to take its case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Today, VidAngel appellate attorney Peter K. Stris issued the following statement in response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to deny the filtering company’s appeal of a preliminary injunction granted by the Los Angeles District Court:

“We are of course disappointed in this decision and we’re reviewing our strategy for moving forward.”

VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon has also issued a statement:

“Today’s decision has absolutely no impact on VidAngel’s current service, we remain open for business. While all of the legal back-and-forth plays out, we know our customers are grateful to still have a way to protect their kids and filter harmful content. On the legal front, we are just getting started. We will fight for a family’s right to filter on modern technology all the way.”

About VidAngel VidAngel is the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV shows on modern streaming devices such as iOS, Android, and Roku. The company’s newly launched service empowers users to filter via their Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO on Amazon Prime accounts, as well as enjoy original content produced by VidAngel Studios. Its signature original series, Dry Bar Comedy, now features the world’s largest collection of clean standup comedy and has earned rave reviews from audiences nationwide. 

How VidAngel’s New Service Works

How VidAngel’s New Service Works

Judge Says He Doesn’t Have Enough Information to Clarify the Injunction, Yet

VidAngel Customers,

We just received news from Judge Birotte that “without further factual development on this issue, the Court is not in the position to declare the rights of the parties with regard to this new service.” This is nothing to worry about, it just means the can was kicked down the road.

Judge Birotte’s denial of VidAngel’s motion today was based purely on procedural grounds and not on the merits of our case. Our attorneys are evaluating the decision and will decide next steps in the near future. It is important for everyone to note that this does not affect VidAngel’s new system, which is fully up and running, it simply delays our ability to provide customers with content created by the plaintiffs.

In the meanwhile, we’ll be posting the following notice on the plaintiffs works to let customer know why they are unable to filter those movies and TV shows.

Keep enjoying all the other great content while we sort this out.


Neal Harmon