11 thoughts on “WATCH: Tutorial on How VidAngel works

  1. I am very excited about your service. I have used clearplay for this type of service for years but they have yet to move forward with streaming service. The only question I have is regarding when Netflix and/or Amazon service will be available. Is this a 2014 possibility. Thank you for your hard work in this endeavor. I hope you are extremely successful. Have a wonderful day!

    1. thank you for the kind words. we created this service because we didn’t feel like ClearPlay was meeting our own needs.

      Netflix and Amazon are targets as we move forward, but we need to prove things out on Google first. We do have another company we are in talks with right now, but I can’t announce it yet. But we think it will be a very good for customers.

  2. I saw a link to your site on Facebook, and am very exited to learn more. It’s so sad that there are so many R movies which — if they hadn’t felt the need to include a handful of f-words, or a fleeting s*x scene — could have easily been PG-13 or even PG. I used to subscribe to CleanFlicks and liked it a lot, but a streaming service is an even better option! My only question (a worry, in fact) is how you will be able to offer this service, when CleanFlicks was not? They were sued into oblivion & I don’t see how your service will escape the same fate. I’m curious as to your approach to that issue? Many thanks for the good work you’re doing.

    1. We don’t actually alter the copyrighted content. We’re simply providing a sophisticated remote so that user can customize their own viewing experience. It’s a right afforded you by law:

      See “at the direction of a member of a private household, of limited portions of audio or video content of a motion picture”

      Thanks for the concern!

  3. I stopped Ultran towards the end. When I did , I could not get back to my account to sell it back. I went in and ordered it again hoping that I could get back to where I could sell it back, but that did not happen. I need to be credited for the sell back price for however many times I was charged. Thanks. Also I stopped the move because when the new creature stated that he was I AM I thought it was a bit blasphemous.

  4. Hello!
    We used your service last year and loved it. However, we came back to use it again and found you had updated mostly everything. Since the last time we were on the site everything was ran through Youtube, so we bought the videos through youtube. Is that not possible to use through VidAgnel anymore now that you have your own platform? Is it possible to bring the content we bought on youtube and use it on this new platform ?

    1. Kurt, Google has not given us permission to move the content over unfortunately. Thanks for coming back to try VidAngel again!

  5. I need some clarification. When, I follow the instructions that I justvwatched… will I view the movie on my media devicev (tablet in this case) ir can the movies be watched on a television? I have plain regular twc cable.

    1. Our service is not currently operating due to an injunction granted in a lawsuit filed by Disney, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.

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