New VidAngel Player – Open to the Public

As of Jan 15, 2014, VidAngel is open to the public.

Big cheers coming from VidAngel headquarters!     🙂

During our private preview of VidAngel, we received lots of feedback that movies with tons of swearing were, at times, allowing a few words through. As soon as we discovered that our player was dropping words, we cancelled the December launch and set out to rebuild our player.

This feedback is the primary reason we decided to delay to launch (so that we could rebuild the system so that it could handle movies with hundreds of tags).

We’re really pleased with the new player. It is smart and adjusts to your computer’s speed, and only cues up small portions of the movie at a time so that the processor can keep up with your viewing experience. We tested it for 10 days internally and got universally positive feedback.

We decided to soft launch this week and open up the system to the public. That said, we’re still BETAish and are really excited to see feedback.

If you ever come across a missed word that you know you have muted, please click the red feedback button as close to the part of the movie that had the problem as possible. Then describe the problem and submit feedback. If we implement your feedback, we’ll pay you VidAngel credit for it.

Thanks for your support in protecting family’s from $#&! on YouTube and in Movies!