VidAngel Gets a Facelift

We are updating the design of VidAngel! NOTE: if reading about web design bores you to tears (like it does for most), just go watch a movie instead on VidAngel that’s more entertaining than this blog post (any movie will probably do). But if you’re one of those weirdos (like us) who cares about this kind stuff, read on 🙂

The new look and feel of VidAngel clearly displays the rental price of each movie at a glance without having to click on the movies (see image below) and whether or not it is ONLY available to buy (like 47 Ronin at the time of this writing). (As a side note, when a movie is available for purchase only, that’s decided by the studios and Google, not us.) A light gray now replaces the stark white background, which helps better focus the eye on the movie posters. We’ve also added a floating header bar so you can navigate to different categories of movies and TV shows from the menu dropdowns without having to scroll to the top of the page every time. No more scroll finger fatigue 😉

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.39.03 AM

Another feature some of you might have already seen show up is the playback timeline of the movie displayed at the top of the page when you setup the filter for your movie (see image below). It shows what you will hear and see based on your current settings, and updates dynamically with each tag you change to mute, remove, hear or show.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.47.20 AM

After gathering tons of honest (and occasionally blunt) customer feedback over the past few weeks, we listened, listened some more, analyzed your ideas, got our feelings hurt (just a little bit), agreed with you, and then adjusted our design accordingly.

At VidAngel, we’re constantly testing, tweaking and improving, and we’re happy to change anything when it is clearly needs changing. Let us know what you think of the new design, and feel free to leave suggestions of your own in the comments below. We are listening and adapting. It’s through ideas like yours that we will constantly make VidAngel better…and prettier.


9 thoughts on “VidAngel Gets a Facelift

  1. First off- love this service. You’ve heard it before, but in my own words, this is such a HUGE change in quality of life. I have deliberately foregone the enjoyment of watching R rated movies for years because I hate the “Bad Stuff”, and yet so many movies are simply great with out it. So now that I have given you a sincere compliment, here are the recommendations.

    1) Make the entire website “scrollable”- Currently, you have to keep clicking to see all the titles. Whenever I am perusing the selection and I find an interesting title, I click on it. If I go back, I have to start at the top and scroll and click all the way down. I know its a “first world” problem, but it is a hassle. I should be able to go back to where I left off.

    2) Allow the user to click on Movies they intend to see. A reminder of movies that they would like to watch could be sent out weekly keeping your users interactive to the service. I totally forgot Tinker Tailor Soldier spy was on your service and did not show up in all searches. I accidentally found it again, and will watch it. But if I could check a box of movies I intend to see, thats good for everyone.

    3) Make the voting area accessible from the front page. There are too many movies that should be here that are not. Thank you for editing The Town. Great Movie. The Watchmen, Safehouse, District 9, Hurt Locker, The Debt, children of men, Blade Runner just to name a few.

  2. As a new user I’m loving what I’m seeing- that is when I can see it! My biggest beef is that the web site is virtually unusable on mobile devices like my iPad 2 of iPhone 5S. I know I have to lug out my PC laptop to watch a movie with filters, but I sure would like to be able to shop for movies from my iDevice!

  3. The hurt locker is the movie that would be great to have done. I can’t submit it through the website and every time I try it doesn’t allow me to find it so I am submitting it here

    1. Thanks Tyson…we have some work to do on the submission process right now.


  4. I think Vid Angel is a fantastic service with huge potential. I have stopped using it, however, because even with all the filters turned off, I can tell when objectionable content is coming up because there will be a slight “jitter” in the playback. It is like watching a movie with someone who is saying “look out, a bad part is coming up” throughout the movie. This is very distracting. Is there any way to remove these ever-so-slight tags from the movie?

  5. I guess I’m not educated on how all this works. So far, I purchased a movie and figured out how to sell it back but now the one that I only watched half because I put it in pause is now saying that I have $0 credit. Can you please help me with thi

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