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The experience of huddling your family or a group of friends around your laptop to watch a movie can be aggravating. Thank goodness some very creative people thought it was aggravating as well and have created ways to fix this problem.

VidAngel now offers the ability to stream to your HDTV via an HDMI Cable or Tabcast with Chromecast.

You can still stream directly from most computers to most TVs with an HDMI cable. They are very affordable (just make sure your computer and TV have HDMI ports before buying). Below is a tutorial of how to start streaming with an HDMI cable.

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your PC on Amazon

Click here to get an HDMI cable for your Mac on Amazon

To use Tabcast with your Chromecast device, complete the following instructions in the video below.

First, click here to install the Chromecast extension. After you install the Chromecast extension, you should see on the top right of your Chrome browser the Chromecast icon. (It looks like the icon below)

Once you have this, start your movie on VidAngel and use the Tabcast feature as shown in the Tabcast video above.

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  1. We are attempting to use our vidangel for the first time since purchasing it back in November and while we are excited about the IDEA of this working, we are frustrated with the experience because the movie is not being edited when we are using Chromecast to our TV. It does edit it when we watch it on the laptop, however, the whole point of us getting the Chromecast and the vidangel account in the first place was so that we could stream movies edited to our TV. It is frustrating that we are unable to use this service in the way it was intended and that we hoped for.

    1. Lindsay,

      You need to be sure to use the Tab Cast feature. If you cast directly from the button on the YouTube video, it will bypass the filter. If you cast using the button in the upper-right hand corner of your Chrome browser and make sure that you choose Cast this tab, then it will work.

      Thanks for letting us know your problem. You’ll get faster response times (within 1 business day) by posting questions here: (rather than commenting on our blog)


      1. Neal,

        Is there a better way to use the Vidangel filter and chromecast? The video quality is not as good as casting directly to the TV if casting a tab – I’m basically streaming the movie twice, so that is probably why.

        Thanks for the help.

        1. The tab cast feature is not ideal. We have a version of VidAngel we’re working hard to deliver right now. It will have native support for Chromecast and so you won’t have to use the Tab cast feature. Stand by. I can put you on the beta test list if you’d like.

          1. Can I be on the beta list? We are having the same issue where tab cast does not work well. Would love to beta the new app!

          2. I would love to be able to beta test this feature. This is exactly what we are looking for with this service. Thanks! Jacob

          3. We want this feature now, It can’t be that hard put me on the beta and give me this feature. I am extremely disappointed with how we are being MISLED to believe that your VidAngel works with chromecast when it doesn’t. The video quality when chrome casting the tab is TERRIBLE.

          4. We’re adding people to the new system as fast as we can. It works flawlessly on Chromecast on the new system. Please be patient with us while we get ready to allow more people in.

          5. Hey, can you add me to the Beta list. I love Vidangel but I want a clearer picture when I use my Chromecast. I did some testing last night and I had some major picture quality issues and the casting would just stop after about five minutes?

        2. I invested in a M8S Logic android box. Its like an apple tv box. Plugs direct into your tv. The kicker is that it has access to googleplay store. I just download the angelvid app. And boom, goes right to my tv via hdmi. Amazon has them. 80 bucks. Get a air remote to another 20. Worth it!

  2. Is there a possibility for VidAngel to be offered as an “app” on smartTVs anytime soon, so that we don’t have to fuss with the laptop/HDMI setup?

          1. It’s free to sign up Bert. Please join us and we look forward to delivering a new product that meets your needs.

  3. My family and I just watched your commercial and we LOVE this! We’ve been waiting for years for something that works in our digital age and doesn’t use USB flash drives and players, etc. We are extremely excited that you are offering this service and we thank you for it. It’s hard enough raising kids today, this helps so much.

  4. I have 5 friends that I’ve referred through my link who say they’ve all watched a movie using Vidangel, but I don’t see anywhere to get Google play credit? The referral page says they’ve all “SIGNED UP”?

    I haven’t actually rented or watched any movies myself yet, so maybe only “active” accounts get the free referral credit…


    1. Me too! Haven’t used this yet. Just signed up and not tech savvy, but this is So great for my kids (and mom n dad too)! So tired of all the excessive foul language and gratuitous shots/scenes.

  5. Is there a way we can request movies….?
    Thanks PS. SO excited! Wanted a clearplay player, there wasn’t any other option really. But it’s impossible to even find one to buy “/

  6. For the posters above asking about functionality on Apple TV, I was able to broadcast from my MacBook using AirPlay to my Apple TV which is connected to my big flat screen with great success.

    1. We’re shooting to have as much device support as possible. Android, iPhone, and Chromecast are our first priorities.

  7. I’m hoping to try it streaming from my Macbook Pro via AirParrot to an Apple TV. I will let everyone know how it turns out.

  8. Can’t watch from my ipad because it’s considered a mobile device. Is there a plan to change that? I have a feeling you’re listing a lot of customers because of this.

  9. I was curious if there was an update for where you were with making VidAngel available on iOS devices.


  10. So, it looks like this doesn’t work with Chromecast any more. I’ve used it in the past multiple times – tab casting the shows, but now I believe they must’ve updated their software or something, because if I try to tab cast, then it pulls the stream directly through youtube and there’s no filter applied – any work around for this?

    1. Google actually changed the Chromecast features. You have to do an extra step to get it to tab cast. There is a little arrow for a mini menu. You must select that and switch to tab cast.

  11. You should also post wireless solutions for mac which are really easy. Like suggested above AirParrot for older Macs to AppleTV and the new Macs will auto detect your AppleTV to play your video. Have done this many times with different types of video and works really well in an Apple Environment.

    Any thoughts on bringing your technology to an iPhone and Android app?

    thanks again for the great work on this.


  12. Tried to watch Xmen Days of future past, put the filters, click on Youtube and sadly I had a message that I could not watch the content on my country (Canada). I had to go to a Cineplex (sadly, non filtered) website.
    Last weekend I was able to watch another movie from youtube and it worked just fine.
    Love your program and the opportunity it gives me to watch more movies now with the filtered feature.

    Can you explain me how this works…

    Thank you,

  13. I tried watching a movie with my children and I filtered sex and nudity and it did not filter it. I clicked watch using these settings and we began to watch the movie. The next thing I know three woman were sing in a provactive way in a river. I had removed that content or so it said it was removed but it clearly was not. Why doesnt it filter. I am hesitant to use this site to watch movies with my children.

    1. Tracey,

      VidAngel is a community. We rely on the help of the community to improve our system:

      Please click the red feedback button if ever you discover something and report it. That button will record where you are in the film as well so that it’s easier to fix.


    1. On the original VidAngel, Chrome was required. On the new Angel HD that we’re privately testing, we support IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Apple TV and Chromecast. Roku and Amazon Fire TV are coming.

    1. On the original VidAngel, Chrome was required. On the new system that we’re privately testing, we support IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Apple TV and Chromecast. Roku and Amazon Fire TV are coming.

  14. Will you please send out an email to let us know when we can use an iPhone or iPad to use vid Angel? With airplay we could stream to our TV. We look forward to being able to use your service.

  15. We recently got Roku because I thought it would quell the flow of filth.pouring into our home. Oh no. Not even infact. I think it s worce than cable. Plz bring this feature to Roku.

    1. Never been more alive. Can’t wait to show the new private system to you. We’re close and testing it right now.

    1. Unfortunately those bypass the filter and don’t work with VidAngel. We have a new system that we’re testing that does work with Roku though.

  16. Hi Neal, I have just found your website and I just could not thank you enough for offering this GREAT service. As a parent of preteen kids ( 12 and 10 years old ), it’s becoming very challenging to find a movie that is not kiddy and free of cussing. Graphic violence and bad words are desensitizing young generations. You are offering a great service to humanity. I would be most grateful if you would please add me to any list of beta testers. My MacBook does not have HDMI, and I learned that Chromcast is not working well with your service. I can connect my MacBook to TV via an adapter but the sound and picture quality is terrible. Thanks Neal

    1. Thanks for your feedback Kevin. We’re adding people as fast as we can. And we will add you as soon as possible.

    1. Sure, your account for this email is now part of the private beta. Thanks!


  17. My wife and I love the service. Can I get on the private beta? love your product, but during some of the edited parts we are experiencing buffering delays with Comcast. Would love to try using our Roku instead. I have both. How do i begin watching on Roku.

  18. I was really excited when I learned about Vidangel. Seems like a great streaming service with lots of potential. I was especially excited to see that there was support for Chrome Cast. However I now see that it is only possible using the tab cast feature with Google Chrome. Kind of disappointing as I have found that the tab casting feature has many problems streaming video over wifi (poor quality). I will certainly not be using vidangel with the tab cast feature, but perhaps I will use it by directly connecting my laptop to my TV. Going forward I hope there will be more smart devices that support your service. Any idea if if we will see apps on smart TV’s like Vizio?

  19. I can watch movies on my iPhone 6 but I can’t cast them to the TV with chromecast, I can cast YouTube to the tv and my wife’s android phone cast vidangle fine. I have the icon in the upper right of my screen but I don’t get promoted to cast vidangle, any suggestions? I see my chromecast icon on my tv but that’s it.

    1. We have a new app that is coming out in the store very soon that should be much more user friendly. It’s under review and we hope it comes out by next week.

  20. I would love to use your services!!! We have a Blu ray player with built-in WiFi… do I stream vidangel using that device?

  21. You can use “TV Cast” from samsung. Install for free on your phone and your Samsung Smart TV. Install and connect as directed. Browse to within the browser IN TV CAST, click on the link at the bottom of the screen and then choose adaptive quality. You can even use your phone after you’ve sent it. Its not streaming or mirroring from your phone but loading the url in the app.

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