Meet the VidAngel “Bumper”

“What’s a bumper?” you ask? Well, we didn’t know what a bumper was either until a couple weeks ago. All we knew was that we wanted one of those cool “logo thingys” that shows up just before your movie starts to let you know VidAngel is taking care of you 🙂 So we asked Tyler Stevens, a skilled motion graphics artist, to make one for VidAngel.

Tyler politely informed us that the “logo thingy” is technically referred to as a “bumper” in the film world. OK, whatever. Nuance 😉 We told him what we wanted the animation to look like and he brought it to life beautifully, adding some nice touches of his own. Here’s the four second bumper you’ll see before your movie next time.

We LOVE the way it turned out! Hope you do, too 🙂 Please leave all compliments in the comments below. And kindly bottle up and bury any criticism you feel may be in order. Just kidding. But seriously.


3 thoughts on “Meet the VidAngel “Bumper”

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