Announcing the VidAngel Affiliate Program

What are affiliates? VidAngel affiliates earn money for each new person they send our way (that signs up for a FREE trial). Pretty simple, eh?

money_imageYou scratch our back, we scratch yours (technically, you scratch the customer’s back too—they get a FREE trial after all).  Your job is easy: just cordially introduce us to them so that they’ll instantly fall in love with us at first site (yes, that was a blatant pun for “website”). It’s our job to win their undying love and loyalty by being awesome and not being stupid. It really comes down to chemistry. If we’re a good match, you make money for playing match maker. Make sense?

Check out our VidAngel Affiliate Program page for more details on how to qualify and get started. We’d love for you to become an affiliate and introduce us to all your cool friends. BTW we shower regularly, wear deodorant and brush our teeth and tongues 🙂

6 thoughts on “Announcing the VidAngel Affiliate Program

    1. Thanks for your interest! We were just talking yesterday internally about relaunching a referral program again. Appreciate the feedback.

  1. I would love to know when you have your referral program back up and running. I literally know nearly a thousand people that would sign up for this service.

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