Help Wanted: Data Scientist

Company Info

VidAngel makes movies and YouTube safe for families. We are building parental controls and filtering tools to help parents protect their kids from graphic sex, swearing, and violence. Check out for more information.

Our founding team includes some of the top YouTube marketing minds in the world. We led the creative teams behind the OrabrushOrapup, and Poo~Pourri YouTube campaigns. By joining our team you will surround yourself with world-class talent.

We are looking for a Data Scientist with a proven background in distributed systems and backend infrastructure engineering.

Responsibilities Include

  • Architect the backend web service infrastructure capable of handling traffic from millions of active users using the VidAngel browser extensions
  • Develop distributed Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes to ensure all user activity log data is reliably processed and stored
  • Design and build interactive tools and dashboards that allow non-engineers to make data driven decisions
  • Develop mathematical models to deliver customized user experience based on user activity and preferences
  • Analyze user data to algorithmic-ally determine user profiles and recommend videos they would like the most

Desired Skills

  • 3+ years of experience in Python (or Java) and its application and systems frameworks
  • Expertise in distributed systems concepts and technologies (like Hadoop ecosystem)
    • Experience applying advanced algorithms to analyze large amounts of data
  • Facility with applied mathematics or machine learning
  • Experience working with crowdsourcing platforms like Amazon Mechanical Turk or CrowdFlower
  • Strong communication skills (written, verbal and persuasive skills) and ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical members of VidAngel
  • Advanced degree in relevant field (Computer Science or Mathematics) or commensurate experience

Bonus Points

  • Passionate about data science
  • Experience working with geographically distributed teams
  • Understanding of YouTube marketing dynamics

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