VidAngel vs ClearPlay

The most marked differences between VidAngel and ClearPlay as of this writing.

VidAngel ClearPlay
Price FREE for your laptop or computer (try it out here) ClearPlay charges $8/month for filters. Customers must pay for all content & refurbished DVD players (which can only be found on e-bay) or rent from their limited streaming library.
UI Intuitive ON/OFF switches that let you create your own cut of the film without any question of what you are going to take out and leave in. Out-dated user interface with arbitrary “least filtering, medium filtering, most filtering” you never know exactly what you are going to get.
Library 723 streaming titles ClearPlay annouced its own streaming service on Nov 27th 2013 (shortly after VidAngel)
6 months later, they offer only about 80 streaming titles.
Ongoing selection VidAngel Technology allows filtering of 100 percent of new releases ClearPlay streaming product can’t filter around 10 percent of new releases due to technological limitations.
TV VidAngel offers popular TV Shows (House of Cards, Sherlock, etc) ClearPlay has zero streaming TV Shows

 UPDATED July 22, 2014 (VidAngel now FREE)

8 thoughts on “VidAngel vs ClearPlay

    1. Great question Tyler, what we currently offer will always be free but we’re working on a Premium version for HD, mobile, offline, etc

  1. Hey there, I live in Canada and it keeps telling me it’s not available in my country. But yet I can browse to youtube’s rental and see the video there. Any thoughts?

    1. Some videos are not yet available in Canada, but fortunately there is a solution for you. works for me when I’m in Mexico. You just select that you’re viewing from the USA

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