47 percent of Parents are likely to use VidAngel

With our paintball video campaign, we’re getting a lot of questions, one of which is where is the data on almost half of families wanting our service. Well, here it is.

We surveyed 900 Americans using Google Consumer Surveys and asked them if they had children or teenagers at home. Then we asked them this question:

YouTube vs Movies Survey Summary


We’re building VidAngel for that 47 percent who are likely or very likely to use software that filters swearing and other inappropriate content out of streaming movies.

One thought on “47 percent of Parents are likely to use VidAngel

  1. Market cap…. Unfathomable number… Nice! And according to the Stats 1040 class I didn’t pay quite enough attention to in college, 900 data points is close to a statistically significant base. With the population being “all parents” I think there’s a large margin of error but regardless of that margin the survey results are compelling.

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