Customers are asking why we’re so quiet on our blog :)

We’re glad you miss us.

We spoke with a customer named Bryce on the phone today and he said, “I was so excited about you guys’ passion and then I looked at your blog and there was not an update since August. I started to worry you’re loosing steam.”

Bryce, anything but that. We’ve actually had our heads down working on a new version of VidAngel that we are going to love around here (and we think you’ll all like it too). It is a HUGE improvement on our current experience (and being privately tested now). We’ll be giving more and more customers a sneak peak over the coming months.

We’re so grateful for everyone’s support! And we’ll try to post a few cool things in the interim.

Team VidAngel

HD Video Coming

6 thoughts on “Customers are asking why we’re so quiet on our blog :)

  1. I love what you guys are doing, and I’m also interested in knowing what is coming out soon. Is there anyway I can become a private tester for you guys?


  2. I have been extremely impressed with the recent performance and playback enhancements… MUCH improved experience on my end!

    I assume the VidAngel HD with the buy back program you teased a few months ago? We love it! Now I can be fully on board as I can watch an edited movie for the same price as RedBox. BRAVO!!

    I’m pretty sure I have heard you guys tease that you will have a solution coming for all of our old DVDs… Can you elaborate?

    Many thanks!

    1. Bryce,

      Thanks for the feedback. We're glad to have your support. No teasers quite yet, but we'll keep you up-to-date.



    2. But there will be a solution to watching older edited movies—my old DVD collection, yes?

      I’m praying the answer is yes to I can cut the cord on ClearPlay. 🙂


    3. Bryce, we personally cut that cord long ago. However, we don't want to make the mistake of saying we're going to do something and then not delivering. We hear loud and clear that customers in this space have experienced un-kept or late promises for far too long. 


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