How To Use VidAngel On Your Chromecast

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STEP 1 – Install the Chrome

Install the Chrome browser, and then setup your Chromecast on your computer

STEP 2 – Setup Your Filters

Nothing new here. Just make sure you customize your experience just the way you want it.

STEP 3 – Click The Google Cast Button

There is a new Google Cast button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It sits just to the left of the Volume button.  If you don’t see this button, make sure you have installed Chromecast on your computer. Click here to learn how to install Chromecast.

Google Cast Button

STEP 4 – Select Your Chromecast

After clicking the Google Cast button you will see a box pop down in the top right corner of your browser. Select your Chromecast and your movie will automatically show up on your TV.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.11.58 PM


STEP 5 – Use Your Laptop As A Remote Control

You can now enjoy your movie and completely control your movie from your laptop! Enjoy the show.

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39 thoughts on “How To Use VidAngel On Your Chromecast

  1. I use my iPhone for streaming but can’t stream vidangel movies. No stream icon comes up. I find vidangel disconnected and non-user friendly.

    1. We're working on it right now, but we don't give ETAs to avoid disappointing people. It's a priority right now for us and we have a developer figuring it out.



    2. Hi Edward, 

      If you look here:

      You'll see that you received $19.99 in credit toward your movie and a $2.00 credit on your support request, bringing your account balance to $21.99

      We are currently working on an iPhone app that works with Chromecast. We will let you know when it is ready.



    3. Ed, VidAngel is now available on the iTunes App Store. Please search again.

      Please note you’ll need to buy the movies on and then they will show up for streaming on your app.

  2. I found that while trying to use Chromecast with Salt, from Windows PC to TV, that the mute worked later than the movie showing through Chromecast so I heard the first curse.

    How do we fix this???

    1. Which movie did this happen for you? We'll get it fixed if we can know the movie.


    2. It was the movie “Salt”.  I couldn’t justify watching
      the entire movie (didn’t get much past the beginning) because of all the delayed
      muting on the profanity. : (


      Hope you fix it. 


      Maybe we can create a version of filtering that allows you to
      set the filtering ahead at various intervals so that when the signal to mute
      the audio is sent the tv it would be in synch with when it shows through
      Chromecast on the TV.


      So for example, if it should mute at 8:06 on the YouTube Video
      and works when it is played on the PC, but when you send it to a tv using Chromecast
      and it doesn’t mute in time, you could opt to set the mutes ahead of the time
      it should mute???



      Can you have someone else with cable, a PC, wifi and Chromecast
      try it to see if this happens (with this movie) for them too.  I would like to
      know if it there was something else I could have done.


    3. Karen, Salt is an old YouTube filter that is now out of date. We're currently in the process of converting all our content from YouTube to VidAngel and we are putting a lot more effort to get it right on the VidAngel content. We suggest you purchase movies that have the VidAngel logo next to the poster on our website. You'll get a better experience and it works on all major devices. For details, see here:


  3. I accidently bought Winters Tale in sd. Needed to buy it in HD to use chrome cast. I immediately sold it back but now it won’t let me buy it again.

    1. This should be working now. Please try it again. Also, I'll add credit to your account for the SD movie sell-back.




    1. UPDATE: There’s now a VidAngel app in the Apple App Store that works on the iPad for your VidAngel library.

      It's not currently possible but we're testing internally right now an iPad app that enables that functionality. No promises but let us know if you'd like to try it out before anyone else. 


    2. Ok! My laptops are older and seem incompatible with the chrome cast app. When you feel you have it up and running for iPads let me know I don’t mind testing it.


    3. Thanks Derek for being willing to test it. We'll let you know when it's ready.


  4. Been trying to cast with chromecast for an hour now. No dice. Worst experience ever, tried doing it through HDMI but that was way too choppy to watch. Don’t want to use this site anymore

  5. Trying to get star wars: a new hope to play through chromecast to my tv. It won’t play for more than a few minutes without completely dropping the chromecast connection and/or buffering for 2-3 minutes every 30 seconds or so. It took over 25 minutes to watch the 1st 6.5 minutes of the movie. I watch streaming content through my chromecast daily so I don’t believe it is a wi-fi or connection issue on this end. I was excited about this service but it’s just not working for me.

    1. Thank you for using VidAngel. I’m sorry you are having trouble with your Chromecast connecting.

      If you’re having a problem on your Chromecast that doesn’t seem related to your computer, you may have a Wi-Fi signal issue.

      If that is the case, you may consider connecting your Chromecast to your screen using the small HDMI extension cable that came with your Chromecast. We recommend this option for the following reasons:
      1) The extension moves the Chromecast away from the body of the TV or receiver it’s plugged into. Doing so often improves reception and allows Wi-Fi signals to better reach the tiny antenna in the dongle.
      2) HDMI port spacing can be a bit crowded on a lot of television sets, making it difficult to fully plug in a dongle.
      3) Using the cable can protect your Chromecast dongle from the heat given off by many TV screens.

    2. I am having the same issue with Chromecast. It will play for a few minutes and then just stop. I gave up trying to play the movie.

  6. Hi,
    I signed up today and bought Star Wars IV, I tried it on my Win 10 Chrome browser using Chromecast and it would work for a while then exit Chromecast and go back to the beginning of the movie on my computer. Then I tried downloading the VidAngel APP for Android and the same thing happened. Any suggestions?

  7. The last two times we’ve tried to use vidangel with our chromecast it hasn’t worked. The first time it would play the vidangel clip right before the movie starts and then it shut down chromecast. Today it played about 10 minutes and kicked us off chromecast. We tried several times both days to no avail. Why is your service not working properly? I have tried other websites to test my chromecast, and they are working just fine.

  8. I am trying to cast from my Samsung Tab 3 to my TV. I checked the “Android” box when it asked. Was I not supposed to? It is an Android device. Not much information to try and understand whether I should have or not. I never saw a casting icon anywhere. I checkd casting a YouTube video and it worked fine. Why is there noo ‘help’ button?
    Had to watch the movie o a 10″ screen i need stead of a 60″.

  9. We live somewhat in the country. Our streaming is fine on other apps like Netflix and Hulu but we seem to have a problem with VidAngel. The other apps seem to adjust for our internet speed, but it seems VidAngel doesn’t have this ability or does it and we didn’t set our settings correctly? We love the idea of VidAngel, but may have to cancel our account. I tried watching Jungle Book recently and it only got into 5 seconds of starting and was frozen. This happens often.

  10. We are trying to Chromecast Tommorland and it keeps shutting off and disconnecting. We’ve tried two separate Chromecast devices but it happened on both. Is it a vidangel or Cheomecast problem?

  11. We are trying to watch Captain America Civil War casting on chrome cast. It has played fine until about the 1 hour 4min mark then it kicks off chromecast. I tried to reload and now it won’t even load. What should I do?

  12. Just wanted to leave a positive comment since most of the comments on this page are about problems streaming with chromecast. I have watched many many movies through VidAngel on my chromecast, and they usually work great, and the quality is fantastic! Thanks for the great service that VidAngel provides to me and my family!

  13. I want to mirror vidangel movies (Netflix, Prime) from my iPhone to my TV. Can I do this successfully using a chrome cast or should I get a different device? I don’t want to just be stuck using vidangel on my computer or phone. I want it to be useable for my whole family.

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