How to install VidAngel on your Android Phone

EDIT: VidAngel Beta for Android is now on Google Play! You can find it HERE.

We have been alpha testing our Android app internally for a few weeks, and we are ready to get the beta into your hands–here’s how to do it:

(If you already know how to install an app outside of Google Play, follow THIS LINK to download the app. If not, follow the instructions below!)

1. First you need to allow your phone to install apps from outside of Google Play. Go to your phone settings and then to security.

Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-36-47 Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-36-59

2. Once you are in your security tab, check the box “Unknown Sources”. When a confirmation box appears, click “OK”.

Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-37-08 Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-37-19

3.  Finally, download the VidAngel app HERE. Once your download has completed, open the file by selecting it in your notification bar. You will be guided through a simple installation process.

Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-39-42 Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-40-27 Screenshot_2015-03-03-11-40-37

4. Congratulations! You have successfully installed the VidAngel Beta Android app! Contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

26 thoughts on “How to install VidAngel on your Android Phone

    1. Thanks Ruthy!

      We are definitely planning on getting TV shows onto the system, although we do not have a set date of when that will happen. Keep checking back, and thanks for your support!


  1. Can’t get the app to install. Phone displays toast message saying it “can’t launch event” when I click to install the apk after downloading it. I would love to test out this app if I could get it to install.

    1. Hey Brad,

      I made a change to the file metadata, perhaps it will work now.

      Try downloading the file again and installing it. If that doesn't work, try opening the .apk with a file explorer like ES File Explorer (found on the Google Play store); sometimes Android doesn't recognize the .apk as an application archive, this may help.

      If this doesn't solve your problem, let us know here in the comments or at




  2. App is working well. I’ve installed version 11. I had one problem where the first time I launched the app it took me to the “Filter Settings” upon launch, and I had to kill it to get out. The next time I launched I got the Sign on screen.

    Did you know you could do a “Public Beta” in the Google Play store? Google make it really easy to set this up. Good luck and keep the updates coming.

    1. Hey Steven,

      We'll look into that issue, thank you for making us aware of that.

      We are aware of Google Play's functionality of allowing public betas, but at the moment we are waiting for the right time to submit our application to Google Play. We definitely will eventually, but at this point we still want to be able to refine the application itself, the website, as well as some other things internally without the publicity that may come with Google Play.

      Thanks for your help and your support,



    1. Is there a way to use this app with the movies and TV shows I already own through Google Play?


    2. Currently the app works with our new Angel HD system. We've been moving away from YouTube / Google Play in the past months, and while YouTube filters are still accessible from our website, it is not accessible on the new platforms we have built out (Roku, Android, Chromecast, etc.). This is due to the technical limitations that we are put under on the YouTube platform, and is a large reason for why we have developed our new sell-back system where we have total control over the content.




  3. I tried this app from Google Play on my Hisense Sero 7 Pro Android 4.2.2 tablet. I open the app and it goes to a grey screen then crashes to the main screen (I guess in PC terms, Desktop). Could you fix this?

    1. Hey Jackson,

      There is an issue with a small set of Android 4.2.2 devices because of some problems that manufacturers introduced. This prevents some of the code in the VidAngel app from being compatible with these device. It's an issue we are working on fixing.




  4. So – now that there’s an Android app – any chance this will be added to the Amazon Fire Stick anytime soon? I might try side loading it, but it’d be great to have it native as well!

    1. Hey Daniel,

      We'll be working to get this onto Amazon Fire Stick in the future, however we don't officially support it at the moment. Feel free to side load it, but unfortunately we can't give support in that case. We're working to add support to as many platforms as possible, stay tuned!


  5. I tried using the Android app to cast to my TV, and it only played about 2 minutes of the movie, then stopped. We tried again, and it’s the same issue every time. Is this a known issue? Is there an ETA on the fix?

  6. Are you going to make an app that’s available for window phones? Maybe you have already addressed this answer

  7. I’m using the app on a Note 4 and casting to a Chromecast. When I apply filter settings it seems to freeze up and drop the cast signal at various points. And then keep failing at those same points. For example I was watching the first Fantastic 4 tonight and it dropped three times at 15.05 minutes. I don’t know if it was trying to skip over an edited part or not. It had done this about two other times at other earlier points. Each time I had to fast forward to a point just past the points it keep failing at. I finally just shut off all filters and the problem never came back. I’ve had similar problems the last time or two that I have cast movies from the vid angel app to my chromecast. Any thoughts?

  8. I keep getting a message that says “there is a problem parsing the package” while downloading on our kindle fire hd. Any help

    1. I keep getting a message that says “there is a problem parsing the package” while downloading on our kindle fire hd. Any help


  9. How do I stream the movie from my android phone to my Vizio tv? Usually there’s an icon on my phone that I can push to transfer it to my tv but there’s nothing. Suggestions?

    1. How do I stream the movie from my android phone to my Vizio tv? Usually there’s an icon on my phone that I can push to transfer it to my tv but there’s nothing. Suggestions?


    2. Hi Heidi –
      We would be happy to help.  Can you tell us more about your set-up?   When you say there's usually an icon on your phone – what program are you using?   Are you using the Chromecast button?  Do you send it to your Chromecast device that's plugged into your TV?     If not that, do you have a mirroring app to show the display on your phone on your TV?    I need to understand what other devices you have so I know how to help.   Please email us at and we would be happy to help you troubleshoot.  


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