American Sniper and Bug Fixes


We have had more requests for American Sniper than any other movie. We had it tagged in advance for the May 19th DVD/Blu-Ray release but the content publishing process for VidAngel is surprisingly time-consuming (took 12 hours for the first pass, which had mistakes).

We test the movies on Android, iOS, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and desktop before allowing them to go live.

Because yesterday our hosting provider moved us to faster server infrastructure, but also changed our version of PHP without letting us know. These changes introduced bugs into our system.

We ended up having to make three passes to get it right (we found an issue on Chromecast, one missed profanity and a handful of partial profanities). We have a high standard of quality for new movies published on VidAngel. If we find a single missed profanity, we do not publish the movie.

As you can tell by the publish time of this post (2am), we worked around the clock to get this blockbuster to you properly reviewed and bug free.

There is a silver lining in the slightly tardy publishing of American Sniper. We also discovered through the process a bug that has been plaguing many users recently. It is the bug where only the VidAngel bumper shows up, but the movie never plays. We fixed the elusive bug.

Watch American Sniper in HD for $2 (with sell-back) now.

9 thoughts on “American Sniper and Bug Fixes

  1. Thanks for making sure it works right! We’ll be renting this one very soon, so it’s good to know it works properly. Everyday I gain more confidence in this site. Thanks!

  2. Trying to watch it now. On Roku, it didn’t keep the filters. It blocked every profanity AND blacked out the screen instead of just cutting the audio. We have moved to our laptop. It is keeping our filter mostly (one word we asked to block has slipped through) but is still messing up the video when it blocks profanity. On the laptop in google chrome browser, it doesn’t fully black out the screen, but it does turn off and only display a rainbow like pattern (no actual movie stays on the screen, though, just the strange color pattern). This happens every time it blocks a profanity. We’re not done so it might get better, but so far it’s been pretty buggy.

    1. Josh,

      I just sent you and every other person who purchased and started this movie within the last few hours the following note:

      Thanks for purchasing American Sniper today.

      We had an almost perfect version of American Sniper all day, but at 5pm our stagers inadvertently published an incomplete version that had two very minor tag corrections. The issue is that when an incomplete version was published, it screwed up the system for the past two hours.

      We’ll look into how that happened, but the end result is that if you created your filter between 5pm MST and now, you will get a very choppy experience.

      Please resave your filter to clear up the issue.

      We apologize and if you had a problem, please let us know at and we’ll give you a credit for your trouble.

  3. After a snafu with American Sniper shutting down and showing we didn’t own it, we were able to finish watching it. It did filter everything we wanted it to for the most part. One F-word and God D***n slipped through. I was very glad to be able to watch this movie as this was one of those epic movies that portrayed a true American hero without all of the language and I could cut just the graphic violence. Thank you for putting this movie on your site. I almost went to see it despite the R rating but I am truly glad I waited and watched it this way instead.

    1. We just published a version that fixes those last missed words. They were actually tagged but the stream was generating incorrectly. It is fixed for this and all streams.

        1. Michael, I don’t see a purchase of American Sniper on your account. Did you purchase the movie through VidAngel? Please let me know what account to check so we can find the problem.

          BTW, if you did it on YouTube, then we would expect missing words. The YouTube filter is not the most current, only the VidAngel one is.

  4. Have been trying to load AMerican Sniper for nearly 30 min. No success. Bumper either keeps playing over and over or unfiltered version of movie plays. This was a youtube purchase.

    1. Hey, Cory! Sadly, YouTube purchases have different guidelines to be followed. Are you using a laptop or desktop with the Chrome browser? Is your purchase in SD? We're very sorry for the trouble! These are a few of the reasons we have developed our VidAngel HD system, to bypass these restrictions.

      Will you let us know if you have any more questions? Or you can contact us here:

      -Alexa From VidAngel


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