Get FREE movies for LIFE! Help us find a tech team member!

We’re giving away a LIFETIME OF FREE MOVIES* to any VidAngel customer who guides us to an engineer that becomes a full-time member of VidAngel’s team* :

Step #1 – forward this link to your tech friends so they can see the positions available:

Step #2 – have your friend send their resume to Ask them to include your VidAngel account email address letting us know you referred them.

Step #3 – after we hire your friend, we’ll add your lifetime* of credit to your account. Don’t worry, your engineer friend gets unlimited free movies by joining our team.


VidAngel company celebration when we met our goal last week (we’re months ahead of plan). We went to the theatre together on paid time 🙂 We won’t admit how many of us teared up watching “Inside Out”

And here’s a fun, true story, in poetry:

Once upon a time, far-far away,

an amazing USAA mobile programmer from Texas,
found a new website that he loved more than breakfast.

This new VidAngel customer named Jed,
watched movies with his family before bed.

Well, he found a little bug,
that he offered to help plug

And became VidAngel’s tech team leader instead 🙂

Meet Jed: He has an infamous list in the company named after him, that pretty much the entire company operates around. He also gets to watch all the movies he wants for FREE.


* Lifetime of movies means $10,000 of non-transferable, non-refundable VidAngel account credit (or 100 SD movie nights a year for the next 67 years!).  Joining Team VidAngel means that your referral joins the tech team and stays onboard for at least one year. We’ll give you one year of credit during the referred employee’s trial period.  (credit will be disbursed at $150 per year – no worries, we will send you all the details)

14 thoughts on “Get FREE movies for LIFE! Help us find a tech team member!

    1. We released 30 new movies last week. We have a new request program that allows you to request titles that are not yet part of the library. We will order them based on popularity.

  1. Do you see a download option happening any time? My Internet is slow so I can’t really stream. It’s better to just download through the night so I can enjoy a movie with no interruptions.

    1. We are working on that feature but we don’t have an ETA yet. We will figure it out though. We’re sorry you are not able to enjoy the streaming due to your ISP speed.

  2. This is an awesome project. There are so many movies I wanted my family to watch over the years, but was unable because of gratuitously bad language and/or sexual situations. I would love to part of your team, and I am among the smartest tech guys in the world.

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