Announcing VidAngel’s sister site – VidDevil

VidDevil operates on an eco-friendly model that re-uses the mature scenes cut out of movies by its sister company, VidAngel. “We realized VidAngel was just throwing away a lot of smutty scenes in movies,” said Harmon. See the full press release.


8 thoughts on “Announcing VidAngel’s sister site – VidDevil

  1. Dang, I was hoping you could ADD violence and language to movies that didn’t have any. “Punched by an Angel” anyone? Very funny trick you guys. I was disgusted for a few minutes. And then I felt stupid. And dumb. And gullible. And then stupid again…

  2. I love your sense of humor! And I loved the Naughty scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life!” You guys are the best!!!

  3. You guys have a great sense of humor. Those fake reviews of VidDevil are great! And I can’t believe I was Rick-Rolled.

  4. who comes up with this stuff. You guys are hilarious! I am sure the culture of your company would be a blast to work in. keep up the great work!

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