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Hi VidAngel customers,

Disney and friends have criticized VidAngel’s choice of ad agency. In their last filing, the studios said the owners of VidAngel spend money on their own ad agency to enrich themselves. Which, to be clear, has nothing to do with the legal case and is simply their attempt to smear VidAngel. But let’s examine their claim anyway.

VidAngel was founded by 4 brothers – Neal, Daniel, Jeffrey and Jordan Harmon – three of whom also founded a wildly successful ad agency called Harmon Brothers. That small ad agency has created viral ads for Squatty Potty, PouPourri, Fiber Fix, Purple, and even presidential candidate Gary Johnson (through a Super PAC).  Harmon Brothers also helped set a Guinness World Record for orchestrating the world’s largest live nativity with The Piano Guys. Altogether, Harmon Brothers’ videos have received over 300 million views.

And the world has noticed. The Harmon Brothers agency now turns away clients because it simply can’t make campaigns for everyone who wants them. The Harmon Brothers ads have won two Webby awards (sort of an “Oscars of the Internet). They’ve built two campaigns with over 100 million views, and two of the top 10 most-viewed social media ad campaigns of all time. Forbes says they “may be the best in the business,” and Adweek calls them a viral video “kingpin.”

So when VidAngel needed an ad agency, it seemed like a no-brainer to try out Harmon Brothers. To avoid conflicts of interest, Neal, Jeffrey, and Daniel Harmon recused themselves from any decision-making. Then the deal was approved by VidAngel’s Board of Directors (minus Neal Harmon, who recused himself).

Since then, Harmon Brothers has created a series of successful ads for VidAngel – including “Paintball,” “Angel and Demon,” and “Game of Thronez” – and accrued over 20 million views of VidAngel ads. Within 10 months after VidAngel’s service launched publicly, sales increased by 2,600%. So VidAngel’s advertising expenditures paid off so well that Disney sued us.

Disney is implying that we’re doing something shady. But VidAngel and Harmon Brothers have always made their relationship public. And Disney is trying to take away your right to decide what content enters your home and what stays out.  We want you to know our side of the story.


Liz Ellis

VidAngel COO


13 thoughts on “VidAngel’s Ad Agency

  1. Hi Vidangel

    Love your ads they are the BEST.
    Just to say shouldn’t Satan be in movie Hell in your Angel and Demon ad.

  2. I’m just a little confused about how advertising for a commercial business is supposedly wrong by Disney standards. I’m also a little confused about how paying anyone, even themselves, for an ad campaign is wrong. What am I missing here? What’s shady about any of this?

  3. I can already see Willy Wonka’s amused smirk as he ponders, “Gee, if one wasn’t careful, they might almost think there was some kind of a conspiracy about.”


  4. You guys are awesome. We have contributed and will continue to do so. Come on folks. Give that extra. Let us help. The service is awesome! I am a Pastor of a Church and continue to recommend your service.

  5. Oh Poo on Disney’s “PouPourri” attitude. You have great ads that are also highly entertaining. Disney is just jealous that they don’t have a “Squatty Potty!” Hmmm…Maybe Disney needs a “Fiber Fix” 😉
    Keep up the most excellent work VidAngel and Harmon Brothers! You all rock!

  6. Am I missing something? Is VidAngel a publicly owned corporation? (If so, stock symbol, please!). I believe VidAngel is a private company- funded by some, well, Angel Investors. Neither Disney, nor anyone else without skin in the game should give one rat’s *** about how VidAngel allocates its resources to ‘enrich’ themselves. Unbelievable. Lets count the number of ads for Disney Movies on ESPN, or ABC, or any of their other 432 media outlets- and I can only assume that Disney executives don’t own any stock in their company- Heaven forbid they are successful and enrich themselves. I guess they are a non-profit run by unpaid volunteers? This has to be the most ridiculous ‘accusation’ I have ever heard of- its not even an accusation for crying out loud! Signs of desperation! They were expecting you guys to lay down and cower in fear to their giant entertainment monopoly. Way to go David, keep slinging stones.

  7. I think your ads are awesome! This whole lawsuit is just a joke. I thought Disney was supposed to be a “family friendly” company. One would think they would be on your side. Keep going VidAngel! I will add to the many who have said, I have been buying movies through vidangel that I would not have bought if it wasn’t filtered. That is money for Hollywood and Disney that they would not have if vidangel did not exist. I have been using vidangel since it was in beta form and I hope to be able to use it for many years to come!!! Vidangel has been awesome! Thank you and I hope all goes well and that we can continue to have such an amazing service!

  8. Thanks for the blog post! I wasn’t concerned at all but, I must say, it is refreshing to see a company take the time to show their integrity when you could have easily just written off their silly remark/accusation! Thanks for keeping real – real honest! ☺

  9. Just for the record… I would never watch a rated R movie or a lot of the PG-13 movies that are out now! If I didn’t have it filtered on vidangel I wound never watch them! So that’s money that Disney and the Warner Bros. and whoever else is getting that they usually wouldn’t if vidangel wasn’t here! 🙂

  10. Don’t worry…Disney also sued Sony over the Betamax and as we all know today the Betamax is the Number One….uh….OK…I need to get back to you on that.

    But the ads are great.

  11. Thank you so much for all you do! Thank you for fighting for our right to choose! We stand with you! Happy thanksgiving Vidangel Team!!! You are in our prayers!

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