Update on Preliminary Injunction

Dear VidAngel customers,

First, the bad news. The judge has issued a preliminary injunction against VidAngel, requiring that we pull down all the studios’ content. We are seeking a stay of this injunction, but if our efforts fail, we will need to take down the movies of all major studios.

Now the good news. This is the first battle in a long war. We will launch an immediate appeal. And unlike previous filtering companies, we have the funds to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. We’re committed to protecting your right to watch filtered movies in your home.

In the meantime, we will be finding and creating family-friendly shows and movies so you can still watch quality content on VidAngel. This will be a gradual process, so please be patient with us. We will keep you posted as this develops.

Hang in there,
Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel

#ThisIsNotOver #SaveFiltering

87 thoughts on “Update on Preliminary Injunction

  1. What a blow to families across this country… These studios will never have my business without the services provided through Vidangel. Shame on them. Keep fighting Vidangel, don’t quit, we need you!

  2. Don’t give up! So many of us are cheering you on. If any studios read this…please work this out – we love watching filtered movies. Without the filtering, we WILL NOT watch most of them. Filtered movies is a win-win for everyone!!! Our family and friends LOVE VidAngel!

  3. Terribly disappointed. Please don’t give up. I’ve always maintained and will continue to maintain that the price was never what attracted me to vidangel. The world NEEDS your service. And to you movie studios, please do the right thing. Help vidangel provide this much needed service and stop fighting them.

  4. I agree with the comments above. Vidangel is worth fighting for. That is why I invested in the company. A little clarification is in order. Until you are able to appeal this, what movies and/or shows are you going to still be able to show?

  5. We are so disappointed in this ruling. We live the service Vid Angel provides. Without Vid Angel filtering we will not view many movies our family would enjoy. If cost is an issue, we would gladly pay more for this awesome service.

  6. We love the service and have supported you from the beginning and want more than anything for you to stay alive. Agreeing with Mike that the Studios will never have my family’s business without the benefits of the service that VidAngel provides. It has opened my family up to seeing some absolutely incredible movies that have had some stuff that we just haven’t wanted to see or hear. WE LOVE AND WANT VIDANGEL TO CONTINUE, AND SO DO AT LEAST 90,000 other people! Remember to sign and share the petition at savefiltering.com! Don’t give up! We continue to support you!

  7. I would have no problem with buying the movies so I can filter them and not have the option to sell them back. Why can’t we decide what we do and do not see?! Cable channels edit studio’s movies all the time. Song’s are filtered for radio… this has nothing to do with “artistic vision” and everything to do with pride and control. If they take down vidangel, I will have to stick to books only and cancel all my streaming services.

  8. Keep fighting the good fight VidAngel team! If the studios won’t see the light and realize that people are watching more movies than they normally would without filtering, then take this all the way to the Supreme Court. My movie consumption has probably gone up 150-200% this year (no exaggeration) due to VidAngel, and it seems to me that everybody wins in that scenario. Seems like the studios are shooting themselves in the foot by trying to shut this down.

  9. Thanks VidAngel for your service. But here’s what I don’t get, and maybe someone a whole lot smarter than me can answer this: What’s in this (the lawsuit) for the studios? What’s the benefit to them should they prevail? Should they win the lawsuit, I guess VidAngel would be out of business, but at what benefit to the studios|? It’s always about the money, so how would they benefit? I don’t get it…

    1. My understanding is the Studios have a contract with the Director’s Guild to not alter their work unless for a network. So, in order for the Studios to stay in good standing with the Director’s Guild, the Director’s don’t want their “art” modified. Apparently the Studios and Director’s don’t see filtering as a large percentage of their profits; what they are not seeing is just how many of us don’t watch their films due to objectionable material and how much or a larger audience they would reach through this medium. So let’s keep spreading the good word and supporting VidAngel.

  10. Very much agree with previous comments. We’ve watched way more new movies since discovering vidangel, primarily because of the filtering service. Many if not most of those movies we absolutely would not have watched without filtering. The studios are foolish to try to shut down a service that is increasing the possible number of watchers for their movies! Although we love the current pricing we would continue to use vidangel if the prices went up due to licensing fees

  11. We too are terribly disappointed yet again in our judicial system. Of course we love Disney movies but when a company as cherished as they are does something like this it puts a bad taste in our mouth. We have loved and support VidAngel for their dedication to fight back. I can only imagine the stress this must cause all those involved. We will do all we can to support VidAngel in their fight against injustice.

  12. You have our support! We invested in Vidangel knowing we could lose our investment because we believe in the right to control the media in our home. Don’t give in! I don’t care one bit if I never see a dime of that investment if it finally leads to real change in the trash offered to me and my children.

  13. “Don’t give up” from the words of Josh Groban song plays in my mind. This is a tough blow to the many that support this movement. This service is so needed. Disney and Studios what is it you really want? Disney please reconsider this and work with VidAngel to build a service that works for all.

  14. Disappointing, for sure. I’m a believer in what your service provides, Neil… But after taking the time to actually read the injunction order, one particular paragraph confused me based on what you’ve said in prior updates. It reads as follows:

    “…the evidence in the record shows that another filtering service, ClearPlay, offers filtering to Google Play users who access authorized streams from GooglePlay’s licensed service. (Bennett Decl. Ex. A. at 5-6.) An injunction in this case would not prevent VidAngel or any other company from providing a filtering service similar to ClearPlay’s, and thus wouldn’t negatively impact the public interest in watching filtered content in private.”

    In a prior update, you said that VidAngel tried to go through Google Play, but Hollywood got it shut down…. This quote from the injunction seems to indicate that Hollywood is fine with how ClearPlay does it–which means you probably won’t win the antitrust suit either. Am I missing something here?

    1. IOW, how is ClearPlay allowed to filter using GooglePlay, but you indicate that VidAngel was shut down when it tried to do the same thing… You indicated that if ClearPlay got big enough, they would probably be shut down as well. But, VidAngel wasn’t very large when it attempted to go through GooglePlay…. And the injunction seems to indicate that the studios wouldn’t have a problem with it anyway? There just seems to be some contradicting statements.

      1. The studios left VidAngel alone too while they were smaller (for the most part). I suspect that Hollywood left ClearPlay alone with GooglePlay even though it’s in violation of GooglePlay’s streaming contract (remember that no-filtering clause) because they were and are small, their streaming doesn’t pose much of a threat, and they had just walked away from Congress with the FMA in hand (kudos to ClearPlay for that one!!!). Disney was still licking its wounds from trying to sue ClearPlay and probably just decided to let nature have its way with them.

        I am a HUGE fan of ClearPlay (I have 8+ of their players in my home, including 2 blueray) and will be a member as long as they’re in business. But ClearPlay as a company is small, buggy, slow to innovate (I’m glad they finally have a blueray player now!! Even if it is $250…). Their streaming service, although existent, is poor. Like, very poor. I don’t use it, and I probably never will.

        All that said, ClearPlay is more of a complementary product to VidAngel rather than a direct competitor – and they certainly don’t serve as a replacement. I have a lot of DVDs that I will NEVER watch without ClearPlay. Likewise, there is almost no movie I’ll stream outside of VidAngel (not because of their Redbox prices), since I don’t trust the studios to feed me my entertainment while I’m proverbially blindfolded. You never know when they’re going to stuff a maggot in your mouth, and you’ve eaten it before you can react – no matter how quick of a draw you are with the remote! If you could “unwatch” something as easily as spitting a maggot out, then this would be a non-issue and we wouldn’t need filtering…

        Good luck VidAngel! You really need to win. You’re in our prayers. Keep up the good fight! If you don’t win, it’ll be a sad testament to how far we’ve deviated from unbiased, logic-based laws.

        1. Thank you for your compliment! Your analysis is spot on. Before ClearPlay began attempting to layer its service on top of someone else’s streaming service, VidAngel tried in various ways to implement a system using the same concept. Each time VidAngel did so, the studios put a stop to that by invoking their terms-of-service agreements with their licensees. I suspect that Hollywood has so far not objected to ClearPlay’s use of GooglePlay even though allowing ClearPlay’s service is in violation of GooglePlay’s streaming contract because, for a variety of reasons, very few consumers use ClearPlay’s streaming service for the reasons you describe. I anticipate that the studios’ tolerance will end if ClearPlay ever develops a significant following and/or when Hollywood no longer needs to pretend in court that there is an alternative to VidAngel’s service.

          By the way, we are indebted to ClearPlay for getting the Family Movie Act passed and hope all our loyal customers will ask their congressman and senators not to allow Disney and friends to undermine it!

          1. Thank you for the explanation. Not trying to be antagonistic, just wanted to understand. Hope things go well for you today with the anti-trust proceedings.

        2. Thanks for the explanation… Makes sense.

          What’s interesting to me is that after winning the injunction, the studios lawyers were quoted as saying it was never about filtering… Riiiight, then why won’t they agree to offer a license, especially if VidAngel has the money to pay for it!

          Getting licensing would obviously increase prices for VidAngels services.. But If I have the choice b/w paying $4 to $5 using VidAngel, or paying the same using Amazon or any other VOD service, I will still choose VidAngel b/c I believe in what they’re doing–plus, VidAngel has awesome customer service.

          I remember buying a movie to watch with the family on a Friday night, and there were some technical difficulties. I emailed customer service assuming they wouldn’t even read the email until the next day, but they responded within 10 minutes and had everything working for me. I was really impressed!

          1. I agree. VidAngel, if the studios ever back down with the concession that you have to pay for a streaming license, please know that your customers will still support you even at the higher cost.

            Although it will be a sad blow to our civil liberties.

  15. Really Disney? You sell an internet filter device called “My Circle” and by the way works very well does as advertised. So let me get this straight you provide solution to filter internet content right? Did you receive approval from all the content owners, companies, app developers, directors, etc…? Who makes you the gatekeeper? This seems a little hypocritical.

    Disney has always been in my personal opinion a light to follow in this dark world. This is much larger than filtering movies. Disney please reconsider and restore the light to the world be the magic of Disney. Tonight I wish upon a star that the light may be returned. You have the power to make this wish come true.

  16. Upset over this decision but I will continue to fight for what is right. Vidangel gives my family a service we need and can’t be without. The aim of these movie studios is to force us to watch movies with language that does not contribute to a movie in any way. Fighting for our families is what is important I hope you take this all the way to the supreme court if needed and they will recognize the need to put family first.

    Thank you

  17. Neal,
    Have you thought about contacting One Million Moms, One Million Dads, to help in your fight.
    We support you 100% and are invested with you for whatever happens. Keep fighting for families.

  18. The studios are not going to get a nickel from me – not from movie tickets, DVD’s, or other streaming rentals – until they get this sorted out.

    They are showing nothing but contempt for families who want to control the content they view, and they believe that we will still buy what they are selling no matter what.

    We need to prove them wrong. If a couple million of us can pledge to say “no” to Hollywood and not spend a single dollar on anything they put out, there’s a chance our impact will be felt.

  19. Very regrettable, happy we are supporting your efforts though!

    ON a practical note, will you still be mailing out the ROKU/Gift cards in anticipation of a turn over of this ruling? Hoping so!

  20. Disappointed. Hope you are successful in taking this to the Supreme Court … and winning! We’re Johnny-come-lately to the VidAngel scene, but have been supporters and evangelists since we found it … enjoying movies without raunch and foul language on VidAngel in southeastern europe!

  21. Hollywood is “irreparably harmed” if WE choose to filter out bad language and sex from their movies…very sad. I pray more reasonable judges will rule more reasonable.

  22. Very disappointed in this ruling. Please keep pressing on in the good fight! It is a fight that you/we will eventually win!

    The arguments the studios are making here sound an awful lot like the arguments the RIAA used to make about digital distribution. The fact that movie studios now, most of the time, include a license for a “digital copy” of the DVD and/or Blu-Ray disc that they are selling is an acknowledgment by the studios of the consumer’s expectation and belief that when you buy something (ie – a movie on a disc) that this inherently includes the right to convert that movie into other formats for displaying it.

    I firmly believe that VidAngel will survive this battle as the movie studio’s current position makes no financial sense in the long-term. VidAngel is expanding the studio’s customer/viewer base.

    For example, there is no way my kids would have ever seen Back to the Future or, especially, Back to the Future II without VidAngel. I certainly wouldn’t have purchased a physical copy of the movie without an ability to filter it. I wouldn’t even rent it (or for that matter stream it via Netflix or Amazon) without the ability to filter the parts that, frankly, add no value to the story and which are both unnecessary and objectionable. VidAngel’s presence expanded the market to our family where it otherwise would not have expanded. For that reason alone it makes no economic sense for VidAngel to not survive.

    If the courts don’t prove successful in this battle, I hope that our new Congress will provide protections for this type of company by amending and expanding upon the Family Movie Act.

  23. Wait a minute, I just got a promo email about referring friends to VidAngel (like at 2:00 pm on 12/13). Why are we signing up new customers when there will be no movies to view? This is confusing.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Our family supports you in your mission as well as actually supporting you by our monetary investment. I am optimistic and hopeful that you will ultimately win in court!

        For those of us who couldn’t be at your End of Year party, when will we know what the big announcement was?

  24. We absolutely love VidAngel. When I first heard of the ruling, I wasn’t worried about losing the money we invested but instead was worried about the possibility of not being able to use your service.

    We have thoroughly enjoyed your service and look forward to continue to enjoy it! Our teens sons like to make up a new “swear word” when we watch a movie. They will declare that the new swear word for the movie is “snorkel” or some other random word. They think it would be super fun to be able to record a word into the app and have that play instead of the silence. 🙂 I have silly sons. 🙂

    Thanks again and our family will be praying.

  25. GAH! There are SO many of us that want to support this… what can we do?? It seems like there’s something we could all pull together and DO.

    1. If you support filtered movies please take a minute to write to judge ANDRÉ BIROTTE JR. Tell him you want him to uphold the law and support filtering. Tell him you want him to grant a stay of action so that vidangel does not have to shut down unless they lose the case.
      I called the courts in CA and they said to use this address and the letters will get to Judge Birotte. Please take a few minutes to do this! Make sure to put atten: Carla Badarian so his clerk gets it to him.
      Judge Andre Birotte Jr.
      350 W 1st Street
      Los Angelas, CA 90012

      Atten: Carla Badaria

      Also, pass the word along to your friends!

      1. Ruth, the court is unable to receive argument from anyone outside of counsel. Therefore, VidAngel recommends that you do not contact the court. That said, as an American, you have a first amendment right to express your views. Thanks for your support.

  26. Temporary injunctions are there to break you financially without winning in a court of law. It’s a ridiculously underhanded legal tool and wreaks of desperation. I Would gladly pay 3.99 -5.99 per purchase per day just like an iTunes rental which the industry seems to have no issue with. No one can claim we’re doing this to avoid paying for content. But without a way of filtering I won’t be purchasing any content from them period.

  27. VidAngel, I and my wife have put our names proudly on the petition, we are still buying movies and donating all we can to you. We are posting on social media for others to . WE STILL WANT TO HELP. What else can we do? Do you need volunteers? Please let me know how I can help more!

  28. America has lost a LOT of battles in the wars we fought, and still fight. But, we have prevailed, and will continue to as long as we keep our focus on what it right and just. This is just a lost battle for VidAngel and families that want the right to determine what is right and just to view in their homes. We have lost other battles in this war over the last 20 years. But, the war is still raging and what is right and just will ultimately prevail. My family is here, and we will stay. In the meantime, I Imagine (or, sorry, can I be sued for using that word?), I mean, I Envision (oh, that one is taken too….dang!) What I mean to say is I think there are a lot of smaller studios that would be proud to be represented by VidAngel, and the idea of original content sounds very exciting. To that end, we will be staying loyal VA fans and if our “account balance” ever needs to be called in to action to fight this, let me know. Its yours. The WAR will be won.

  29. We are addicted to your site!!! We stopped watching most movies until your service came out. Keep fighting and don’t give up.

  30. Can you set up a streaming arrangement with the studios so they get a cut (which is what this boils down to) and we still get filters?

  31. Disney, I promise you I will discontinue buying ANY movies from you. I will discontinue visiting your theme parks. I will no longer buy any of your merchandise. Claiming I have no right to watch movies without a filter just ensured that I will exercise my right to spend any more of my money in your direction, on ANY of your subsidiaries. I may be one person, but I also have 5 children in my household. Maybe a skipped movie here and there from one person won’t bother your profits, but you can do the math at how much your 5 day park hopper tickets cost x 7. You can forget that money.
    I refuse to spend any money in your direction which basically votes in favor of your bullying tactics. No, I will withdraw my dollars and you now have my vote of disapproval. Again, I’m only one, but imagine how it feels when I tell everyone I know “Disney shut down vidangel for offering filters to their movies”. Suddenly, Disney doesn’t sound so family friendly anymore. Just another greedy corporation trying to strong arm their ideologies onto others.

    What’s the takeaway here? IF you win and shut VidAngel down, it is not only the movie filtering business you will lose out on, it will be all the peripheral sales that come with your business. In other words, you think I’ll watch your movies unfiltered? No. I won’t. And not only that, I won’t purchase anything else your selling either, because I refuse to support a bully like you.

  32. Hi guys. So did Clearplay start using Google Play after you tried because apparently their using it? It is more expensive and the filtering seems less detailed. How did they get around it? Still hoping and praying for a win for you and all of us!

    1. Clearplay has had the option for several years.

      I haven’t used Clearplay for over a year (Vid Angel kicks their bleep) but when I was still with Clearplay, you could only do SD versions. HD wasn’t available.

  33. Our family LOVES VidAngel!!!!! We are so happy you are willing to fight until the end! Fight for what’s right in legally offering families the option to filter movies they watch. We watch all movies pretty much exclusively on VidAngel …movies we would really never watch without the option to filter them. Thank you so much for offering this much needed service and thank you so very much for not giving up and for fighting!!!

  34. Keep up the fight. If it’s okay for the airlines it’s okay for my family. Is there any effort to coordinate pressure on Disney directly from your customers and investors instead of only in the court. It seems to me that if this also played out in the ‘court of public opinion’ (and Social Media) Disney would seem a little inconsistent with the ‘family friendly’ image they paint of themselves. The supreme court would be a good venue for that too, but in the mean time if you provide a button to send a message directly to Disney, or share the story with social media, I’ll click it. You have been an answer to prayer, so I’m guessing this is far from over.

  35. We love this service! I agree with several of the comments above. I am more willing to watch movies I would not other wise watch because of this service. Director’s are foolish to not realize that their audience is a lot larger because of this service!

  36. If you are shut down, please consider something like the ClearPlay model.

    I would love to use your filters when streaming Google Play movies, and on DVDs I own or have rented.

    Thanks for providing this service as long as you could. Too bad Hollywood doesn’t get it.

  37. Keep fighting the good fight! Has your company given any thought to pursuing a legislative solution? What can your customers do to help with that effort? I’ve never experienced a product or service that I would be more willing to fight for than Vidangel.

  38. VidAngel is the best thing that has happened in the world of media in a long time. Fight the good fight! We are with you!

  39. @Neal, can you please explain why ClearPlay is able to offering filtering through Google Play, while you guys got shut down for doing that? I didn’t know clear play had streaming, until I read the details of the injunction. Thanks for fighting this thing through!

  40. @Neal – would you consider it helpful to communicate our dissent directly with the involved studios via social media (particularly Twitter, of course using consistent hashtags like #SaveFiltering)? This is something that most of us VidAngel fans could easily and freely get behind to make our voices heard.

  41. We’re still here! We will humbly ask God to guide both you and your lawyers wisely through this process. The victory will be all His and the pleasures will be all ours. Looking forward to victory!

  42. We LOVE VidAngel!!! We use it all the time, and tell everyone about it. Praying for VidAngel to keep on providing wholesome entertainment. Thanks for all you do, God bless

  43. (Long, somewhat random, ramblings)
    I’m reminded of something from the RealDVD case. Part of it talks about buffering:

    “This temporary copying, sometimes referred to as “buffering” or “caching,” is authorized because it is a necessary part of the playback process of a DVD in all DVD playback devices.” (http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/threatlevel/2009/08/patel.pdf)

    While the buffering argument failed to extend to decrypting for RealDVD, the phrase I find interesting that could relate to the VidAngel lawsuit is “is a necessary part of the playback process.”
    It seems to me that where buffering is necessary for DVD playback, decrypting the DVD, in this case, “is a necessary part” of providing filtering service (allowed under the Family Movie Act). If the studios sold streaming services that they allowed to be filtered, this may not be the case. However, the studios refused to offer direct streaming services, and nixed previous attempts at using filtering add-ons etc. to other streaming services. And since the original source is an authorized copy, and only one filter-able format per authorized copy is made, I think it could be reasonably said that decrypting the DVD “is a necessary part” of filtering.

    Beyond that, it also seems that in addition to filtering, it (VidAngel’s services) could almost be considered a type of Accessibility Service (Which may, sometimes, have an easier time getting around DRM -type restrictions). Not to equate not wanting to see/hear trash with a disability, but filtering could probably also be helpful in some Accessibility Service type ways. For example (and VidAngel’s filters can be much more specific than other filtering services, as helpful as the others may be): people with PTSD may be more comfortable filtering out shooting scenes from movies, abuse victims may benefit from filtering out violence and profanity, sexual abuse victims may not like sexual/nudity parts of a film that could be a trigger for bad memories, etc., a recovering alcoholic may prefer to skip drinking/drug scenes etc.

    Perhaps it’s not exactly the same as comparing things like that to offering closed caption on movies, or text to speech capabilities for digital books, and the filtering isn’t done by some psychiatric certified board for defined clinical patients, but at the same time, I think it could be considered at least somewhat similar. Not everyone who uses subtitles or closed caption is deaf, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to use it.

    From the monetary side of things, yeah VidAngel may have offered certain movies for streaming before other services, but they also paid for each original copy of those movies, and for all the movies that people wouldn’t have watched without filtering. If they studios really were concerned about streaming and not just the filtering, all they would have to do is offering streaming services they allowed to be filtered, but since they are not offering that to VidAngel, it appears that the whole copyright issue is just the corner they backed VidAngel into trying to circumvent the Family Movie Act.

  44. We absolutely love VidAngel and are saddened by the recent news. We refuse to watch any movie unless it is filtered. We are praying mighty hard for VidAngel.

  45. What these studios do not understand is that I didn’t watch anything for over five years on TV or go to the theatre until stumbling on to VidAngel. Money isn’t the reason, I would pay more. It’s the ability to filter out the things we don’t want to see or hear! There are many people like me. Why these goliath’s can not see The Bigger Picture here is beyond me. This I know, as in the original David and Goliath, these goliath’s will too be defeated. Thank you VidAngel for not giving up or in. #fightthefightworthfighting

  46. even if you had to shut down for the long haul fight, i am still cheering you on. i am so sick of the studios deciding what i want to see in a film. if filtering is not available, we will not be watching many movies at all. if someone from the studios is reading this, what i watch is my choice, not yours.

  47. I am so so disappointed in this decision. Although i am very grateful that we were able to invest in you and help you take this fight on.
    These studios think they are loosing money because of a service like vidangel, but it is the opposite. Over 3/4s of the movies i have watched on vidangel, i would never watch normally. Since 5/15/15 i have watched 214 Movies/tv Episodes. Of those, only 26 i would have watched unfiltered. That means i have watched 188 Movies/TV episodes that i would other wise not have done. dollars that these studious would not have gained from me if Vidangel was not a service. Do the Math people!!!

  48. I’m sad by this initial ruling, but it doesn’t surprise me as a lot of bias exists in the California Judicial system. I hope they are able to go to the Supreme Court where judges can rule by the law of the entire land and not be influenced by industries or guilds in the state of California.
    I get that the studio wants to protect their profits and licensing deals, but at some point they need to be able to look past their short term profits And see the big picture. That is something record companies failed to do and paid a steep price. Even Amazon and Netflix, growing tired of the studios iron grasp, began making their own content so that they would be less beholden to the big studios.
    Many on here have mentioned that 90,000 people are interested in Vid Angel. That number is simply those who are aware of it and have signed a petition. The reality is that their are millions interested in this type of service. Stats show that rated R films seldom break into the Top 10 money making films each year. This shows that the ability to filter a family friendly movie opens up a vast market. People enjoy watching movies where, when, and how they want. Personalized content is the future. Rather than being afraid of the technology which allows this, the studio should embrace this technology and discover they would sell more DVD’s, rent more DVD’s, and reach more people.
    Ironically the only thing which has kept me from keeping all of my Vid Angle purchases has been the threat of the studios lawsuit. So I find myself renting because I fear buying the movies outright an then losing them all if the studios successfully shut Vid Angel down. Yep studios I would have purchased between 10-20 of your films at full price if I didn’t fear them All being taken back. Will I purchase those 20 films from another company? No, because I cannot filter them with the filters I choose. Imagine how silly it would be if a record company insisted that an individual could only listen to an album if they listened to every song all in a row and didn’t skip anything. Meanwhile the Spotifys of the world with personal playlists clean house.

  49. What else can we do to support VidAngel???????
    I stand with thousands who agree that I am now watching movies & wouldn’t have otherwise watched. Seems like a win-win to me!

  50. I’m truly sorry about your setback. I love good movies and VidAngel gives me the option to watch more of them. But in my opinion, filtering is only a short term solution to a much bigger problem – studios that want to impose their values or lack thereof onto the American people.

    If we really want to control what our families watch then we need to replace Hollywood with Provowood. We need to beat studios like Disney at their own game and produce great movies with good values that people want to see and then GO SEE THEM!

    Some have tried this and failed miserably. AAMPS had great ambitions but where are they? Richard Dutcher flamed out. T.C. Christensen is doing great work but the market can only support so many Mormon Hero movies. Ryan Little’s work is impressive but without a major studio’s backing, he will never produce more than one movie every year or two. And on and on.

    While I appreciate these attempts, small mom and pop operations will never fulfill the demand that has been made obvious by the VidAngel phenomenon.

    If Mr. Harmon is looking to make a difference, then forget spending millions fighting Hollywood in court and fight them in the marketplace. Lets create a major motion picture studio, not like the self-serving attempts made by small minded people in the past, but a major endeavor that will attract talent from all over the world.

    The talent is there. The interest is there. Now we just need someone with the vision and leadership to put it all together.

    1. Craig, given the mandate from our customers who invested $10 million into VidAngel, our primary mission will be to continue to see the filtering question all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

      However, we like your forward-thinking. Please check out VidAngel Studios. We have some great plans for the future and appreciate your support.

      1. Yes, you must follow this through. I hope you show how serious we are about good content w/o the garbage.

        I visited your Studio pages. I can see great possibilities.

  51. I don’t understand the technical and/or legal aspects of it, but is it not possible to certify as an Ultraviolet service and return to your roots as a subscription filtering service? If we stream through a Vidangel link to our owned movies in Ultraviolet it would seem there should no longer be a dispute.

  52. Hang in there! Like many of the previous commenters, I enjoy VidAngel because it provides an incredible service (filtering out the garbage out of otherwise decent movies) you can’t find anywhere else. There is no reason the studios should be so opposed to your efforts.

  53. VidAngel increasd my video watching to include double the volume of my past viewing. If vidangel goes away, my viewing will drop significantly. I will also retain a permanent resentment towards Disney’s and Lucas’ controlling behavior and avoid supporting them in any way. I will also seek to punish them by exposing them as con artists and users of the family image for their own selfish and manipulative ambitions. Bleep them! They will become irrelevent in my life and any who I can persuade to see through their masquerade. Once great, it appears now they are fallen to the dredges. They deserve retribution. Their motives are clear–it’s about power and control. They hate us who love freedom and want to curtail our freedom–they’re behavior is sad, pathetic, and weak. They are hidding behind “The Law” in hopes to retain some public image while in reality their morale compass spins wildly and obviously to this casual observer’s gaze.

  54. What a shame. We’ve loved being able to decide for ourselves what is appropriate for our family. We appreciate you fighting this good fight for us.

  55. Neal,

    Please tell us what we can do to support you! Can we send our “statistics” (how many more movies we now watch than we used to… etc.) to someone? (Okay, I’m not actually proud of the fact that I now spend MORE time in front of the screen, but the truth is, until filtering, it wasn’t worth it!)

    Can you send someone all of the emails and blog replies? Isn’t there ANYONE who wants to hear what the consumers of these “products” feel?

    I had a thought… Right now, you’re holding $20 x however many customers you have. What if we have the voluntary option to donate that $20 to your legal battle? (I’m already not using that money and would gladly pay it again to re-subscribe when you win…)

    Just a thought!

  56. We appreciate your fight to help us watch movies and make them enjoyable for all ages to watch without worry. What an attack against your company but know we are holding you in prayer and our thankful you stand for family values!! I agree with Neal, you can use our credit on our account to help fight this battle. In the end you will win in Jesus name!!

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