Disney Claims ClearPlay Is The Legal Streaming Option – This Is What They Won’t Tell You

UPDATE: ClearPlay Streaming Has Secretly Been Shut Down Since September

Disney claims ClearPlay is the legal streaming option. But because of studio restrictions ClearPlay’s service is severely limited (see graph below). What’s more, the studios have admitted they have the power to shut down that service at any time because ClearPlay is violating Google’s terms of service.

How does VidAngel know all this? Because we filtered movies on Google Play before ClearPlay did. The studios shut down our access to Google Chromecast HD streaming and we received a cease-and-desist for violating terms of service.

And this isn’t just antagonism to VidAngel, but to filtering in general. Google Play (which has licenses to stream Hollywood movies) later asked the Studios if they would filter HD movies using VidAngel technology. The studios said no again, this time to Google — one of the biggest companies in the world.

Lionsgate and Sony have also expressed interest in licensing to VidAngel because they realize the filtering market is huge. But they are forbidden to do so by their contracts with the Directors Guild of America.

This IS about filtering. Disney understands that if they can win a fight over decryption or copyright, then they can kill filtering (or render it unusable), allowing them to maintain a veto power over how you watch movies in privacy of your own home.

Fight for filtering by contacting Congress at savefiltering.vidangel.com #SaveFiltering


43 thoughts on “Disney Claims ClearPlay Is The Legal Streaming Option – This Is What They Won’t Tell You

  1. I urge everyone to contact Disney, a supposedly family company, and express your outrage at Disney filing this lawsuit preventing us from seeing filtered movies.

  2. Disney is not a family friendly company anymore. They are trying to destroy your family with filthy language and movies. This is why I liked VidAngel. I was able to watch any movie and not defile my children or my principles. Until this is resolved, my family doesn’t get to watch movies period. I will not subject them to filth.

    1. Like the new Wolverine film (done by Marvel a branch of Disney) very annoyed looks like it is gonna be an R rated film or a VERY bad PG13.

      1. The new Wolverine movie, “Logan”, isn’t made by Disney. It’s made by 20th Century Fox, which is also one of the studios suing VidAngel. I also think that it looks like it’s going to be rated R, and it makes me so mad because I know I won’t see it in theatres! When I first heard about “Logan” I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to see the original cut of the movie, but I was also happy that I could watch it on VidAngel when it came out. Keep up the fight you guys!

        1. Sorry about the confusion I thought that Marvel was bought by Disney. Yeah I watched the first trailer looked pretty suitable then the next one had like a 11 year old child stabbing dudes which results in blood splatter shocked really. Also there was like two F words in the trailer which is surprising they normally don’t show you the bad stuff in trailers. Linked is the trailer which as what I said above.

          1. Exactly, I was really looking forward to it until I saw that trailer. Oh, and Disney did by Marvel, but Marvel/Disney didn’t make the X-Men movies, 20th Century Fox in association with Marvel(not Disney) made them. But I see how you can make that mistake.

          2. Just so you know, red band trailers are the unfiltered trailers NOT approved for the general audience to view. These are good to look at if you want to see the “true colors” of a movie. Though they can be quite disturbing if you didn’t expect the movie to be a R+ rating.

  3. All I can say is more and more young teen type of movies are becoming R rated now. It looks a bit like Deadpool type of Violence instead of an X-men type

  4. i have been trying to get my deposit returned for a month now. i purchased over 180 movies in the past year but they do not seem to care about their customers. i have sent dozens of emails and they will not even respond anymore. beware to new customers..you can write off the deposit . really shocked at the poor customer service and theft.

    1. Brad, we refunded $19 to the card the original purchase was made on 1/12/2017 and it seems that our messages to you are going to your SPAM folder. Do you still have access to that card? Our payment provider only allows us to refund to the original card that the purchase was made. Your account now has a different card and I wonder if you’re referencing the wrong card. I don’t want to post the last four of your card number so I’ll send you an email as well and see if you get my message.

    2. If neals personal reply here doesn’t show you that Vidangel cares about its customers and is not at all about theft I don’t know what will. This service is done terrifically, and I am really rooting for them in their legal battle.

    3. that’s weird, we just went to settings and clicked cash out. We then got an email asking what we wanted to do, we told them we wanted to cash out and they gave us our credit back.

    4. Give up the deposit for a good cause and save filtering. We miss vidangel so bad! Any company shut down by the government and fighting a legal battle would be in the same situation. This is not theft and Vidangel is not to blame. Have some gratitude for the 180 filtered movies you watched!!

  5. My family is missing VidAngel desperately. You can happily keep our deposit and put it toward legal fees or a new filtering-related service!

    1. I’m with Karen! We try Netflix but they have mostly trashy stuff. VidAngel is awesome because we don’t need to be picky. If anything, it helps us like Disney more. I don’t know who spit in their bean curds but I think they need to chill out and stop having control issues.
      Filter is a good thing, Disney. Live better.

    2. Yeah, us too.

      We’ve basically not watched a single movie together since you guys went down and aren’t likely to pick up again until you’re back up.

      Our morals guide our movie watching.

      I wonder if the studios think we’re going to just say “ok, lets watch movies again without filtering now that we have no other option” :/

      Rather we’ll just be back to where we were, spending next to $0 on movies 🙁

      1. I’m not a lawyer, but what I gather is that the movie studios don’t care about VidAngel filtering persay, they care about the legal precedent it will set. If it’s legal to filter movies then it can be a slippery slop to copyright issues they don’t want a chance of happening. Disney has always been against freedom of expression since Disney himself died. They want to keep a stranglehold on their brands and rake in as much money as they can. Copyright law was only supposed to be for so many years so that the person who made something could provide for their family. Now the law is being used by billion dollar corporations to keep as much money as they can. These companies pay off the politicians who then write law for them. Disney has extended the copyright limit a few times now. Every year old Mickey Mouse cartoons are about to expire, the law is extended again for another 10 years.

        This is not what copyright law was meant to be about.

        Please get involved politically, subscribe to the EFF and write / call to your local representatives when a copyright issue comes up. Only we the people can stop the corporations from taking over before it’s too late.

  6. I’m not interested in a refund of $19. They can keep the money if it will help the cause. I want to see VidAngel continue and beat Hollywood once and for all. What a bunch of scum bags. Why won’t they allow filtering? Why do they keep trying to push the boundaries of what crap they can put in? Why, if PG-13s make more money, do they continually try to push for R? It’s one of the only businesses where they are more interesting in degrading our country than making money. I thought all businesses were for making more money. The whole thing has a very sinister undertone.

    1. DW makes a very interesting point. It is very interesting (and odd) that the film industry puts their social agenda and ‘artistry’ above profit. Until I read DWs comment, I never made the connection (obvious a it now is) to the bizarre involvement and influence film stars and others in the industry have on politics.
      I wonder if they would be as inclined to press their personal agendas if the sacrifice was more substantial. Their paychecks probably only see a small declination pushing R values vs PG13.

      The answer likely lies in a complete consumer boycott of the industry to get their attention.

      But, if we do that, maybe after a few months being weened from our addiction to their garbage, we may find we won’t even want to waste our time with the PG versions.

      I grew up with Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver. Imagine a world where kids watched shows where respect and responsibility were the values.

      Filtering capability is a huge step on the right direction. Thanks vidangel.

      Keep my $20 if it helps (hopefully some day soon I can apply it to filtered movie viewing 🙂 )

  7. Hey Hollywood, you are still getting your money even with filtering. Don’t you think you’d made more if you allowed filtering? More people wanting to watch movies without the language and other things in the movie that do not contribute to the actual story line.

  8. Please keep the $19 to help fight Hollywood. I only watched 3 movies and I think it was a great service to the family and very inexpensive.

    Thanks VidAngel!

  9. This is why I totally stopped going to the movies. I refuse to pay to have people curse and sware in the name of the Lord. I think it is a deliberate attack on our kids to normalize them into believing everybody loves demonic, blood-renching, behavior saturated with four letter words. And it’s evident in our schools, especially middle and high school. I’m filtering Disney with my kids for the training of how to tell great lies and swareout your family with sayings like ” I hate you,” to parents.
    I was overjoyed when I found Vidangel. I pray for your success in helping to protect the family. God bless you in Jesus name. Not swaring in Jesus name, but w/praise

  10. VidAngel is awesome, we’re watched so many more movies than we would have previously in the short time that we had access to the service. VidAngel, you’re welcome to keep the couple of bucks left in my account if it would help in any way. I really hope you guys win this battle! If they (Disney) would just realize how many more people would be able to watch their movies with the filters enabled (even if VidAngel charged a lot more). I simply do not see the need to make most movies R-rated. VidAngel filters out exactly what I don’t want to see (or don’t want my son to see or hear) and it makes it fun to watch movies again in a family setting.

  11. Yeah, you can keep my money too, Neal. Good luck! My whole family loves your service and we are rooting for you!

  12. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Clearplay’s streaming service isn’t functioning for any new movies. I called them today and they told me that Google changed “the code” (they had no additional details they could share) back in September, which is prohibiting their ability to stream movies. They have no idea when it will be fixed. The call ended with them trying to sell me a Blu-Ray player (what is that?) and asking me to try and find a red box. A red what?

    Anyway, that one option pointed to by Disney isn’t even working now, and it hasn’t for months.

    1. Hi Gary

      They basically sell you Clearplay made Blu Ray Players so you can download their filters and watch your own movies on their blu Ray Player.

  13. VidAngel has been a blessing for us. We miss you!!!

    Seems fair to be “pro choice” here… they get to choose what to put in… we get to choose what to take out. If you think about it, what people are filtering could give the industry valuable product information. But, I guess VidAngel Studios is the only one figuring that out!

    Keep up the fight!!!

  14. I just found out about VidAngel this weekend and THEN discovered that the company was no longer allowed to filter movies. Below is the letter I have sent my congressman, senator, and state representative:

    My wife and I have three young sons (14, 10, and 4) and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find movies to watch on DVD that would be appropriate for children. I assure you my wife are not prudes and our children are not sheltered, but there are a lot of good movies that we are not able to view as a family because of gratuitous sex, violence, and language that mar the movie and oftentimes force us to stop the movie and return it to Red Box.

    Recently, we were encouraged and relieved to learn that a company called VidAngel that filters the newest released movies and allows families to rent these movies for only $1 a stream https://www.vidangel.com. The company allows the customer to choose which words to filter as well as the level of sexual content and violence. When we registered for the site, we sadly discovered that the company is no longer allowed to rent filtered movies due to provisions of the Family Movie Act.

    I am writing you to ask you to consider amending the Family Movie Act to make it clear that streamed filtering is legal. I sincerely believe that you will be doing a great service to families such as mine who want to watch movies in the privacy of our home without the content that is inappropriate for children (and many adults). Thank you for looking into this legislation and amending it for the benefit of American families.


    Jerry Mullins and family

  15. How do we as customers start a class action lawsuit against these movie companies for infringing on our rights given to us by law, the Family Movie Act? Is that possible?

  16. Actually, allowing us to filter our own movies will not cost them any money, because we would not watch them otherwise. They’ve taken away the ability of our family to watch new movies!

  17. Filtered movies is a business model that is not just wanted, it helps to sell movies that otherwise would not sell. I am able to watch movies I want to watch with my kids now, otherwise, I would not rent certain movies.

    The filtered movie market brings in new customers that would otherwise be excluded. It also adds value to the movies, especially with the great filtering options that VidAngel provides.

    Please, fight this hard and don’t stop the fight. I’m tired of activist judges siding with special interests over the people and expanding commerce.

  18. Is there a link (or could you post) the cease and desist from google? I’m interested in the market and that would be interesting to understand why…

  19. I REALLY MISS VidAngel. I have written to my congressman. I sure hope you are all up and running soon. I haven’t rented a single movie (we are used to watching many on my husbands account) My kids keep asking when we are getting it back again. I sure hope there is a resolution soon. Until then… Disney, stinks, and I’m personally not even watching the ones I own, and disney channel is on boycott at my house. My kids are bummed and so am I.

  20. My family really enjoyed VidAngel before the restrictions. We had family (filtered) movie night every weekend, but have since had to go back to G- and PG-rated movies, or see what limited streaming Clearplay has to offer. I don’t know if it’s been pointed out that even though Clearplay can still stream some movies, their selection is even worse than I imagined! Their business model is limited by what Google Play offers i.e. they say they can stream certain titles, but many of those titles are not available for rent. You have to buy them for $10 – $15 to stream them filtered through Clearplay! I give credit to what Clearplay has done for filtering, but it’s pretty obvious how they are limited by current interpretations of the law. For me, the true standout feature for Vidangel was the availability of so many titles, and the very specific granularity of the filtering controls at my disposal. I would have no problem paying the $3-$5 rental fee per movie to have VidAngel back. Keep up the fight!

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