Guardian Angel Action Update – Edition #3


Good day Supporters,

It’s time for another update for VidAngel friends and allies.


Legal Update


This week, the 9th Circuit Court scheduled the oral argument on our appeal of the injunction for the morning of June 8, 2017, in Pasadena, CA. You can read both sides’ arguments here on our blog.


Legislative Movement


The former CEO of ClearPlay, Bill Aho, who spearheaded passage of the Family Movie Act in 2005, has started a coalition to seek legislative protection to ensure the future of the filtering industry. It’s called the Protect Family Rights Coalition and VidAngel is a member. Bill is respected by Congress and all who work with him.  We are grateful to have his perspective on the industry and approach to solving problems.


Grassroots Activity


People all over America are joining the cause every day.  A great family in Florida has started a group called #SaveFiltering. They have now surpassed 170,000 signatures and are even collecting donations to fuel the cause. VidAngel has started a new page at to let our supporters know of organizations like these and the many other ways they can help.  


VidAngel Studios

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 5.20.42 PMWe’re happy to announce the release of our very first eight comedy specials. These are available for free (for a very limited time so enjoy them this weekend) on the VidAngel app and website. We hope you enjoy these comedy specials and dozens more that will be published very soon (we will have taped 50 specials for season one by April 29th).

This is not an official launch of VidAngel content. We’re giving you an exclusive early look at our new content so you can provide feedback concerning any potential issues with our first titles. You’re welcome to share the specials with friends now, but we will not promote them until we’re sure that everything works properly.

We are publishing The Last Descent, a VidAngel Exclusive Movie. In addition, our first theatrical release, Tim Timmerman, has been the highest rated film to come out of Utah and opened #2 in Utah behind Logan. It is opening in Arizona April 7, 2017 and will be expanding to other locations soon.

We hope you enjoy this great content while we fight for your filtering rights in court and in Congress.



Why is VidAngel making its own content?


Your filtering data gives VidAngel deep insights into the type of content you’re looking for. We aim to create family-friendly content based on that feedback.



Are you changing your mission?


No. Our primary mission is to ensure families everywhere have the choice to filter content as they wish. We do not envision VidAngel Studios’ content replacing all the great Hollywood content available.


In 2013, when we began work on VidAngel, our plan was to create the best filtering service in the world, attract a large audience of like-minded people, and then build a new family-friendly streaming platform. We knew that people who chose to filter would seek family-friendly content, and that eventually we would become large enough to create some of that content.


That day has arrived, and we are so excited for what the future will bring, including new content and filtering.


Paul Ahlstrom, one of our VidAngel board members, said it best: “VidAngel is making good popular.”

Onward and upward,
Neal Harmon, CEO


5 thoughts on “Guardian Angel Action Update – Edition #3

  1. MORE THAN EXCITED to see this original content. So far it has been stellar. LOVE the comedians. My boys and I are into the likes of Tim Hawkins and Brian Regan, so finding other comics that can actually be FUNNY, and not just filthy is awesome. Its easy to be dirty and funny as a comic, and frankly there are some dirty comics that I like (but prefer my kids not to see yet). But being able to make people laugh without the benefit of trashy content takes REAL talent…. and your current lineup has that talent. KUDOS and keep it up! We’ll watch every one. – Jones Family.

  2. Love the content but it is too limited. Why not open the doors to talented budding filmmakers who will donate their work for free just for the publicity? So many quality film festival entries disappear never to see the silver screen. Why not give them a second life? Just a thought.

  3. You made an interesting comment, when you mentioned that our filtering data provided you insights into the content that we wanted.

    That is precisely what I would think that the movie studios would WANT to get. Where else could they get data so granular that they can see what types of words, scenes, and other content people filter out. That kind of insight could (perhaps “should”) provide directors direction on what doesn’t need to be in movies.

    VidAngel could be their “Big Data” provider… 🙂

  4. Thank you for continuing to fight this battle! Customized filtering is the only way to ensure we have complete control over what we allow in our homes with no ugly surprises. Thank you for leading the way into the future of “making good popular” again! I look forward to enjoying the comedies you’ve posted with my family! Keep up the good fight!! We’re rooting for you!

  5. Read part of the facebook posting about the new service V/Angel is offering which is a NEW ALTERNATIVE to the one currently the subject of litigation. Someone, hopefully not you, used the word “circumvent.” Let the press use that word, but don’t ever ever use that word in your copy. Bad word! No Use !! No! Bad! Judicial Officers (as in justices in the nyinthy serquet (notice how I didn’t mention any court specifically….) hate to hear that word because you know Disney will use it when they file for contempt as to the NEW ALTERNATIVE regardless of the merits….

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