9 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Collection of Clean Stand-up Comedy

  1. Loving all the comedians!! I check the site everyday to see if new ones are up! Thanks for still giving us great content while you’re​ busting your bims (yeah that was a “we say bim” comedian reference!) behind the scenes! We are grateful for you guys!

  2. animal cracker & We say bim are great but not impressed with ridiculous me or im rescued shut them off bout 1/2 through or earlier thinking they might get better even the audience seemed less than thrilled

  3. What do you mean by “clean stand up comedy”? As far as i concern, i might be wrong, the clean means, all the comedians do not do any harm or hurt the feeling or touch the sensitive joke or even there will no bad language or explicit content. Correct me if i’m wrong but personally, to have this kind of collection, i would say a great way to study about the comedian and generate the old ideas into new ones. I mean recycle the old jokes especially if you are ‘newbie’ or just begin your part time career as a stand up comedian.

    1. When we say “clean” we mean that it is a collection of comedy that is suitable for most ages without any content filtered out. The great thing about VidAngel is you can filter these comedy shows too! So if you are a family with youngsters or are sensitive to what others may consider “clean” you can filter out anything that you may find objectionable in order to make it your definition of “clean comedy.” Our Dry Bar Comedy is some of the best around and you won’t be disappointed!

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