Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel


Shortly after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals hearing on June 8th, Neal Harmon, CEO of VidAngel, will give updates on the proceedings, answer questions, and share important announcements.


Join us as we LIVE STREAM the event on our Facebook page. (6/13/17 at 7:00 PM MDT).


You can watch the proceedings from the June 8th hearing with this link. Start at time – 1:04:00.

5 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – June 13th

  1. Of course ClearPlay sides with Disney. Vidangel is there only competition! AND Vidangel is our only choice. We tried ClearPlay and the filters are not up to par. If we can’t watch it on Vidangel, we won’t watch it. We tried to mute all the curse words on Jurrasic World, a total of 22 muting points (one entire scene had to be muted), so that our kids could watch an awesome dinosaur movie, what a pain. I had to sit and make notes of the time the word was said, and then when we watched the movie with them, of course there would be a delay between the time I pushed mute and when the actual muting happened. Ugh. SMH 🤦‍♀️
    And another thing, don’t these companies understand that our family, that has a total of 7 (5 kids), wouldn’t even be watching their “content” if it wasn’t for this streaming service. My kids would never want to buy a $30 transformer or spend $100 on marvel superhero bedding, had it not been for Vidangel. Because they never would have been introduced to the movies that make those characters seem so awesome. Come on Disney get some perspective! You’re gonna make back all the money you think you’re missing out on, in MERCHANDISE! At least, that’s the case in our home. Vidangel is awesome!
    *I’m chanting “Vidangel” right now.*

    1. I know that VidAngel has explained why ClearPlay hasn’t worked in the past. The fact they have (claim to have) been around for 17 years is shocking to me! I’ve been a dad for 8 years now, constantly searching for ways to allow my kids to watch Ghostbusters (need to remove lots of language and a scene where the ghost gives Dan Akroyd an implied BJ) with me. I’ve never heard of ClearPlay until I subscribed to VidAngel . . . so either they are lying or their business model sucks!! My guess is that it ClearPlay is funded by the movie industry as a way of saying they ‘comply’ with the family movie act; they’re probably just a front company that exists solely for that purpose, but doesn’t actually generate any service to any actual customer. Kind of like money laundering . . . except legal!

  2. We loved TV Guardian. We even bought a DVD player with the technology built right in. It worked great for few years but first Universal Pictures put something on their DVDs that detected TV Guardian filtering and would not allow the DVD to play unless we turned off the filtering. The next step to crushing a viable filter technology was to move from Close Captioning (CC) to SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired). There may have been legitimate reasons for shifting to a new technology but printing words at the bottom of the page seems the same to me so it seemed like another “attack” on the filtering. Since TV Guardian relied on CC to detect bad language and filter it and for some reason they never updated to work with SDH, it soon became useless except on old DVDs we own personally. I stopped renting anything Universal Pictures for a while. I say, thanks for the great support, Hollywood, of the filtering. Yeah, right!!!

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