ALL free trials will be extended and start again when major bug fixed

VidAngel Customers,

We need to apologize for a very rocky launch. We messed up and you all deserve better.

First, our Amazon connector is temporarily down for maintenance, but once we get it back up and running, we’ll be sure to extend your free trials to begin again when Amazon starts working. In the meantime, enjoy Netflix, Dry Bar Comedy, and VidAngel Studios licensed shows for free.

What Happened With Amazon?

We’ve been testing our service for months and things were running smoothly so we thought we were ready to launch.

Then this happened:

We never dreamed we’d have more interest than before we were shut down.  We should have had more faith in our fans and prepared for more traffic, but we didn’t. These traffic numbers have made this week a nightmare for all of you and our entire team. We have had the executives, marketing, finance, content and everyone helping the support team. Our tech team members are working around the clock. Everyone is exhausted. Our customers who were wanting to watch a movie worry free this weekend, now feel frustrated.  Understandably so because we are just as frustrated.  We wanted you to have a great weekend and thought we had everything ready.  

Amazon Wants To Know You Are A Human

Amazon wants your account to be very secure and so does VidAngel. Here’s what is happening (and the fix is very straight forward):

  1. You give your Amazon credentials to VidAngel and the VidAngel servers become you in the cloud to help you filter your Amazon account (your credentials are encrypted and stored on your device only, not VidAngel’s servers, for security reasons).
  2. When Amazon received so many requests to filter in a short period of time, its systems began asking for verification that you are really you.
  3. The VidAngel app does not yet have a feature built in to let you make the handshake between you, a real person, and Amazon’s extra verification. We didn’t realize how many different verifications Amazon has until we had thousands of you hitting Amazon at the same time.
  4. This extra step causes you frustration, so you try again and repeat the cycle which makes the problem worse for everyone because Amazon asks for more verification each time you cannot prove you are you.

This is a good thing. It means Amazon wants your account to be secure so they can ensure it is really you accessing your account.

How VidAngel Will Help You Stay Secure

VidAngel wants your Amazon account to be very secure as well. VidAngel is working on a technology to show you the verification messages from Amazon so that you can let Amazon know that you are a real person within the VidAngel app.

We hope to have a fix for this by next weekend. We’re putting everything we have into it.

Please accept our heartfelt apology fans; we’ll make it right (remember we’ll extend the free trial and you can enjoy everything else VidAngel offers for free in the meantime).

Neal Harmon, CEO



VidAngel is not affiliated with or sponsored by Amazon, HBO or Netflix. Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Instant Video are registered trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. HBO is a registered trademark of Home Box Office, Inc

83 thoughts on “ALL free trials will be extended and start again when major bug fixed

  1. Thank you for all your hard work. It is appreciated by many, many people who enjoy watching filtered content. You have our support.

  2. I thank the entire VidAngel staff for their hard work and service. You are providing something that is desperately needed. I am looking forward to using VidAngel on a regular basis. Keep going! We are all rooting for you!

  3. We are just glad you are back and making movie watching a worry free experience for our family! We support you all and are not upset!

  4. We all want it to work properly. We appreciate your transparency during this episode. We have been waiting a long while for you guys to get back at it so awhile more won’t kill us. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks to all of you fabulous Vidangels! I hope you’re all making sure you squeeze-in some sleep and family time – the important stuff. This here IS just movies after all. 😉 stay hydrated and eat carbs (that’s what your brain runs on, you know 😛 ) thanks again for all your hard work.

  6. Hey, no problem being beta testers since it’s free. If I were actually paying for it that would be different. Tell the developers and testers were with them and hope they find as good, stable fix soon. And keep the Mt. Dew flowing 😀

  7. This is exactly why you put an “alpha” label on the service. These things happen, and it’s completely understandable. Thanks for handling it extremely well. I’m sure it will gain you now good will them you would have otherwise had in the end.

  8. I’m just happy ya’ll are back! Thanks for all you do and finding a way to get filtering into our homes 💕

  9. Hi.Thank you for all your hard work!! We are very glad you have created a service like this. Kind Regards, Mike

  10. Thanks for being awesome Vidangel!! Your company (team) are creative and amazing! Thank you for what you are doing!!

  11. Thanks for the update, tell us when things are up and we will hop on! Until then we will wait patiently, your service is worth it!

  12. Great communication in this blog. It would be great to send this blog message out to all the customers on your email list. Some who attempted to subscribe and connect to Amazon may have given up, thinking it was too hard to use and figure out. Important to highlight in that email would be that the OLD Vidangel app on the Roku will not connect to Amazon, Netflix, or HBO…and they need to get the new app by going to (Your customer service responded to my email, and told me that…and it worked.). Alleviated so much of my frustration, after trying 2 hours on the old app the other night. GREATLY appreciate reading this. Communication is so crucial with your following right now so that you keep your momentum. Thank you for continuing in your efforts for filtered television/movies!!! We will stick with you 🙂

  13. We are happy to wait, we love filtering every detail that we want to for our family. We used Clearplay for one month while y’all were shut down (after not watching any movies the rest of the time – hello board games!) and everyone held a TV blocker or shield in their hands because there was still to much cleavage, wet tshirts, violence and graphic material for us, even though we had all filters at their highest settings. We know what we don’t want to see in our movies and we greatly appreciate the choices we have to filter with VidAngel. Love your new commercial except for the love about keeping kids innocence a Iittle longer… I agree with that, but would add that just because kids are gonna hear bad language eventually, doesn’t mean that they or us adults need to be exposed to it everywhere all the time… Can’t our homes be a sanctuary to protect us from the outside world. A similar argument might be that in business most people are liars and it for themselves, so let’s be that way at home… Not a very good argument to me. 😉 Keep up the fight! We’re praying for you! <3

  14. Finally. Amazing. Thank you for fighting the nonsense. We have a ClearPlay DVD player, and it does work for the most part, but then we have to have the unfiltered DVD sitting on a shelf in our home, which someone could put in and be exposed to unacceptable content. We love that – with your service – that possibility is removed. Once we discovered your service, we exclusively used VidAngel. Question, will the Google Play library of content be available again (like before the issues began)? Regarding the Amazon issue – thank you (and Amazon) for ensuring our account information is secure – VidAngel is worth the wait, however long it takes!

    1. Hahaha – please disregard my question about Google Play. If I had only watched the ‘We’re back’ video (a full 1 minute 25 seconds), you already answered my question. Sooo glad you’re back! Thanks again!

  15. A company that is straight to the point and admits fault without a court order? Oh my goodness. Are you guys owned by Chick-fil-a? Can you please start running other companies as well?

  16. Hi,
    Is there any way to see the list of available shows and movies for filtering, before subscribing? I don’t have a valid credit card right now so I cannot get the 1-month free subscription yet.

    1. Not currently. Apologies. I saw someone post a list online, but I’m not able to find it at the moment.

  17. Do you also have issues with your Roku app? My Roku app will not show any shows to play. Tried reinstalling it and nothing. Also Netflix seems to keep disconnecting… I have to keep adding Netflix as a service!

  18. Thanks for the open and transparent communication! We are also super excited to have you guys back in action! My netflix acccount still won’t work 👎🏻😔. Hopefully this will work soon! I have nothing right now though.

    1. The most common issue with Netflix is parental controls or kids profiles. We’re working on a solution for that this week so that you can choose your profile on the app. A short term fix is to disable your parental controls on your main profile, watch a bit of a movie, then start the VidAngel app and it will work. If your children use their profile, then it may stop working.

      1. Thank you for working so hard to get all of the bugs worked out. We have a kids profile on our Netflix account and don’t really want to disable it. Any time frame on how long before we can use different profiles on Netflix through VidAngel?

    1. You should have to sign in once per device. Once on your Roku, once on your iPhone, once on the web, etc

      This is for security. Your credentials are encrypted and stored locally on your device rather than on VidAngel’s servers.

      1. Just FYI. I went the the two step verification with Amazon and it is still sending me a code every time I log into vid angel and try to watch something.

  19. So thankful that Vidangel is returning! Praying that these “bugs” will be worked out soon, and will patiently wait. 🙂

  20. This post illustrates why VidAngel is superior to ClearPlay. Real communication. Clear effort to make things better. Doing things with the customer in mind instead of “take it or leave it.” Welcome back VidAngel!!

  21. Is there an updated app for the fire stick? I was hoping to use Netflix while the Amazon thing is fixed, but it’s not working.

  22. Is there an update to the app for the Firestick or is that associated with the Amazon thing? I’m trying to watch Netflix on my firestick but it’s not working.

  23. Thanks for the update! PLEASE get the Amazon Fire TV app updated soon! Also please update your website so it reflects the new system. It can be very confusing for people to see instructions for the old buy for a dollar the sell back still listed on your website.

    I love VidAngel!

      1. The app the downloads from the Google Play Store for Android TV still advertises the buy and sell back phrase on it. Also if you manually install the android APK for the current app the play store updates it to the old one on the Android TV Playstore

  24. Oh I’m hoping beyond hope Hollywood doesn’t find a way to stifle your efforts. You all have done incredible work over the last year. Thank you from OKC!!

  25. @Neal Harmon, I use parental locks on most of my Netflix content. That means that anything other than a G/PG rating needs a 4 digit pass code. So when I was trying to use VidAngel to finally watch Breaking Bad on Netflix I just thought it didn’t work because of the new demand, but today I tested a G rated show and it played. I am guessing I am not the only VidAngel user with this type of setup; actually much of the user base probably consists of contientious parents who probably protect their children by using Netflix parental controls. This is actually similar to the Amazon Prime security/authentication issue , but for different reasons.

    Please pass this along to your engineering team. Thanks for your service. We have missed you for the past few months.

  26. We love your services, and will be patient during this learning curve! Thanks for being innovative in this space, and for not giving up!!!!

  27. Any idea if the HBO context will be filterable before the new season premier? It’s one of the biggest reasons we started using vidangel in the first place, and we are so looking forward to getting back to watching our favorite show in our favorite way- through you!!

  28. I’ve been trying to start season two of two separate shows on Netflix over the past few days, and no matter the filter combination – it doesn’t play. The first seasons of both shows played perfectly well, but now I’m just getting the grey box with the episode name listed. Is this a known problem?

  29. So many comment boards have at least something mean to say when things go wrong, but it’s so refreshing to see everyone is happy and supportive of vidangel during this turbulent time. Vidangel fans rock! I guess people who care about what comes in to their homes also care about what goes out! We also are so happy vidangel is working to help all of our families have better viewing experiences. THANK YOU TEAM VIDANGEL! We patiently await your success.

    1. VidAngel customers are the best in the world. Recently we were researching new payment providers and they asked for the number of customers who charge back (reverse their payment). We told them the number. They said, are you sure you’re not missing a few zeroes? They had never seen such low numbers. It’s a sign of how amazing our customers are. Thanks to all of you!

      We’re getting very close on the Amazon fix.

  30. This is amazing!!! Netflix, Amazon, and soon Vudu are actually useful for watching things other than cartoons! My family’s TV-watching has plummeted since December for obvious reasons (even despite Redbox + Clearplay). Now that VidAngel is back, we’ll need to practice a little more restraint. 🙂

    Of all the issues to have, too many fans flooding your service might actually be a good problem…? Take your time fixing the software and scaling up. We’re happy to wait. Your team is amazing – sooo glad to have VidAngel back!!

  31. Hey Neal,
    If I still have a $19.00 Credit from before can/will that automatically be deducted to pay for the new service of $7.99 per month until the $19.00 runs out? I hope that makes sense? Thanks in advanced and I’m happy you’re back even if there are a few glitches!!!! its been worth the wait!

  32. Thank you for extending the free trial, that’s an excellent way to handle this, and thanks for your hard work, I don’t mind waiting at all, it’s not a big deal–it’s mostly just a relief to find that I wasn’t the only one having this issue with Amazon!

  33. Thank you for such a strait forward answer. I work in development and I know stuff like this happens and is difficult. Nobody has any room to complain however since they have not paid you anything yet. Thank you for the free month and extending it,

  34. So excited for this to get up and running! We are so happy you found a work around. And I think I like this even better because most of the *shows* on Netflix and Amazon are TV-MA and there are a few that I’ve really wanted to watch! Can’t wait until those are made available. Thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Give it a try right now. It only works with HBO via Amazon Channels. We just deployed a fix that should make it work. But we’re not going to broadcast the news until we see it work smoothly this weekend. Let me know how it goes.

  35. I still can not connect to Amazon. It still says it encountered an error when I put in my correct information. When I use the wrong sign in it says invalid login. I updated to the latest IOS. Any suggestions?

  36. FireTV does not seem to be able to play any videos. You click on a show and its says reload over and over. I have Unplugged FireTV and same result.

      1. Thanks for the update on this Neal! I have three Fire TVs in my house and I’m really looking forward to getting the new VidAngel app for them.

        Keep up the great work!

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