Update on Amazon and HBO

VidAngel Customers,

We promised you an update today on the situation with the Amazon connector (which also impacted Amazon Channels HBO). We’re pleased that we just published the following updates to the website, iOS, Android and Roku beta:

  1. App interface for confirmation codes for Amazon.
  2. Two factor authentication support for Amazon.
  3. A series of backend and app fixes.

Please update your iOS, Android or Roku apps to have the latest code and fix for Amazon. These updates should solve the vast majority of problems customers have experienced. If you have connected before, please disconnect and reconnect to implement the improvements.

Issues still outstanding (we’re working on these)

  1. Descriptive messages when a video won’t play (like you’ve reached your screen limit, or you need to disable parental controls, etc).
  2. Netflix PIN
  3. Netflix Profile support
  4. Captcha support

The buttons still say down for maintenance but will soon be switched to a message that says: “Having issues? See Help Section.” Even though the buttons currently say “down for maintenance”, you can click on them and try connecting. Let us know at support@vidangel.com or in the comments below if you run into an issue.

If the weekend is smooth and things work for people, we will update the buttons again so that it’s clear the system is operational.

Thanks again for your support and patience.

Neal Harmon, CEO



P.S. A few people have had trouble with the Amazon connector for Game of Thrones and other programs. We have learned that the fix is disconnecting your Amazon account and reconnecting. That clears out your old session and establishes a new improved session and fixes the issue.

296 thoughts on “Update on Amazon and HBO

      1. Just wanted to say how thankful I am for filtered streaming and appreciate the fight and cost to have it. I don’t mind paying the subscription cost while the bugs are being worked out myself, but extending the trial was nice. I think word of mouth will spread fast as filters in front of streaming services is an even better model than the previous one. Than you!

        1. How do I get the amazon streaming to link up with the vid angel channel on my Roku?
          I can watch game of thrones on my phone but not directly on my TV with Roku

        2. Hi, I’m having problems with both the Amazon and HBO connections on my Dell laptop. My Netflix account connects just fine, but the other two always pop up an “Error 100, incorrect username/password” every time I try to connect. I have double and triple-checked both, as well as trying logging off and on. Nothing so far has worked, any solutions?

          1. Collin, that error is exclusive to username and password errors. The best tip I can offer is to go on Amazon and reset your password. I had a similar problem when connecting my Amazon account and resetting everything allowed me to connect properly. We’ve been told that if you have “exotic characters” as part of your password it may produce this error because our system cannot recognize foreign language characters. If the problem persists, please reach out to support@vidangel.com.

  1. Several tv shows I was hoping for that I can watch in amazon prime are not available in your app. The wire, sneaky Pete, mr robot, and the night manager to name a few. Will these every be available or is there some legal reason for these not being on VidAngel?

    1. We added 45 titles so far this week and will be accelerating our publishing moving forward. Until we get word from the district court judge, we will not be adding content copyrighted by Disney, Warner Brothers or 20th Century Fox. We will, shortly, be adding a feature to request content so that you can help us prioritize what to add next.

          1. very disappointing just started my HBO trial only 7 days and the only show filtered is Game of THrones. i seen at least 3+ titles on the site being advertised including Westworld, Veep.

          2. i only mentioned Veep cus it was advertised on your site, not interested, I would love to see Westworld soon though it was advertised as well.

  2. We keep getting messages that videos on both netflix (Narcos) and amazon (Saw 3, even after we have paid to rent it) are not owned and therefore we cannot watch them.

      1. Loved the service previously! Anxious to be on board again as soon as Firestick service is established. Fingers crossed!

        Go Vidangel!

          1. I’m glad you are close with the fire stick. Our family only has this option for family movies. How will we be made aware when the option has been updated?

  3. Vidangle on android smart tv is not updating, I can watch the Netflix movies on my smart phone but it won’t let me on the tv

  4. It’s letting me stream most Amazon content, but I can’t seem to stream Game of Thrones. I’ve got filters set, but when I click on Watch Now, I’m unable to see anything but the title of the episode.

    1. You’ll only be able to stream Game of Thrones if you’re signed up for HBO on Amazon Channels (or if you’ve purchased the episode or season you want to watch).

      1. If you have HBO or have purchased GoT, then try disconnecting your Amazon account and reconnecting it. That works for many right now.

        1. Hello,
          Thanks again for all you guys do. Just an FYI. I tried to disconnect and connect my amazon which includes hbo channels and the only episode which is available to watch is season one episode one. All other episodes are not showing any filters or availability to watch. Are there any other potential fixes? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

      1. This worked like a gem. I set up two factor authentication and now I am connected to Amazon and GOT is showing up with access to filters and all episodes. Thanks so much for the help. 🙂

      2. Okay, I set up two factor authentication on my Amazon account and logged out of Vidangel, closed the Vidangel app, then re-opened the app, re-logged in, and tried to connect Amazon again. It still said, “Error Encountered- An unknown error occurred.” Same message I’ve been getting from the start. Advice?

        1. I’m getting this same error accessing vidangel on Chrome, on my macbook air, trying to stream something from Amazon.

  5. I can get some things to play on the PC but I still can’t get anything to play on my Roku. I tried reinstalling the app but it didn’t help. 🙁 We miss family movie night!

      1. Thanks Neal! Works fantastic now. We have missed VidAngel so much and we appreciate all that you guys are doing to help us keep family movie night content safe and appropriate for the whole family.

  6. Trying to watch House of Cards and we keep getting the message “not accessible through this account”.?????

  7. I can’t log into my HBO account. I input my login info and it starts loading and then reverts back to the connect accounts page.

    1. It only works with HBO through Amazon Channels at this time. So you sign into your Amazon account, not your HBO account. And you need to subscribe for the Amazon HBO channel free trial. We’ll be adding HBO Now in the future.

          1. How long in the future? I don’t like that I have to start a free trial and not use my current account, but I guess I’ll have to.

          2. We do not have an ETA unfortunately. We publish it here on the blog when it’s available.

    1. Is it a movie that is only available for rental? We’re working on making the messaging more clear. If you search for a movie, sometimes it is only a rental on Amazon, in which case you need to go to Amazon to rent it and the return to VidAngel to watch it.

      1. I did this. I rented John Wick 2, and it shows up in my amazon account to watch. But I transition over to my Vidangel Beta app (on my phone and on my Roku) and it is nowhere to be found.

  8. Once we have the vidangel app, and connect it to our amazon acct, I can play tim timmerman on my phone but not on the tv. What do we need to do?

      1. The Roku vidangel link you have listed takes me to a login which works fine on my device. However the only channel available when I search roku says version 1.9 from March 2017 which looks like the one. How do I find the beta channel to load to roku?

  9. Is there a way to show all movies that you filter period, whether I’m subscribed or not? When I click all movies, or all tv, it’s based on my Amazon or Netflix, but if there are others that are available through Amazon rental or the Amazon HBO, I don’t see an easy to to find out what they are. I ask because it seems as though you can rent certain movies through Amazon, but I can’t tell what they are.

    1. Not currently. Fortunately it’s a free trial so you can try it out (we started HBO because Game of Thrones is one of our most requested series, but HBO offers all kinds of movies that we need to add). I think adding an option where you can browse through what you get by adding a particular streaming provider is a great idea. Thanks

  10. I have deleted the previous Roku app and installed the beta app from the link in the comment string. I have enabled 2 factor authentication on amazon and received an e-mail from Amazon verifying this. I continue to receive “Sign in failed” message when I try to login to Amazon HBO or Amazon. I am using my Amazon password. I have subscribed to Amazon HBO and can watch movies from the Amazon sight only available on the HBO channel so know it is set-up correctly on the backend. How exactly does Amazon implement the two step verification with the Vidangel Roku app?. During last weeks failed rollout, Amazon would send me a code via e-mail when I tried to login with the 2 step verification turned on. I am not receiving codes.

    1. After installing the app here: https://www.vidangel.com/roku

      On the home screen of Roku, go to Settings >> System >> System Update and then click “Check now”

      Then open the VidAngel roku app, go to the VidAngel settings by click on the top menu “Settings” and you should see your email address if you have the latest version that supports Amazon.

      1. I followed your instructions after doing a factory reset of the roku. I did the same steps earlier with no success but thought doing from a fresh reset may give me better luck. I went to settings after installing vidangel and noticed that no e-mail address is listed. The correct credits to my account are listed underneath. Help!

          1. This is the correct version of the Roku that supports two factor authentication. When you input your username and password, it should then ask you for your security code from your email. If it does not, you might try to go to amazon.com, log out, log back in, then try the app again. Sometimes amazon may be asking for additional authentication information that we’re working hard on passing through to you. You can also contact us at support@vidangel.com for a faster response (and we wont lose you).

  11. Amazon is working! Great job Vidangel.

    Please add category or menu to show Netflix only, Amazon Prime, Amazon Rental/purchase, Vudu rental/purchase and My owned movies showing movies from Amazon and Vudu etc. Currently I to play movie on Amazon and find out movie is not on prime. P.S I know Vudu is coming soon.

  12. I deleted the app from my android phone, redownloaded it from the play store, but unfortunately I’m still unable to login to amazon. I have two factor auth setup on my amazon account, so I am being sent the text message verification code from amazon, but I have nowhere to submit it on the vidangel website and it fails to connect. Hope this gets resolved quickly. Thank you

    1. Also so that you know the android app for android TV is loading the old version that says buy and sellback and it doesn’t let you connect to netflix, etc on it. The only way around this that I have found is to download the app on my phone and then manually send the apk to my android tv and install it. This works, but the play store always ends up “updating” that app and making it the older non working version from the play store. Please fix this

  13. I got beta app for roku. Changed settings at amazon. I connected to amazon. But there are no new movies on my playlist. It is still only vidangel Studios comedy specials. Here is my question. If I don’t have a monthly subscription with amazon, does vidangel not work. I only rent movies individually on amazon right now. Please explain how this is supposed to work because I have spent many many hours trying to get amazon to work. Do i have to rent a movie 1st. But how would I know what to rent if I have no list of available filters. Please help. Thanks

  14. I have 2 way authentication set up on amazon, updated the app, uninstalled vidangel app/reinstalled, and the amazon icon even says “having issues? see help page” i’m using the right user and pass but it won’t send me a text to authenticate vidangel…???

    1. I had the same issue. I went to Amazon website and logged out and then logged back in. I had “keep me logged in” option for Amazon which did not allow 2 way authentication to be fully implemented (I think). Anyway, once I logged out on the website and logged back in on the website, Roku gave me the code option and Amazon texted me when I lined. Works fabulous now.

  15. When trying to connect amazon, Android app says “Something went wrong when we tried to connect your account. Please check your username and password and try again” (even though I’m using the same user and pass to sign on amazon mobile” and the vidangel website says “an unknown error occured”. And yes, two way authentication is turned on.

  16. I just rented Hacksaw Ridge on Amazon then loaded all the filters on Roku and when we started watching the filters aren’t working. Has Hacksaw Ridge been added yet, and if not why is it letting me set the filters and watch it through vid angel?

    1. I’m testing it right now and, sure enough, you’re correct. We’ve implemented a fix. It’s working again. Thanks for letting us know.

      1. Awesome! I just tried it and it’s working great. Thank you so much. Ya’ll are doing an awesome job! Keep up the good work!

      2. Same issue is happening for me. I have tried changing the method for two factor authentication from the authenticator app to text and used that code but it keeps saying the same thing.

      3. My last comment about it not working even with two factor enabled for Amazon was just on an android device. It is working in my browser.

  17. When I try to connect and type in my password for my Amazon account on my iPhone, it says “error encountered – unknown error occurred” Do you know what I need to do to connect the Amazon account t? Thanks!

  18. I currently have Firefox tv. I have the vidangel app on my main screen. I have added my device to vidangel, added netflix and Amazon streaming to my account with vidangel. I can see breaking bad and when I go to click on it it shows where I am watching it from Netflix but it wants me to purchase it. I shouldn’t have to purchase if I already have a monthly subscription to Netflix and Amazon right?

    1. Correct. You should be able to watch it. You could have an issue where too many screens are in use with Netflix. You might wait a few minutes and try again.

  19. Is version 3.0.2 correct for Android? Amazon works on the web but not on the phone for me. Although Amazon says connected, I get a message saying I am not authorized to view the movie.

  20. When will there be word from district judge regarding Disney, 20th Century Fox, etc., content? That constitutes pretty much all that my family is interested in watching—Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars? Thanks!

    1. The district judge will hear the motion on July 24, 2017. We don’t know whether he’ll make a decision then or in an order after.

  21. I believe I have added the new beta app, but I still can’t get any shows to work on my Vidangel on Roku. On settings->about it says my channel version says 1.9.4622. Is that the new beta app? The comments section here says it should be 2.1

    1. 1. Search for it on VidAngel to make sure it’s available.
      2. Go and rent or purchase it using the same Amazon account that you connected to your VidAngel account.
      3. Return to VidAngel and set your filters and enjoy!

  22. I Thank you all as well for all your hard work. I commend your efforts I am able to get Amazon working. I’ve had to deactivate and reactivate my Amazon connection each time, but it’s working. There is one anomaly I thought I’d bring up. The movie Spectre doesn’t show up in the search, but it’s listed in the Action section. When I got there on the iOS app, it says that I can request filters. When I got there in my browser, I can set the filters, but it shows the grey screen with the movie title. All other Amazon videos that I’ve tried are working. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the feedback James. Spectre is fixed so that it shows up in search. I just tried playing it and that is fixed as well.

  23. For some reason, I can get Mission Impossible 2-5 to work, but the first one sits there loading forever when I click on it. Can you fix that?

  24. Im confused on how this works. According to reviews (from last year ) the info was based off spending money upfront then selling movie back. Now it is asking me to subscribe 7.99m but I can not figure out how even to view what i get with that subscription. How does all this work?
    Thank you

    1. The system allows you to try it out for free and cancel at anytime. This will allow you to see everything that’s available. The $7.99 allows you to access all the VidAngel original content as well as connect your Netflix, Amazon and HBO accounts to filter popular programming on those services.

  25. Hi! Mr. Neal I was wondering if Arrested Development will be added soon, I know it’s a Netflix original, is it just that the team hasn’t gotten to it or is it not legally allowed? Thanks!
    Oh and PS- are you going to make a Nintendo Switch app?

    1. I’m sorry, our understanding is that show is owned by Fox (one of the plaintiffs). We are currently asking the court to allow us to make it available to you. The hearing is scheduled for July 24th. We’ll let everybody know how that goes.

  26. Still not working on Android
    Tried all tricks with 2 step verif. Reinstalled vidangel. Even unregistered all devices from Amazon video.

  27. I’ve rented Snowden, but the title didn’t work on VidAngel. Has it not been added onto VidAngel correctly? When I pulled it up on Roku, I’ve noticed that the background image was a pulled version image of the poster of the movie itself. Does this have to do with the problem. When I pressed “Watch Now”, an image appeared on the screen saying “Although you own this movie we are currently experiencing problems. Go to the VidAngel blog for more details.” Do u happen to have any explanation.

        1. I just tried it, and unfortunately, it’s still not working. May you please make sure that the data is done correctly? The sign is still showing, “Although you own this video, it is currently unavailable for streaming. Check the VidAngel blog for more detail.”

          1. It is working. I’m watching it myself (I rented SD). So I know that the meta data is corrected.

            Do you have parental controls enabled on your Amazon account?

            Did you rent or purchase? Was it SD or HD?

            Which app are you using? If Roku, have you updated to the most recent version here: https://www.vidangel.com/roku

  28. This is awesome, thank you VidAngel! My wife and I had been wanting to see “13 Hours” for a while and got to see it with out all the bad language and we took out some of the violence/gore.

    I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but I’m curious about certain shows. Do you know if The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm are on the to do list? Is there a place we can go to see what shows you are planning to do, with an ETA?

    Thank you!

    1. I’ve already asked, they said that one of the companies suing owns the office but that they’ll try to get it as soon as they can

      1. We’ve filed a motion with the court so we can offer the Plaintiffs’ content on our system, including the Office.

  29. Good work guys. Amazon app is working on Roku. I would ask if you could give us a better tool on Roku to only sort movies you want to see. For example, get rid of all rated R from the list, etc…

      1. This should be a default setting just like you can do with the filters. Please add default setting to select which movie ratings to show in movie list.

  30. I am unable to watch tv MA or R rated movies on vidangel through Netflix. Amazon is working great. We did have filters for these on Netflix but we have disabled them and they now work on Netflix but not on vidangel. What do i need to do. Very frustrated by this.

    1. This is due to your parental control settings. You can turn them off or wait until we make a change to the system that will support the Netflix pin.

  31. How long does it usually take for Neal Harmon to respond to question or looking-for-answer comments?

  32. Sorry. I am still not getting things through Netflix. I get the notice that the movie is not available…

  33. Can’t watch anything from Amazon prime. I’m allowed to edit it but as soon as I hit watch it says not owned. What do I do?

  34. I might be missing something, but Sony’s “Clean Version” titles have been removed from Vudu… Even with doing a Google search it looks like they’re gone. Sony caved pretty quick. But not VidAngel!! ‘So glad you’re back! We’re excited for Vudu compatibility! It’s great being able to watch movies again!

  35. Even with the 2 factor authentication for amazon I still had issues.

    I would enter the OTP received from Amazon, but it would still fail.

    The only solution I found was once you select to link Amazon by using your username and password, it will ask for the Amazon code.

    I pressed cancel, and used the OTP I received from Amazon in the password, but in this format your password;;;OTP from amazon – all you do after your password is add ;;; and then the OTP number you got from Amazon.

    This worked for me.

    1. VidAngel does not have filters available for all Amazon titles (or for the studios who are suing us). We’re adding titles quickly and asking the judge to give us permission to publish the Disney, Fox and Warner Brothers titles for our new system.

  36. Why does vidangel (safari browser) disconnect from netflix and amazon every time. Each time I log in, I need to reconnect them.

    1. This happened only for certain browsers and configurations but we believe we have published a fix that will make it work for everyone. Let me know if it’s not working for you now.

  37. Hi Neal,
    Thanks to you and your team for the hard work. After a rocky first weekend and an email from support asking to give you guys a week or so I waited then logged back this weekend on Roku and iOS to find VidAngel working much much better. Your service is enormously useful to our children and expands their viewing options significantly.

    I’m not sure how to improve the service, but to me the ability to find shows with filters on the various services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Amazon w/HBO, Amazon rentals/purchases) is a touch clunky… as is the ability to see new titles added to these services. I would love a way to make this a bit more clear?

    Many thanks!

  38. We have our Netflix account linked to VidAngel. We tried to watch “The Walking Dead”, but it wouldn’t play. We assumed it was due to parental controls we have set in Netflix. I temporarily disabled them, and we tried again, but it still wouldn’t play. Is this a case where you get a periodic data feed from Netflix that includes parental control settings? And if so, is there a particular day/time we can disable them (regularly) so that “snapshot” is caught in the feed to VidAngel (also would need day/time when it’s safe to re-enable them)?

      1. Thanks for the reply Neal (“We are working on a solution for parental controls for Netflix right now.”).

        Any rough timeline for the solution?

        Thanks again…

  39. In the future will VidAngel support downloading titles that Netflix, Vudu and other services allow to view offline? This would be a great enhancement especially for road trips or places with poor or limited access to internet.

  40. Is there another method to see if a new movie has filters has a set of filters applied to it if it is not owned on amazon or is not available on netflix than having to type those movies in the search bar.

    1. We need it and we’re working on a way to view all titles available and to request titles that have not been tagged yet.

  41. Really need to show which movies are part of Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Amazon purchase/rent. I keep having to open up Amazon to determine which movies are on prime vs for purchase/rent.

    1. You’ll be pleased that we just launched a feature (within the last hour) that tells you if you need to rent or purchase the movie first. On the web you’ll even see it in the search. There’s a small logo for Amazon and another one for Amazon Prime. We’ll extend that feature to the apps in the future.

  42. Really need default rating filter. Just like you can save default filters need to have default rating filter for example in search or movie listed don’t show Rated R or MA. I know you can select a box on the vidangel website however this only available on website and you have to set every time. Need default rating filter across all platforms web, iOS, Roku etc…

  43. I’m trying to use the app through PC, TV, and phones. None are recognizing that the movie has been rented. It was working fine yesterday.

  44. I’ve noticed that the set of filters for recently added movies (like Tim Timmerman and Trolls) aren’t really that customizable on the tv. For example, if you go to other elements and try to press the button that removes all the profanity, it will kick you off. The only way to remove all of the profanity is to press the label and go through each one by one. Also, there are some movies on the tv where when the default filters are set, for some reason, every filter will be automatically set regardless of whether you enabled a certain filter or not. And you go to correct it, it will kick you off (Like The Truman Show and Are We There Yet). You can correct the set of filters on your computer, but won’t be fixed on the tv. I would like to know when or if these problems can be fixed.

  45. Neal, you should do what you guys used to do, where every month you would have a post on the blog saying what movies you were adding and when. You should also bring back the request feature.

  46. We have yet to be able to use any of this with netflix. We get errors like the following:

    Error occupying the stream for 11066 on netflix

    But with a different number for each thing we try to watch. I suppose it could be parental controls, but we had to go super strict with those after we discovered that netflix parental controls apparently don’t work almost at all.

    1. Lisa mentioned a faulty connection with netflix. The same thing happened when I tried to turn on Trolls. Speaking of which, Neal said that there will be a hearing on July 24 to see whether VidAngel can stream movies from Disney, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Brothers. Well, it’s not yet July 24, and Trolls is a 20th Century Fox movie. How does this make much sense?

      1. Yes, we have a technical glitch with Netflix that we’re working on right now.

        As to Trolls, according to the Library of Congress (which is where we’re cross-checking to ensure we comply with the preliminary injunction), the Copyright Claimant is DreamWorks Animation, LLC, who is not currently a plaintiff. The injunction only applies to the copyrighted works of the plaintiffs.

    1. It was. But it was totally unintentional. I was teaching my children to sell at the Farmer’s Market and Austin and Becky showed up with a camera. Serendipitous.

  47. If I rent a movie on amazon, will I be able to watch it filtered through VidAngel? How can I know which rented movies I can watch and which ones I can’t?

    1. Yes. Search for the movie on VidAngel first. If it comes up and says that it’s available for rent on Amazon, then you can rent it and click the refresh button so that your VidAngel account recognizes you have access to it.

  48. Having trouble logging into Amazon…sometimes says it failed sometimes says it timed out… 🙁 Try again later? Or is there something to be done? I’ve tried logging out, closing, and reconnecting but it didn’t work. Thanks!

      1. I had the exact same problem last night on my Win 10 PC. I reached out to the support team and I got a reply that the connector was down. But it seems to be working just fine this morning. So it looks like the problem was resolved quickly.

  49. I was so happy that I could watch “What We Do In The Shadows” with my teenagers (it is super quirky and hilarious, in case you haven’t seen it).

    It appears that I have to take off all parental controls in order to watch a movie on Amazon or Netflix. Is this correct? If so, will that be a permanent thing? So far I’m switching them off and on all day and it’s a pain!

  50. Netflix is not working. Is this something that will be fixed soon? It just says experiencing technical difficulties.

    1. We’re working on it furiously. In meantime, you can enjoy VidAngel Originals, Amazon Prime, Amazon Rentals, and HBO. We’ll get it fixed.

      1. We rented Trolls on Amazon and could not get that to work either. =( Thankfully we have the rental for 30 days. But I really came back to give you guys a big thank you. I know that you guys are working really hard and our family appreciates everything that you are doing to provide us with clean entertainment since hollywood has no interest in providing such a thing. We really really appreciate you and all your hard work and dedication to this…most others would have given up by now. We stand behind you 100%.

  51. How are you supposed to buy a subscription? I’ve tried buying one through the vidangel and amazon android apps but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve also Googled how to buy one and nothing has come from it. Please help!

  52. Rented John Wick on amazon. Can not watch it on VidAngel. Tried it on desktop, phone, iPad, amend roku. Adjusted parental controls on amazon. Keep getting error messages. So rented it again on a different amazon account that didn’t have any parental controls, linked vidangel to that account and still got error messages. This time it says, “Your account type does not allow you to access this content.” Super frustrating. Been working on this for 24 hrs now.

    1. I have forwarded your information to our support team so that they can work through this with you. We’re deeply sorry for your trouble.

  53. We are having the same issue as above. We rented Robocop but won’t watch it without the filter. The Vidangel screen says “Your account type does not allow you to access this content.” We are also having a similar error message on Black Mirror on Netflix.

    1. We are getting this same error trying to “The Patriot” rented from Amazon. I and pretty sure we have everything setup on the Amazon side correctly.

      1. Is there any chance that you have parental controls enabled on your Amazon account? I’m going to have the support team reach out to help you.

      2. Hello, I think I understand the problem. The version of “The Patriot” that VidAngel has filters for is the extended version which isn’t on Amazon.

  54. Hi , our Roku doesn’t work with the vid angel. Once you select the movie to play it goes to an endless loading. Also Amazon video after adding a movie to our watchlist, for instance The Accountant it doesn’t show up on vid angel app.

  55. Just want to confirm that Netflix through Vidangel is still not working or is there a current work around for it? Ours still says it is experiencing technical difficulties. Thanks in advance.

    1. We have a fix and it is working for many customers. We are scaling up the solution for everyone this week. Thanks!

  56. Hello Neal and vidangel team,
    Thank you all for providing a great filtering service 🙂
    I do have a question about streaming services.
    I know that you guys are planning to support more streaming services including hbo now ( I read it from your previous comment on this thread).
    However, these services are another subscription services that requires another monthly subscription for users like me who already has access to these channels through tv providers. and we can stream these channels through their individual apps (hbo it will be hbogo app, not hbo now app)
    Is there any way you guys can implement so that vidangel can filter all streaming videos?

    apple tv uses tv app to link all existing channels. Is there any way you guys can work with apple to provide filtering on app shows and movies on tv app? (which includes all streaming videos)

    1. I have the same question. I already have access to HBO through ATT, I would hate to purchase again just to have the Amazon version for filtering.

  57. Most of the Amazon movies no longer work for us. The error message appears saying, your account type cannot access this content.

    1. First, please disconnect your Amazon connection and reconnect. Then, can you give us an example of this problem and we’ll look into it?

    1. Do you have Amazon Prime? If you have Prime, then you’ll see all the movies available through Prime. If you don’t, you can rent movies from Amazon but they only show up in the search field. For example, search for “Hacksaw Ridge” in the VidAngel app.

      1. Is it because I am in Canada maybe or will not work with my Comcast to stream to my tv ? I can stream Netflix to my tv with cromcast and filter VidAngel just does not work with Amazon Prime, yes I took the 1 month free and says it is linked ,,,,

  58. I must be doing something wrong. I put “London Has Fallen” in my Watchlist on the VidAngel app while I am connected on the app to NetFlix. I see the Watch Now button but when I press it the movie tries to load but I get an error that says, “Network Error: There was a problemgetting the stream. Please try again later.” I have deleted and reinstalled the app three times. I then disconnected from NetFlix and connected to Amazon (I am a Prime member). I went to try and load the same movie on the VidAngel app and the Watch Now button is grayed out. I do see a “+ Add Amazon” choice but I am already connected to Amazon.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re doing. I just tested this on my account and it worked. It is available through Netflix. It is not available through Amazon Prime at this time. It should work for Netflix. Can you contact support@vidangel.com to see what the issue could be on your account?

  59. Sometimes I cannot watch content that is available through Netflix even though it is available for rental through amazon video. Sweeney Todd is a current example of this. VidAngel says it is available through Amazon video rental (not included with Prime) but it does not show the Netflix option.

    I know my Netflix account is linked, as it shows other options, so what could cause this?


    1. What causes it is Netflix adding or removing titles from its library. We’re building systems to catch these changes sooner. We’ve updated Todd Sweeney. It should work now.

    1. coming very soon. Fire Kindle was just approved by the app store. FireTV doesn’t have an ETA yet because we can’t control how long approval takes.

  60. I’m still having no success in connecting my Amazon account to VidAngel…even after trying the suggested steps. Help please!

  61. Amazon is not working!!! This is really getting aggravating. I searched it and it showed available through Prime. I rented it, Vidangel said to refresh, I refreshed, Still not working. Keeps saying to refresh.

    1. What is the title that you’re trying to access and we’ll look into it. Also, we had some Amazon downtime a bit ago and it should be back up and running.

  62. How soon after an episode is available on Amazon Prime is it available via VidAngel? I have Prime and HBO. The first episode of the new season of GoT aired tonight and is available to stream on Prime. But it doesn’t show up here. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  63. I have tried connecting Netflix to Vidangel. I can get Netflix to connect, but but when I attempt to watch a movie, I get an error code 105.
    I tried connecting Vidangel to Amazon Prime. It takes my login, then asks for the verification code which I then get from my email and enter, but it comes back and says can’t connect to Amazon.
    I’ve been trying for weeks now, and haven’t been able to get either Netflix or Amazon to work.

    1. We have deployed a number of changes that should have fixed the 105 error. Please try again to connect your account and see if Netflix works.

  64. So I have a subscription to HBO GO through my cable TV company but to use HBO with VidAngel it looks like I need the Amazon HBO channel. Is there a way to link my Amazon Prime account with my HBO GO cable subscription? If there isn’t a way to do this, why can’t we just add HBO GO as one of the streaming services that we can connect to VidAngel? I really want to start watching GoT with VidAngel.

    1. Currently it’s only possible to connect to HBO through your Amazon Prime account. We’re working on HBO Now and hope to launch it in the near future. We don’t currently have plans for HBO Go but we will review after launching some of the other streaming providers.

      1. Neal, My advice would be to allow HBO GO because AT&T now offers HBO GO for free to their customers and frankly, if people have it for free, they might not want to purchase a subscription. It would definitely open up the number of people wanting to use the service but is held back because of how limited the options are.

  65. Excited that we can link VidAngel with our Netflix and Amazon accounts. I have found that many shows are not loading (i.e. The Wire, The Last Tycoon, The Newsroom, Bloodline). Can you tell me why shows like these are not available?

    1. We are publishing between 60 and 100 new titles per week. We’re working on ways to publish faster. Each title has to be reviewed for quality control before being released on the website.

  66. I’m getting the same message as a few others when trying to watch my Step Brothers rental from Amazon.com. “Your account type does not allow you to access this content.” Has there been any resolution on this?

    1. Dan, sorry for the trouble. We would be happy to help you. If you could send an email to our Support Team with the following details it will help us troubleshoot that problem with you. You have already answered some of these questions, but any specific description of when it happens will help us help you.

      * Which movie are you trying to watch?
      * Which device you are using to watch your movie? On that device are you using the VidAngel app or a web browser?
      * Does the same problem occur if you try the movie on a different device?
      * Are you receiving any error messages?

      Please reach out to Support@vidangel.com


    2. Dan, After some quick research I was able to come to some conclusions as to why “Step Brothers” probably isn’t working on your account. Without all the device details, I can’t be 100% certain, but that error is very specific to parental controls. Depending on what your Amazon/Netflix parental controls are, some movies will not play on our website if your parental controls aren’t adjusted. Movies like “Step Brothers,” that are rated R need to have parental controls set up through Amazon/Netflix that allow titles with those ratings to be watched. Please adjust your settings accordingly on their websites and try again. If you can’t watch your film, please let support@vidangel.com know! Thanks for your patience.

  67. Thanks for the service. You guys are doing great with it. Is there an estimated date as to when Westworld might become available for filtering?

    1. Westworld is currently being blocked from filtering by the Hollywood Studios that don’t like VidAngel. We hope that as the legal battle wages on, we will be able to filter titles like Westworld along with many others. Stay tuned for updates. It’s certainly a title we are anxious to be able to provide.

  68. “Try to Watch” appears on the screen when attempting to watch Jason Bourne. Then, under “HOW DO I WATCH THIS,” it says to buy/rent the video on Amazon and come back to VidAngel to watch it. Does “Try to Watch” mean I may not be able to? I don’t want to buy/rent a movie if it “may not” be filtered. Thanks

    1. As long as you rent/buy the title on Amazon, that version of the movie will import into your Library on VidAngel and you will be able to filter it. If you run into any problems at all, please contact support@vidangel.com. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

  69. Neil,
    Was happy to finally see VA on the fire stick. Asking for my husband here, but will Hard Knock or Ballers via HBO be available filtered any time soon? We have an hbo subscription but I’m not sure how to get it filtered. I search it and no go. If not, this is my official request!

    1. Emily, thank you very much for the recommendations. I have passed these on to our Movie Database Specialist. They will need to make sure that these particular titles aren’t works produced by the plaintiff studios. If they are good titles that we aren’t being blocked from filtering/streaming then we will have our Tag Team add these to the list of awesome new titles we need to provide. Thanks for your support!

  70. “In order to protect your security, Amazon is requiring you to complete a captcha. Please sign into Amazon from a web browser and then try linking your account again.”

    I log into Amazon & Amazon Prime Video and nothing comes up to be able to complete the captcha? How can I do this?

    1. Alyssa, that is an error that Amazon generally sends out when you have disconnected and reconnected your Amazon account to too many devices in a short period of time. It is a security precaution to protect you. There are a few work-arounds that our Support Team can help you with if the problem continues. What usually is the best solution is giving your account time to recuperate from the various connections you may have made. Try not to disconnect and reconnect again as that will only cause more problems. If the problem persists, please reach out to support@vidangel.com.

  71. Just signed up for VidAngel to watch GOT again, but this time with my husband (he’s sorta squirmy about things). We have HBO, chose the filters etc. But then the “Watch now” button is greyed out. Do we have to buy HBO again in order to watch the show on VidAngel? We have amazon Prime as well, but don’t buy HBO through Amazon… But through our cable provider. Or will we just not be able to use this service to watch GOT? Love the idea of the filtering feature, but is there a way to watch it without having to pay for HBO again?

    1. Jennifer, The only way to watch Game of Thrones is through an Amazon HBO subscription or by renting/buying the episodes on Amazon. VidAngel connects to your streaming services which allow you to filter content on those services. We are hoping to branch out to other streaming services soon, but for now, you will need to rent the episodes on Amazon or get an Amazon HBO subscription. The Amazon HBO subscription is free for 7 days and would allow you to binge watch lots of GOT before being charged. Please reach out to support@vidangel.com if you need anything else.

  72. Multiple issues:
    Logged-in to Vid-Angel successfully on Apple TV.
    Could not connect my Amazon account from TV or iPhone.
    Managed to get them connected on my MacBook.
    Rented Scream from Amazon Prime Video and it’s ready to view.
    Can’t watch it through the Apple TV app since we can’t get the apple TV to connect to Amazon.
    Same with my phone (I was willing to stream it from there).
    I want to watch Scream through my computer but I keep getting an error message that my account type won’t let me watch it. Error 102. (Can’t find anything about “account types” nor Error 102.)
    About to pull my hair out…

  73. This whole amazon thing is really frustrating. i’ve done the 2 step authentication, i’ve closed everything out, opened it back up, had amazon open while trying to connect it to vidangel, still that same captcha error (101). i’m a prime member, so i’d really like to see my amazon content. is there any way to remedy this?

    1. I’m experiencing the same thing. I never use Amazon on other devices so I am not sure why I would be getting this. But it’s the same thing, always, says I need to login on a browser and solve the captcha, but there never is and logging in never works. I might add that I can log in and out on my Pixel phone just fine, but not on the browser or the Roku beta channel.

    2. I’m running into the same issue and it is pretty frustrating. Please post the answer to this problem at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

  74. I follow the directions on your site with the link my.roku.com/add/X22CML but it seems to add the old channel v1.9 build 4622. I tried a factory reset but it’s still happening. I’ve made sure the channel is deleted before going to the link.

    1. Does the channel that is showing up on your Roku after adding say BETA below the VidAngel logo? It should if you’ve installed the correct app on the correct device.

  75. I also checked a non HBO show, confirmed that I was connected to Amazon under manage services, and am still getting the “oops” error.

    1. Alan, thank you very much for your questions. Friday Amazon changed some things on their end that caused connection problems on our end. That is why you were seeing those particular errors Friday. We made adjustments to our system and Amazon and Amazon HBO titles should be working properly now. If you experience any further issues, please contact support@vidangel.com for help.

  76. Just want to say thank you for continuing the fight to keep your service alive. Love being able to take out unnecessary language, nudity, etc.. Thank you thank you thank you.

  77. I keep putting In the emailed code but it just reloads and asks for a code again. I don’t know if this is specific to GOT but it makes it unwatchable. (Having this issue on my Mac and iOS)

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