Amazon and Netflix both fully operational

VidAngel Customers,

We’re pleased to announce that Netflix is again working properly.

In addition, all of the following outstanding issues have been resolved:

  1. Descriptive messages when a video won’t play (like you’ve reached your screen limit, etc).
  2. Netflix PIN for Parental Controls
  3. Netflix auto-select non-child profile
  4. App interface for confirmation codes for Amazon.
  5. Amazon PIN for Parental Controls
  6. Amazon 2-Factor Authentication

Hooray, now you don’t have to turn off parental controls on Netflix or Amazon to use VidAngel!

Existing free trials that started before 6am MST on July 5, 2017 will be extended until the morning of August 5, 2017.

Now, that the system is humming smoothly, the next thirty days will be 100 percent focused on publishing a ton of new content.

Happy filtering,

Neal Harmon, CEO



VidAngel is not affiliated with or sponsored by Amazon, HBO or Netflix. Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Instant Video are registered trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. HBO is a registered trademark of Home Box Office, Inc

65 thoughts on “Amazon and Netflix both fully operational

  1. Have watched several films from Amazon and Netflix. Worked perfectly. Watched first two episodes of “TheOffice.” It was glitchy with video tearing in parts. Excited about this new version/service of VA.

  2. I am assuming that the new season of G.O.T. will not be available to watch in real time via the HBO Amazon channel, however, I was wondering if you have any idea about when episodes will be available for viewing?

      1. Great! Thanks for such a great service. Wishing you guys best of luck in the next coming weeks.

        Since, it looks like you’re rolling out a bunch of tv shows, I just wanted to submit a request for Westworld (HBO) and Homeland (Showtime). It’s been too long without new Homeland episodes!

        Thanks again.

        1. Thanks. They are in the queue. Just an FYI, we have Homeland on Amazon if you search for it. But you have to rent or purchase it on Amazon at this stage to be able to watch it. We’ll add Showtime in the future so that you can use a Showtime subscription to access it.

          1. Any update on accessing shows through your showtime subscription. We have been trying to watch Homeland with no luck.

  3. Amazon suddenly giving me a bunch of different errors now. “unknown error” “Not able to connect to the internet” and a longer one something about I need to resign into my Amazon account from a web browser again and then reconnect it to Vidangel because Amazon is asking for a captcha?

  4. My Amazon was once connected now it is not. I have tried several times and I can not connect. I have tried iphone, pc and mac

  5. I have tried to connect to Amazon several times. I get either gateway error (504) or captcha needed. I have tried several solutions and can not get it to work on Iphone app, pc or mac browsers

      1. I’m having the same problem, I’ve tried to sign in from 3 different devices including my roku tv. Netflix is signed in but when I try to do Amazon it just keeps saying that I need a captcha. I’ve tried opeing another browser page and logging in like it suggested with no success. Any help would be great! Love what your doing, I feel so confident being able to watch movies with my whole family because of the filters you provide 🙂

  6. You guys are wonderful! We’ve been able to watch Netflix and Amazon shows but we always wanted to see but never could before! I will be using the service for long as you have it available. Thank you for continuing to add so much. I’m looking forward to Mozart in the Jungle and hope to see that one soon. Again, thank you so much for all your hard work and effort.

  7. You guys still haven’t replied to my messages, I still can’t get amazon to work. I have an active amazon prime video account and I can’t watch movies via Vid Angel all I get is this message now Once you buy or rent this content from your amazon account, you can watch it here with filters! PLEASE REFRESH IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED OR ARE CURRENTLY RENTING THIS! Could you PLEASE actually reply to me and not ignore this issue. thanks

    1. Jesse, I’m really sorry you’ve felt we’re ignoring you. This is the first time I have seen a message from you on the blog. I don’t know where else you’re posting your messages, but the fastest way to a response is

      There are movies that are available for free from Amazon Prime and other movies that are only available for rental or purchase.

      After you have connected your prime account, the ones that are only available for rental are in this category: (about 1000 more rentals are available searching for movies using the search feature)

      After you have connected your prime account, the movies available for free will be listed here:

      After you have connected your prime account, the TV shows available for free will be listed here:

      Thanks for reaching out.

  8. Neal,

    New apps still not fully functional for me with my linked Amazon account. Works great for Amazon Prime titles on iOS and and Android, but for titles I own in my Amazon library that should be available I get a grayed out “watch now” button on iOS and a blue “Unavailable” button on Android. I have tried relinking account. Interestingly, I had this problem last weekend with a rented Amazon title on Android, but it worked fine on iOS. After updates to the apps on both platforms this week, it seems to be affecting both. I opened a support ticket last weekend. Also, is an update to the Android TV app (Nvidia Shield) forthcoming?

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to provide this wonderful service. I also think it is amazing how many of these comments you respond to personally!

  9. I’m not sure if this has been previously stated, but I’ve tried to search for cretain shows/movies that are available through Netflix but not avaliable through Vidangel – Netflix. Spartacus Blood and Sand was one of them to name. Are there videos I’m not able to view because of copyrights or something of the sort?

    1. There are two reasons shows are not available:

      #1 There are no tags yet created so they can’t be filtered.
      #2 The titles are copyrighted by the three companies suing us (Disney, Fox and Warner Bros).

      We are going to improve the system in the future:

      #1 All titles will show up in search and those not available will have a request button.
      #2 Titles owned by the plaintiffs will have a notice that explains why they are unavailable.


  10. Your service is still not working for me. Have tried 4 times to watch Anna Karenina and I keep getting error 105. Also cannot watch The Crown. Screen just went black, no error. I have the most updated beta app. Using roku.

    1. Is this still a problem for you. We had a short period of unavailability last weekend and I wonder if you were hitting our limits. If it still isn’t working for you, please send us a note at

  11. Hi Neal.

    Is it possible to create a blog thread to indicate estimated launch dates of the new vidangel app for fire tv and nvidia shield tv.

    This way a person can regularly check the progress as for now its a painful waiting game.


    1. Amazon Fire TV is working right now. Search for “VidAngel TV” on your device.

      Nvidia shield does not have an ETA.

      Unfortunately, we can’t do estimated launch dates because many things are outside of our control, but we do have a page where we show available devices as soon as they are published:

  12. Also perhaps a list of upcoming releases? This might help relieve duplicate suggestion emails/posts etc.

    Can I request “Chef (2014)”

  13. Been excited to be able to watch Black Mirror now that I can filter out stuff, however, I have continued to receive the same error message:

    An Unkown Error Occurred

    I’ve tried a few different episodes to see if it was a specific one, and none of them worked. I then proceeded to try other titles, which loaded just fine, so it seems like Black Mirror as a show isn’t loading, but other titles have no issue.

  14. I wanted to know if there is a way to watch Twin Peaks: The Return, series on Showtime filtered? If so, when?

    Thank you for your services!

  15. Terrific job on making bringing as many movies and tv shows appear up on vidangel as possible. I’ve only come to request that if it’s at your convenience, maybe we could try considering setting tags for Deepwater Horizon. I think a lot of people would like it.

    1. Hello Aubrey,
      Have you downloaded the new Roku BETA channel? Things are a little different than they were before. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to follow the instructions at the following link in order to get the proper Roku channel: After following the instructions you will be prompted to connect your Amazon account. If you are prompted to get a captcha you may need to adjust your two factor authentication on your Amazon account. Once you connect, feel free to readjust those settings however you like. If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to They will be able to help you troubleshoot the situation in detail, if these tips don’t get you up and watching. Thanks for your patience.

  16. Hello,
    I see there are all (that I know of) the seasons of Suits on amazon. We started the first season on VidAngel, left us on a cliffhanger lol, Realized y’all dont have any other seasons. Just wondering when you guys will have it on there. Really love your work! Been supporting y’all for years now! Thanks for what you do!

  17. Hello I am able to link my Amazon account but it doesn’t stay linked. Why is that?

    Also when i want to see a video I can see for free through amazon prime, I cannot seem to bring through VidAngel. What is going on here? I thought I would be able to see it

  18. I keep getting this message every time I try to connect Amazon to my Vidangel in my roku: “In order to protect your security, Amazon is requiring you to complete a captcha. Please sign into Amazon from a web browser and then try linking your account again. Error 101.”
    I do what it tells me to but it still doesn’t work.

  19. Getting this message when trying to watch through Amazon.

    “In order to protect your security, Amazon is requiring you to complete a captcha. Please sign into Amazon from a web browser and then try linking your account again. Error 101.


  20. I am unable to connect to Amazon. I get error 101 saying I need to do a captcha. What is that and how do I do it? I changed my Amazon password and re-signed in but still nothing. Netflix works fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  21. The parental controls set on our Amazon and Netflix accounts are not translating to VidAngel. Our teenage son is able to open and stream R and MA shows and movies, even though we have those parental controls all set below that level. My understanding is that we should not be able to stream anything on VidAngel above the ratings we have set in Amazon and Netflix. Please help 🙂

  22. I’m still getting problems with (I’m assuming) Amazon’s two-factor authentication. Usually, I’m texted a code every time I try to log in to Amazon and I enter that code and then am able to use Amazon. Interestingly enough, I receive those same codes when I try to stream an episode of Game of Thrones through Amazon’s HBO channel. The end result is, as there is nowhere to authenticate with Amazon, a failed load of the episode. Turning off two-factor authentication doesn’t seem to help with the problem at all. What’s going on?

  23. Is it possible to watch Amazon prime series shows like “the man from new is it possible to watch Amazon prime series shows like “the man from hi castle” on VidAngel? I can’t seem to get it to work

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