How VidAngel’s New Service Works

How VidAngel’s New Service Works

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    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! We are always looking at what popular titles need to be added. That particular one looks rather interesting. Thanks for your support Rowan!

  1. Would it be possible to add a category for Amazon Prime? It’d be nice to find all of the free movies and TV in one place. Also, I’d love to see a filter for Netflix too. We cancelled it a while ago, but may consider signing back up again depending on how many shows you offer through it.

    1. Suzanne, thank you so much for the feedback. We are working on new categories and different ways to distinguish between the services. We hope as we add more and more services we can bring you the best browsing around! Thanks for your support!

  2. We have never used your service, but are eager to do so. However, we do not have Netflix or Amazon. Would this be worth it for us, or must you have one of those providers?

    Thank you!

    1. Patrizia, thank you for your great question. In addition to filtering movies and TV shows from Netflix and Amazon, we also have our own exclusive VidAngel content. This includes movies we make ourselves, a children’s show we just launched, and the largest collection of clean stand-up comedy on the planet. You can also rent certain titles on Amazon without having to have a subscription to Amazon Prime, so you can enjoy VidAngel without the hefty bill. Your first 30 days is free and you can cancel at anytime. Give it a try and if you have any questions, please reach out to Thanks for the love!

  3. Please add Vudu. Amazon doesn’t support UltraViloet (UV). So all my purchases are on Vudu. Anyone else want Vudu?

    1. Nick, thank you so much for your feedback. We are working on adding other streaming sites like VUDU and hope to have that feature available ASAP. Keep on watching and stay tuned for updates!

    2. I too have been waiting and hoping the ASAP would have a general timeline associated to it. I haven’t been able to get anything with a date range even. I even have some sisc to digital purchases on Vudu that I have waiting to complete because this isn’t ready.

      1. Aaron, we appreciate your feedback as well and I hope you know that we take what you are saying seriously about VUDU. We are working to provide you with the best filtering we possibly can and on a broad range of streaming sites. We are working on making the overall experience of the new model great before we expand to other services like VUDU. We are making updates and changes as often as we can and when we have a better timeline of when sites like VUDU will be available through VidAngel, we will notify the world of the exciting news. Stay tuned and know that when we say ASAP we mean ASAP. Thanks for your support.

    1. Rowan, Thank you for all of your feedback and suggestions. If you would keep a list of what you would like to suggest, we will be updating the website with a movie suggestion capability so that you can submit these when the time is right and we can document them properly. Thank you for your comments. Happy you are enjoying VidAngel!

  4. I have been a long standing fan of VidAngel and it’s service. The new system, while it had some hiccups and probably will for a bit, is up and running and is pretty darn good so far. I like how you’ve re-worked the new arrivals to be more noticeable.

    Now the bad… last night we decided to watch a movie we had wanted to see with some of our kids, “Chef.” I did a search on VidAngel, saw it listed with some filter options, and thought we were good to go. I failed to notice your symbol for it being a Disney movie that is blocked. I then proceeded to Amazon and purchased the movie for $12.99, only to come back to VidAngel to see that it could not be played with filters. It’s now a useless purchase.

    I know it might make you look good to show that you have more movies available, or perhaps you just want to point out the cool movies that Disney is not currently allowing you to stream, but your system is already complex enough without this new additional complication.

    $13 isn’t going to stop me from continuing to use your service, and I do take some responsibility at not noticing your symbol on the movie’s cover photo, but it has left me feeling a bit burned by VidAngel.

    1. Phil, Thank you so much for the comments. We really appreciate you and the compliments and patience you have given us. We are sorry for the disappointment and would love to fix your movie night gone wrong. The Darth Mickey icon you see represents the titles that are being blocked by the studios and we cannot filter. If you check your account, I added credit for the trouble you experienced with Chef last night. Anytime you have trouble, please reach out to Thanks!

      1. Hey Craig,
        Thanks for this. It really wasn’t necessary. I’d rather you had the $$ to fight the fight that needs to happen for us to have filtering options for ourselves and our family. I really just wanted to point out to you that, even to someone who was moderately familiar with the service, this was a new potential point for confusion!

        I think the easier and clearer you keep it, the more popular it will be.

        All the best, and keep on doing what you’re doing!


    2. We need Disney category or category just for works that can’t be streamed due to legal battle. When you select movie/show tile it should not display button watch now. If you are new to VidAngel and know nothing about legal battle you would see watch now and think ok I need to purchase from Amazon. Then I can watch. Only to find out after you purchase you can’t watch. Button should display something like Not available. Don’t display available from Netflix or Amazon.

  5. Disney is moving away from Netflix. I wonder if they will also do the same with Amazon, VUDU, Google Play and others. I wonder how this will impact the future of streaming Disney works I already own. I can picture other studios breaking away into their own service. Then everyone will need to have master stream account that connects all services. That’s were VidAngel comes in. This is going to get very interesting.

    1. Nick… totally agree. It’s like what Apple is trying to do with their unified login on their iOS TV app.

      VidAngel on the other hand has the potential to be a master stream account service which adds value beyond just the unification. Just in my small circle of friends most families I know really like the idea of filtering as it opens up so many more choices of entertainment!

      It’s amazing to me that the film industry doesn’t see this as something people actually want and actively seek out. I have no problem with a director and writer’s desire to put in whatever language or content this wish in order to tell their story. Why then, in turn, do they object to my desire to not want to see/hear every single part of it? And if, due to filtering, I can then introduce my kids to their films, tv series, or franchises while possibly renting or purchasing the content specifically to do so, how is this hurting?

      Seems like nothing but a net-positive to families and content creators/providers alike.

      It’s like everyone is missing the next Netflix moment…

      1. VidAngel should meet with Amazon about enabling purchasing movie/show from integration between VidAngel and Amazon. Then VidAngel could say our customers purchased your works to filter using our service. Could do the same through Netflix where VidAngel could pass referral code to Netflix. This could then be provided to the court as aggregate data showing new customers and more income to studios thanks to VidAngel.

  6. Do you have an estimated date for when you guys (if you guys) will get the “OK” to add the plaintiffs’ content?


    1. Rowan, we are waiting on the legal proceedings to wrap up and unfortunately with all that it entails, we cannot give a date as to when we would be able to do that. It is dependent on the judges and the ruling thereof and not on VidAngel’s ability to update our system. Once getting the okay, we are prepared to put those titles on as soon as possible, but we are waiting on pins and needles just as you are.

  7. I’m come to ask that the Darth Mickey symbol affects Waterboy and and The Impossible, even though they’re not made by Disney, Warner Bros., 20st Century Fox, or Lucasfilm. If it’s at your convenience, please let me know why this is.

    1. David, thank you for your question. Waterboy was produced by Touchstone Pictures which is a Disney company, so we aren’t able to filter that title. The Impossible appears to be marked incorrectly and we are updating that now so that you can watch that title. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

        1. Well, Warner Bros. distributed The Impossible in Spain, so they must have some ownership of that movie, correct? So maybe you should play it safe and keep it off the site…

          1. William, thank you for your comment. The production company is the source that we look to when determining whether or not we can filter a movie. In many countries outside of the United States, other studios will pick up the distribution of DVDs when a smaller production company cannot. This is the case for The Impossible. As such, it was improperly categorized in our database. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you watching our back! Happy watching!

  8. I have two questions:

    1) Have you ever considered having two payment options, like a subscription-based model AND a per-movie model? I personally only watch, on average, about 1 filtered movie every 2 months or so. So it doesn’t make sense for me to pay $16 to see 1 filtered movie (in addition to the price of the movie itself, whether it be an Amazon rental or from one of my subscription services)…..

    I’m thinking it could be really smart for you guys to have two payment options. For those who watch filtered movies quite a bit (or like to binge-watch TV shows), they can pay the $8/month. But for those like me who only watch filtered movies every once in a while, I’d rather just pay $1, $2, or heck, even $3 or $4 for that one movie than waste a bunch of my money on a monthly fee.

    2) I realize you can’t filter ANY content on your site from the plaintiff studios. BUT… is there any part of the injunction that prevents you from filtering in the way that sites like Saferflix, Cleanstreamit, or ClearPlay filter their movies? I believe the injunction only applies to hosting the plaintiffs’ content ON your site, correct? But the injunction says nothing about letting you filter said movies by other means. Sites like Saferflx and Cleanstreamit don’t actually play the movies ON their own sites; you have two watch them on or, and the Chrome extension does all the filtering through those sites.

    Obviously it’s MUCH less convenient than your service, because your service works on Roku, iOS, AppleTV etc. But hey, AT LEAST they CAN filter Disney content with their method!! I’d much rather settle for something a little less convenient than not be able to filter those movies AT ALL!

    Couldn’t you guys make a temporary solution for filtering Disney movies by using the same Chrome extension method as Saferflix, Cleanstreamit, and ClearPlay? Maybe you could have it ONLY for the movies from Disney, Fox and Warner. That way you’d be following the injunction but you’d also at least be able to filter those movies in SOME fashion (albeit a less convenient way). Just a thought!

    1. William, thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! Multiple payment platforms is certainly something that we have considered and will continue to review for future updates. We want to bring you the best possible service we can with our “one stop shop” streaming site. We believe that our model is more than legal and we will continue to fight the good fight with the plaintiffs in order to bring you the best filtering site around! Thank you again for your suggestions. We keep track of these and really look to you as customers for where future changes and updates need to be made. Thanks for your support. Happy watching!

    2. I was all set to make a comment here, but you said exactly what I was going to! We’re another movie-every-couple-of-months family, and subscription services just don’t make sense for us.

  9. I initiated my account again today and linked it to Netflix, but it seems a lot of Netflix content is not available through vidangel. Is there a reason for this or did I do something wrong?

    1. Greg,

      We are adding titles as fast as we possibly can. In order to prepare movies for filtering, our Tagging Team needs to go through and set up all the filters, which can take time. Currently we have nearly 2,000 movies and TV episodes available through Amazon®, Amazon Channels HBO®, and Netflix® and we will be adding more and more all the time.

      Also please be aware that at this time, we cannot stream the works owned by Disney, Lucas Films, Warner Bros., or 20th Century Fox—the Plaintiffs in our pending lawsuit.

  10. First off, thanks for fighting the good fight and for your great service. I was wondering if it’s possible to see what movies/shows are available without signing up first. I’m a previous customer and would most likely sign up if there was enough content available. I understand that you offer 30 days free but I don’t want to use up my free trial now if the content is not there yet.

    1. Steve, unfortunately we do not have a comprehensive list of content on our website. We do have more than 2,000 titles on our website including the top TV shows and movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix, and HBO Amazon. The 30 day free trial would give you the ability to see what we have and you are welcome to cancel at anytime. Give it a try risk free and see what you think. We would love to have you back.

    1. Alyssa, that is exactly right. Your free 30 day trial will begin the day that you subscribe to the new VidAngel. Once the 30 day free trial is over, you will be charged the regular monthly subscription of $7.99 for unlimited filtering (all for just the price of one pizza). After connecting your streaming services, you will have all your movies and content in one place. It’s totally risk free and you can cancel at anytime before you are charged. Check it out and give it a try. You won’t regret it.

  11. Hello. First, I enjoy what progress you guys have made in the legal battle and how far you’ll go to make sure families can watch however they want without having a remote beside them at all times. I just coming to say that the movies you already have up here are pretty good. I was just hoping that if it’s not too much for you if you could consider adding “Deepwater Horizon.” The 2016 movie about the oil rig explosion. I hope it can be done to your convenience.

    1. David, thank you very much for your feedback. I have sent your request for “Deepwater Horizon” on and we will add that to our priority list. Thank you for the great recommendation. I’m sure this title will hit the VidAngel inspiring list! Thanks for your support. Let us know if you have any other questions at

  12. Thank you for all you are doing. I’ve been able to watch several Netflix shows with my family I never could have watched thanks to all your hard work. I will continue to be a subscriber for as long as you are out there offering this service, which I hope is a long, long time to come. Do you have any plans to add Westworld? I’m not sure if that is produced by one of the studios in the lawsuit, but if not, I would love to see that available. Thank you again for everything you’re doing!

    1. Thank you so very much for your support Andrew. Unfortunately, Westworld is a plaintiff title, so we are unable to filter that particular show. We hope to be able to do this in the near future. Stay tuned as the legal battle wages on.

  13. Will you be creating an app for Xbox or PlayStation any time in the future? These are the only two devices I use for streaming so I was just curious.

  14. Hello. I know you guys are busy, but if you take time to read this, please note that the search bar doesn’t work on the roku. When you type a movie in the search bar nothing shows up in the results sections to the right. If it can be done to your convenience, I’d be delighted to find more movies you guys have filters tagged for.

    1. David, thank you for your feedback. We did notice the problem and have pushed an update out. If you do a Roku system update, it will fix the search problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on launching an updated channel soon. Stay tuned for more.

  15. Do you have filtering set up for starz TV shows, which are part of amazon prime? One show that I’m particularly interested in is “Outlander”. I’ve been watching it but it is badly in need of a filter for some inappropriate content, for some nudity, violence, and crude language.

    1. As long as the TV show is on Amazon Prime and it isn’t copyrighted by Disney, Warner Bros., Lucasfilms, or Fox then we can build filters and show it. I will add that particular TV show to our list of recommendations. Thanks!

  16. Craig, I think it is awesome that you respond personally to your viewers. That is a great sign to an awesome company. Keep up the great work.

  17. You have filters built for movies on Amazon (not prime) that are available on Netflix, but won’t play and filter through Netflix. “Talladega Nights” is one that I just saw and would like to filter and play through Netflix.

    Is there a way to filter available content by streaming service without disconnecting other streaming services? That way I could look up videos available that don’t require rental because they are already on Netflix. Or, can you provide a site filter to lookup Prime only movies too?

  18. How many users can be registered under one account? Asking for some college friends that want to go in on an account together. I know that netflix allows for 4 users.

    1. Currently VidAngel only supports one Netflix screen at a time. We hope to improve the technology or work with Netflix to support as many screens as your Netflix account supports.

  19. Can you get movies filtered that you rent on Amazon Prime? For instance, if we rent “It” on Amazon Prime for $4.99, is it now available to be watched with an edit?

    1. You pay VidAngel a monthly fee. If you want to connect Netflix or Amazon Prime then you pay them for the content you want to watch from their services.

  20. I just subscribed tonight and after some trial and error was able to make the filters work. I was hoping to see more content but I understand the legal maze you are going through. Can you provide an update including when new content is expected?

  21. Every time—literally, Every Single Time—I attempt to watch something filtered through Vidangel using my Amazon or Netflix accounts (both are linked), I end up having to start a service request, using your ponderous email system, and days later the answer comes back, “You can’t watch that…we don’t support that…that one’s blocked…you have to re-start your app…are you sure your accounts are linked?” AAAAAAGH!! I get you guys are pioneers in this field and all, but maybe (as I suggested in my last service request) you need to go away, fix the multitude of user-interface issues you have, and come back with a clean, stable, reliable, predictable and transparent system that doesn’t require handholding from computer geeks in Provo every time I try to use it. Every Single Time, folks.

    1. We’re very sorry Bob. We’re making constant changes to improve. We aren’t there yet though.

      Which platform do you use? Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV? I will pass the feedback onto the right group.

  22. Just wondering if there has been any consideration of an option for customers to pay a per movie filtering fee (i.e. $1-2) instead of the monthly 9.99/mth. My wife and I would probably only use the service 1-2 times a month, and would prefer paying this way if it were a possibility.

  23. Any chance that VidAngel will add support for movies purchased though Apple? I purchase all movies through Apple and watch on my AppleTV and iOS devices. I have not seen anything there about connecting the services into VidAngel.

  24. I have paid for the streaming service for years. It is on my phone. I would also like to put it on my tablet but it seems I have to pay for another subscription?? Is this true?

    1. Actually, you can install it on your tablet and use the same VidAngel account for both your tablet and your phone.

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