9th Circuit Court Ruling Has No Impact On VidAngel’s New System

(Los Angeles, CA—August 24, 2017) VidAngel, the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBOusing modern streaming platforms such as iOS, Android, and ROKUhas been engaged in a high-profile legal battle with Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm for more than a year. These Hollywood studios are engaged in a legal effort to render the 2005 Family Movie Act useless in the 21st century, preventing VidAngel and other services from lawfully empowering parents and families to filter content on modern devices in their homes. VidAngel has responded by engaging in a robust, crowd-funded legal defense in which the company is prepared to take its case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Today, VidAngel appellate attorney Peter K. Stris issued the following statement in response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to deny the filtering company’s appeal of a preliminary injunction granted by the Los Angeles District Court:

“We are of course disappointed in this decision and we’re reviewing our strategy for moving forward.”

VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon has also issued a statement:

“Today’s decision has absolutely no impact on VidAngel’s current service, we remain open for business. While all of the legal back-and-forth plays out, we know our customers are grateful to still have a way to protect their kids and filter harmful content. On the legal front, we are just getting started. We will fight for a family’s right to filter on modern technology all the way.”

About VidAngel VidAngel is the market-leading entertainment platform empowering users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV shows on modern streaming devices such as iOS, Android, and Roku. The company’s newly launched service empowers users to filter via their Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO on Amazon Prime accounts, as well as enjoy original content produced by VidAngel Studios. Its signature original series, Dry Bar Comedy, now features the world’s largest collection of clean standup comedy and has earned rave reviews from audiences nationwide. 

8 thoughts on “9th Circuit Court Ruling Has No Impact On VidAngel’s New System

  1. The big Hollywood companies are in the wrong legally and rely on big money and, everage. Keep fighting. You’re legal. It’s simply playing with words and judges wanting to appease the giants you’re facing. Digital minutiae is the jargon used,to confuse judges that don’t want VidAngel to succeed. There is no other industry where businesses are told they can’t sell a product then modify it for the customer and then but it back at a depreciated value. All car dealers would no longer be able to customize tint, paint hobs, wheels etc.then but back cars from customers if this logic prevailed. Shelby may think his Cobra is art but if I buy it I can alter it how I want. What makes George Lucas think I can’t do that with his movies? Just because VidAngel has the technical know how to do what I would have to do with a computer program at home and is willing to sell the service should not be derailed because the courts think their doing some technical foul play with discs and servers etc. Ridiculous minutiae only being heard because of big Hollywood money. If it were logical it would be cut and dried. Court would simply verify that VidAngel had enough discs for evey sale and it would be case closed. Keep fighting! Thanks for the service!

  2. I know this doesn’t directly impact the current system but it’s still very disappointing as it seems like the courts are biased against you. I hope we start seeing some court wins soon. When is the next court date?

  3. The 9th Circuit Court had decided the outcome before the oral arguments began. This was clearly apparent by watching, and this was confirmed with the open mic comments. Those judges should be reprimanded. I have hope that the higher courts will be unbiased and rule appropriately.

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