Marvel movies now available on VidAngel

Great news! Marvel movies are coming back to VidAngel. Why?

Disney has chosen not to contest the fact movies owned by its subsidiaries are not subject to the California court’s injunction and so there will be additional titles available for filtering on VidAngel. Marvel is a subsidiary of Disney. There are several other subsidiaries of the plaintiffs you’ll recognize. For example:


We’re glad to be filtering titles from these great companies again. We also look forward to when we’re able to filter Disney, Fox and Warner Bros. titles again!

122 thoughts on “Marvel movies now available on VidAngel

  1. This is awesome! I’m surprised Disney is allowing this? I read in the news yesterday VidAngel is suing the subsidiaries and seeking jury trial in Utah.

    1. That means that they won’t necessarily be available on Netflix, but you will still be able to rent them on Amazon and watch them through VidAngel.

  2. Does this mean the Marvel/Netflix shows will be added soon? (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders?). I surely hope so!! I’ve been wanting to watch those filtered for AGES!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Will.

      According to the US copyright office, Marvel Television and Disney Enterprises co-own the copyright for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

      In time we believe we’ll be able to offer the plaintiffs titles again as well.

      1. Interesting. Well, I know that they’re produced by Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney. But all the MCU films (such as Guardians of the Galaxy) are produced by Marvel Studios/Disney as well. So how is that movie allowed if it’s “technically” produced by Disney too?

        1. yeah i dont get this either. i would rather have the shows filtered considering they are way more graphic than the movies since its Netflix.

      2. Awww darn. I really badly want to watch Jessica Jones, but those sex scenes and all the f-bombs I just can’t do… CURSE YOU DISNEY! LET ME WATCH IT HOWEVER THE BLEEP I WANT! Or else I simply can’t watch it at all for anything rated Mature or R… *SIGHS* :-/

      3. Has something changed? Marvel’s Defenders is listed in VidAngel right now and I just tested it and it loaded and started playing. If you guys can do Defenders I’m sure you can do Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc.

      4. So is Punisher (the new tv one) more like Defenders or more like Daredevil? Will it be available soon on VidAngel?

          1. Yeah, I know, but VidAngel’s program is more efficient and their filtering is less choppy. But I do admit I have used ClearPlay’s services more than VidAngel’s recently, because they have Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman.

  3. I am logged in to my VidAngel account, yet this Blog header asks me to sign up or login. It seems to be an eternal circle if I try to satisfy the requirements.

    My comment/question is: As small investors/shareholders in VidAngel, do we have access to any financial information?

  4. Just to clarify, in the past we “bought” a movie and was able to filter it for $1. Now we have to subscribe to Netflix or Amazon as well as subscribe to VidAngel? Is there yet another charge to rent the movie?

    1. It depends on whether the movie is available through your Netflix or Amazon prime account. If it is not, then you may have to pay an additional rental fee to Amazon to be able to watch it before it comes to Netflix or Amazon.

  5. Will all marvel movies be available soon? None of the captain America movies are available but they are on amazon and Netflix. Also will doctor strange be up soon?

  6. Marvel’s Dr Strange is available on Netflix, but not showing up in the app. Do you have filters ready for that yet? Does this include any of the cartoons?
    Sounds like a great step forward!

  7. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is also available on Netflix, but it is showing the Disney/Darth block on it. Will that be available soon? This article makes it sound like it should be.

  8. I see that some Marvel movies (e.g. Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, etc.) are available now through Amazon, but Captain America is not, it is still showing the Darth Mouse block.

    The blog post mentioned Marvel movies are or will be available, maybe I misread it. How long until Captain America and Dr. Strange, et alia are unblocked? Or are there other complications to that?

  9. Could you elaborate just a tiny bit on the security measures you guys take to keep our user logins and passwords to our streaming apps safe? It’s always a little nerve-wracking to give out passwords, especially to sites like Amazon, where if somebody got a hold of your password, they could do some serious damage! Do you guys feel like you have beefed up your security enough to thwart cyber attackers who may see you as an easy target to try to get a bunch of Amazon passwords.

    1. Aaron, Great Question! You’ll notice that you have to enter your Amazon password on all your devices. This is because we don’t store your passwords on our servers. We encrypt them and store them on your phone or device. They can only be decrypted in conjunction with our service. This means that VidAngel is not a target for hackers as you fear because they can not access your password on our system.

    1. i wouldnt mind seeing Gotham its way more graphic than the others. Arrow and Flash are barely even PG worthy in my book

    2. My guess is that they (VidAngel) will make as many of them available as quickly as they can. Each video requires some administrative review time before it can be released (which is why I was REALLY impressed that the new Game of Thrones were made available the day after release. I bet whether Amazon likes or dislikes filtering, they’ve picked up multiple HBO subscribers that they didn’t previously have.)

      Personally, I want WB to stop fighting it so the wife will finally watch Westworld with me.

  10. I’ve enjoyed the service thus far, but would like to see a one-time configuration online that, when I connect my devices (Roku, etc), all my services are already configured. Beyond that, it would be stellar if VidAngel worked with:

    HBO Go/Now
    Showtime Anytime

    I think you’ve already proven the model; connecting the above would be the icing on the cake.

    1. That would mean that we store your Netflix and Amazon credentials on our servers. We designed the system so that VidAngel would not become a target to steal Amazon accounts. We’re working on the other options you mention.

  11. I bought Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (plus bonus features) on Amazon. Can you please make filters for this version of the movie? I would really appreciate it.


  12. Thought I saw somewhere that if I request real discs of movies I bought under the old way for $20 outright, you would send them to me I the mail. Is that true? If so, how do I request them? Thanks!

  13. The emailer says “Theatrical Version ONLY” which I take to mean “not filtered”. This doesn’t seem like an incentive to rejoin VidAngel.

    1. I believe it’s a DBA or doing business as and so it’s not technically a subsidiary but actually Warner Bros. I don’t have it right in front of me though so I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure we can’t do New Line yet.

  14. Can you guys please add more Netflix documentaries? I would love to watch the Team Foxcatcher documentary filtered, because it says the f-word a couple times, but other than that it’s great.

    1. We are excited to have that one available on the website soon. Stay tuned for new releases every Friday! We don’t have a release date for this particular title yet, but we are working on building the filters for it right now!

  15. I’ve gotta say Neal, you all are doing a great job. Keep fighting the good fight. I cancelled my trial because these movies were the main ones I’d want to filter, so my kids could watch them. Now that you have them, I’m thinking I will fully subscribe. (With wifey approval of course. 😁) Plus, I fully support your fight. God bless!

  16. Is Deadpool one of the superhero movies? I can’t check the list because I don’t want to pay the monthly fee in order to log in if the movies I want to see aren’t on the list.

    1. There’s a free trial to check it out. 20th Century Fox owns the copyright for Deadpool (and Fox is suing Vidangel). We’re asking the court currently if we can offer that title on our system.

  17. I have signed up for vidangel, Netflix and amazon but not getting my movies to show up on Vidangel as an option!! I went online and connected my accounts but still not work!! Help!

    1. You need to connect your accounts on any app that you’re using. For example, if you’re using a computer and browser, you’ll need to connect your accounts there. If you are also using a Roku, you will need to connect your accounts there. This is a slight inconvenience that was designed with the security of your Amazon and Netflix account in mind (we don’t store your username and password). Does that make sense? If you need additional help, contact

  18. Not working here. Error 110 when I try to watch any of my Amazon Prime videos through VidAngel. Tried on several devices. The app can’t see any of the movies I own. Bummer.

    1. Rob, we are working hard on figuring out the cause of the 110 error. If you would write in to we would love to get more information from you. If you could answer these questions we hopefully can get to the bottom of that error more quickly.
      * What show are you trying to watch?
      * Does this error happen on any other Netflix/Amazon shows you play?
      * Does this error happen if you try to play a VidAngel Studios Dry Bar Comedy special?
      * Which device are you using?
      * Does the same error message occur if you use the VidAngel app on another device?
      Please let support know so we can help troubleshoot the situation. Thanks!

      1. I was trying to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. I have the movie in my Amazon account, but it’s linked via DMA, and looking below I see that’s not going to work. So close… I was trying with an iPad and Roku stick and AppleTV with no luck.

        Would that also apply to Vudu? I have a huge Vudu library, but a lot of the movies are DMA linked over from iTunes. I could redeem future codes via Vudu first if that makes a difference.

        Any other Ultraviolet streaming options coming?

    2. Maybe I can help. Movies that available through netflix don’t work. If you own a movie on amazon that is available through netflix, it won’t work. What you have to do is disconnect netflix from vidangel and rent/buy the movie you want to watch on amazon. I hope it’ll work.

  19. I own a number of marvel movies in my Amazon account via DMA, but VidAngel won’t allow me to play them. Captain America Winter Soldier as an example. Is there a reason VidAngel doesn’t recognize this ownership relationship? I assume if I had it as a rental that I would be able to filter it.

    1. Our system is not currently compatible with DMA movies. You would have to purchase or rent the movie directly through Amazon in order for it to connect to your VidAngel account. If you were to rent/buy Winter Soldier on Amazon, you would see the Amazon version under your “My Library” tab on VidAngel. If you have any other questions, please let us know at

      1. I’ll have to look into this a little further. Since it is linked to my account through DMA, Amazon shows that I already own it. I don’t know that I can rent/buy a movie I already own, but I’ll see what there is to see.

  20. Hello. I’ve just came to say that ever since the marvel movies all showed up in the new releases – amazon rentals, no other new releases showed up. Love your work in the legal battle, VidAngel. Keep it up.

  21. Any chance you’ll be able to have The Last of the Mohicans or Blade Runner available? I’m new to this system and enjoying it so far.

    1. Thank you for your recommendation. It looks like we will be unable to stream/filter both movies because they are being blocked by Warner Bros. and Fox studios. Great movies and wonderful recommendations. If things change, we will definitely add those to VidAngel when we can. Thanks for your support.

  22. So you can filter Marvel movies and select Warner Bros. movies, will you be able to filter any 20th Century Fox movies anytime soon?

  23. I’m loving vidangel right now. But I want to Rent Wonder woman on amazon and filter it on vidangel. But the only problem is that wonder woman is not on vidangel.. can you guy’s make that possible? like they say the faster the better.

      1. I’m going to echo what Jake said and add that the entire audio did not match the action on screen. Anytime something was supposed to be bleeped out with the clearplay plugin, it wasn’t caught. Glad I wasn’t trying to watch it with my kids!

    1. Unfortunately, that movie is owned by Warner Bros. and they are suing us. We can’t offer their content until the lawsuit gets resolved.

  24. Are you crowd sourcing the ability to create edits for movies and TV shows where there are not edits available yet?
    In other words, can I watch a movie and contribute edits?

      1. Is there any incentive offered to “trained taggers” such as waived monthly fees, or discounted monthly fees at least?

        1. Trained taggers get paid for the service they provide. They use those payments how they wish. I like the idea of providing pay for others who would like to help in exchange for VidAngel credit.

  25. For those who invested during the mini-IPO, are there any updates on if/when VidAngel may be traded as a public company? Is our investment going to be worth anything in the future?

  26. Just glancing over the last few blogs on the lawsuit and I didn’t notice a date for the next court appearance/hearing. Any update on that type of a thing?

  27. When is Wonder Woman going to be filtered? I purchased it through Amazon about a month ago, and have been waiting to watch it on Vidangel.

    1. We’re really sorry but Marvel was added to the California lawsuit. We’ve removed them temporarily out of an abundance of caution while we ask the court to let us know if we’re ok to filter those movies.

  28. The September 2017 Marvel list includes Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and others. I was trying to get caught up on the MCU with my kids prior to up coming releases. I can’t find Iron Man 2 on the list of available movies in the VidAngel listings. I rented it through Amazon and still don’t do not see it. I was able to filter Iron Man (2008) earlier this week, but now I no longer see it either. Is there something happening?

    thanks for your reply, Doc Jon

    1. We’re really sorry but Marvel was added to the California lawsuit. We’ve removed them temporarily out of an abundance of caution while we ask the court to let us know if we’re ok to filter those movies.

  29. Before the lawsuit we paid the $20 to watch a movie. When the service went away we lost the $19. Will we get that back with the new service?

    1. I would also be interested in knowing any updates. My kids are watching Spiderman homecoming over and over. I’m assuming this movie is available because of Sony’s involvement? It would be nice to filter some more superheroes.

  30. I’d like to see an update on this as well as the legal battle. Haven’t seen a substantial update in a long time.

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