UPDATE: The Chosen Is Taking Biblical Accuracy Seriously


I was grateful to be able to join Dallas Jenkins and Rabbi Jason Sobel as they visited the Holy Land to do on site Biblical research for The Chosen. I was so impressed with the lengths the team is going to in order to be certain that the series is Biblically accurate. It was one of the most memorable trips of my life.

The series is going to be INCREDIBLE. Here’s a video about the Garden of Gethsemane.

And here are some photos of the trip.

filming a short video in preparation for SEC qualification.

Just behind Dallas you can see where the Temple stood in Christ’s time.

Me 🙂

On location where Peter was called by Jesus.

The area where Christ told the Apostles to Cast Their Nets On The Other-side.

Just a stones through from where the Garden of Gethsemane is traditionally believed to have been.

Praying at The Western Wall of the Temple.



28 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Chosen Is Taking Biblical Accuracy Seriously

  1. Am curious & excited to hear of progress with SEC approval for The Chosen, & and the opportunity to invest! Please keep us posted. Don’t know what to look for in my email..?! God bless ALL of your continued efforts! 🙌

    1. I have asked three other people and they did not have an answer..I have watched all eight episodes of The Chosen I have a question…I don’t remember any of the episodes showing Jesus being born of a virgin. I would think that that would be a very important and necessary part because if it didn’t show that part..people watching this movie would take Jesus as being just another prophet or a good person. The Jesus I know needs to be shown as God’s Son…born of a virgin as God’s only begotten Son..that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      1. There is a prequel to the Chosen called the Shepard. You can find it in the bonus content or YouTube. I haven’t seen it yet either (I became aware of it after starting the Chosen) but it was intended to be an introduction to the Chosen. Good point.

      2. Hi Maryanne!
        Dallas Jenkins, who created this series, also created a movie called The Chosen, A story of the first Christmas. While I haven’t seen it, I would expect it would be a prequel to the current first season of this show. This series is focused on the revelation of Jesus to those that He chose: His disciples, Mary Magdalene and others. It starts after Jesus was tempted in the desert and when He starts asking the others to follow Him. There was at least 1 flashback to Him at 12 years old. We can’t forget that this is meant to be a multi-season series, so there is plenty of time to cover the Christmas story in this if they want. They may even choose to include scenes from the Christmas movie.

      3. The fact that it’s intended to be a story told largely from the perspective of those Jesus called and interacted with, that makes sense. (Although there is a short about his birth called The Shepherd, as others have said.)

        But – the intention here is to look through the eyes of those crossing his path and how that changes their lives – and they wouldn’t have that context when meeting him.

      4. I just watched “the Wedding Gift” episode of season 1, and Mary, Jesus’ mom is speaking to the woman whose son is celebrating his wedding. Mary mentioned that she didn’t have a formal wedding like that- and when asked why by her friend, she replied with motioning her pregnant belly and the friend said back that she would have come to the celebration! It is implied here that Mary didn’t celebrate a wedding to Joseph because she was pregnant as a “virgin” Or as an unmarried woman. I hope this is helpful

  2. Wonderful scenes and acting. Just a shame the script bears no resemblance to the true words of Jesus Christ. You’re in Dangerous territory when you meddle with the Holy Bible!!

      1. I truly enjoyed watching all episodes of this first season. I am definitely watching the next season once it comes out. There will always be criticism from all angles regarding anything to do with the Bible. I believe if the Lord has put it in your heart to spread the gospel, follow Him. There are tons of producers and writers creating awful and disrespectfull series out there, I applaud you are producing these awesome story, The Chosen.
        Thank you!

    1. I agree Mark, high quality film but the content does not show a good representation of Jesus or the disciples in scripture. Where in scripture did Jesus sneak away with children behind their parent’s backs and practice His sermons on them? What gave you the idea that Simon Peter is a gambler, cheat and traitor of the Jewish people?
      On a side note, phenomenal marketing and fundraising. I just wish you had been more careful with how you represent God. And yes, I watched Jenkin’s video explanation but he fails to address the lack of scriptural base…which really just makes this a feel good fictional story. The problem is, Jesus is not a fictional character.

      1. I have asked three other people and they did not have an answer..I have watched all eight episodes of The Chosen I have a question…I don’t remember any of the episodes showing Jesus being born of a virgin. I would think that that would be a very important and necessary part because if it didn’t show that part..people watching this movie would take Jesus as being just another prophet or a good person. The Jesus I know needs to be shown as God’s Son…born of a virgin as God’s only begotten Son..that who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      2. Dear J Osuna, if, after watching Dallas Jenkins` commentary and explanations, you are still this critical, perhaps this show is not for you. Maybe you should just simply not watch it.
        For many of us this show is drawing us closer to Jesus Christ, the Messiah, in His humanity. We already know Him in His deity, by the revelation of who He is now, and was before He came to earth – His glory and majesty! But this show helps us understand the true humanity of Him as well, His total dependence on the Father and Holy Spirit, and how He came to show us how to live in this total dependence as well. Fully human yet without sin! The show is not supposed to be scripture. We have the Bible for that. This is to give us insight into the circumstances and pressures of those times. And to show us that Jesus chose a motley crew of losers and called them to follow Him so that He could make of them the beautiful, committed, God-fearing, soul-winning people that they were destined to be. Just like with each of us. So what if Peter was not really a gambler? He was certainly a fighter, or he would not have cut off the Roman`s ear in the garden, but he was a coward as well and arrogant! Until the Spirit of God changed him!
        Let`s trust the Holy Spirit to lead and guide Dallas and his crew. From his testimonies he clearly has a very close relationship with the Lord. God is able to show him where he should go with this.
        Where the children are concerned: How is it possible that you think Jesus is shown “practicing his sermons” on them? It`s more plausible to show him developing a beautiful camaraderie with them while teaching them what is right, than for Him just to say: “Let the children come to me” and to show them just randomly going to Him! How weird would that be! The scriptures give us the very important, unchanging gospel message but not much background. I know for sure God does not mind our indulging in some imagination and using some fiction to bring us to the absolute Truth of the scriptures. After all, we deem it ok to write nativity plays at Christmas time to help children understand the coming of Jesus to the earth so why is it not ok to write a show to help adults understand?

        1. Wow! You are quite passionate. I love this defense. I only saw my first clip of The Chosen and was intrigued in seeing more. After reading these reviews, now I am more curious.

        2. Cecil Steyn, Not everyone understands Jesus is both God and Man therefore the movie could have made that clear with His Virgin Birth.
          Who are you to say who the movie is for and not for and tell them to not watch just because they made an important observation?

          The Holy Spirit is the one who does the revealing who God is and if the writers were 100 percent in tuned to the Holy Spirit they will go back and incorporate the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin so there can be no confusion about that key essential fact.

        1. Amen to the comment that the movie should have included Jesus virgin birth so people without that knowledge could understand that key fact?
          Amen on telling someone they should not watch just because they made an honest evaluation? WOW, I’m shocked and sad.

  3. Dear Dallas and the whole team of The Chosen,

    I am truly grateful and praising the Lord for the project ” The Chosen” – I came across some of the clips a week ago and few days later, we (together with my family) were able to watch all the 8 episodes in a span of few days. May the Lord continue to bless and enable you as you pursue and come up with more episodes under the planned Season 2 and beyond…

    On a side note, if I may comment on the Episode 8, if my understanding from what John chapter 4 says, that when Jesus traveled to Samaria to meet the woman at the well, I thought they were traveling from Judea northward and not from Galilee southward.

    Notwithstanding my above minor comment, again we really thank you for this inspiring project of yours that has captured our hearts and given us the chance to see the Gospel in a different light and specifically the humor of Jesus and also how you presented the Lord’s follower. I see myself or sort of similarity with the person of Mary, Simon, Matthew and a glimpse of what Thomas experienced at the wedding in Cana… We can’t wait to see more of the coming episodes/seasons…

    The Lord richly bless you…

    Richard Vergara

  4. It’s OK to admit that there are fictional elements to the story, but to pass these off as accurate is not good. There are many examples in the series, which also has some great acting, such as the Nicodemus character, who is excellent.

    However, the Bible says that men (the Greek word in the passage is “andres,” which specifically means males, the word was not “anthropoi,” which can mean men and women) went up on the roof and lowered the paralytic down into the house. In the The Chosen, it is a woman in afrocentric clothing and two guys in dreadlocks who look like Jamaicans. The author is trying to make a multicultural and gender statement that is not in the Bible here and which doesn’t seem to accurately reflect life in Palestine at that time. Why does the author put characters who are dressed this way in the movie?

    There are a lot of other things like this in the movie. Such as Peter engaging in brutal boxing matches with other men, where they try to injure one another. What is the point of putting this in the movie? Perhaps to say that Peter was engaging in “toxic masculinity” before he met Jesus?

    The writer of the series is definitely trying to add other messages to the series that are not the message of the Gospel. Too bad, because there is a lot of good stuff in the series as well.

  5. I recently bought two dvds. Being hard of hearing, I rely on the closed captioning feature. It does not work on either dvd. I initially watched on Roku, so that was not an issue, but now that I have the dvds, would like to have working closed captioning. I go to set up, select off, but it doesn’t change to on. If you can help me, I would appreciate it.

  6. Why is Mary Magdalene portrayed as a reformed prostitute? There is nothing in any Gospel to suggest that she was a prostitute. I admit it makes for good storytelling, but isn’t it time to put that old trope to bed?

    1. She isn’t a reformed prostitute in the show. She appears to have been abused and broken, but nothing says she has sold her body for money. I think you are probably projecting on the film.

      1. Mary was not a reformed prostitute. Her father died when she was young and she was left alone. Then she was raped repeatedly, not bought, taken.
        Those were her demons as was shame, fear, and feeling worthless. she was a scared child

        p.s. It is not about catholic, prodistant, baptist,etc. it is not about religion it is about God and his son Jesus. Faith in God not in religion

  7. Simply, The Chosen will never get it right, because it comes from a Protestant perspective and you wouldn’t get the full depth theological aspect of the Bible. It is just another interpretation of the Bible and the Bible is not supposed to be another interpretation of the many. Watch it for what it’s worth.

  8. So many fussy and judgmental followers, The films are lovely and if even two souls are brought to their knees to our King because of this work, then I am sure HE is laughing and happy for the efforts put forth to serve many in this way. Well done my brothers and sisters.

  9. I don’t mind the artistic liberties, as long as they are reasonable. For what I have seen (the entire first season) I have very little issue with the liberties taken. What I don’t understand is why do they move the biblical time line? In episode 4 we see the miracle of catching the fish prior to the first miracle of Jesus turning water into wine, this is plainly seen in episode 5 around 42 minutes. This and a few others like it that have changed my mind from watching it. These are simple fixes and no story should circumvent or change the actual happenings, which this show seems to have done. John 2:11. I care more about accuracy over story.

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