8 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: May 29th

  1. hey Vidangel! was just wondering if y’all had an idea on when season 8 of The Office will be filtered?
    soooo happy Micheal Scott is finally gone!

  2. are there any plans to create a list of filters that are being worked on? Would like to know if a requested movie is even being considered or not. Would be a nice idea to maybe have a way customers could vote on which movies we would like to be considered for a filter. Just wonder what the process was. thanks for all you guys do.

    1. i would love this as well. IMDB doesnt have any of the studios directly involved in the suit. But since its on the FX station i was told its a no go. Considering they have yet to do the 1st season im assuming thats why.

  3. 5 movies only 1 of which is free what happened to 40-50 average titles a week guys. Hope this weekend has more offerings.

  4. i would echo Scott Campbell’s comment. It would be great if there was a list of films being worked on. Although i don’t necessarily think users should vote on the films to be filtered (only because i am pretty sure i requested some, that very few, if any, also requested for). But it would be nice to know what movies/TV shows are coming out in a given week.
    Thanks again for everything Viddy!

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