10 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: June 5th

  1. Hey Vidangel! Love the request feature on your site. My only question would be how do you request a movie that doesn’t show up in your search bar? for example, i searched for Wolf Creek 2, and it didn’t show up.

  2. oh. I am also curious as to how then new request feature works. How do you determine what requested titles get filtered first?

      1. forgive me if im not optimistic, but i have been told that since you guys came back a year ago now. If i recall that was one of the main features when you guys 1st started. Your competitor granted their offerings are quite pitiful compared to your’s has provided a coming soon list for some time now. I am still filtering titles myself using my own software for titles (NEtflix/Prime) that im guessing are either way down the ladder or not even on VidAngels radar plus the ones effected by the suit. Look forward too it when it does finally happen though.

  3. i have a quick question how do you have things from 20 century fox like X2 and blade runner 2049? did you win the lawsuit? ps, plz add season 8 of office

    1. The lawsuit is still ongoing. What matters according to the injunction is who owns the copyright. The Blade Runner 2049 copyright, for example, is owned by Alcon Entertainment, LLC

    2. i seen them on their as well but once i clicked on them they were blocked, which is strange why have a title pic up with all the titles we can watch, tease people and then hey guess what psych. Almost as mean as back when they were running that cool welcome back video then noticed Westworld logo. False advertising.

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