16 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: July 9th

  1. You Were Never Really Here looks pretty interesting. The premise reminds me of Denzel’s The Equalizer. Which, in my opinion, was possibly the best action film, with Book of Eli and A Walk Among The Tombstones close behind. which are both arguably more dark dramas then action movies

    1. yeah it does look like a carbon copy of Equalizer, i didnt mind Equalizer it was just too long. Tombstones was ok. but other than You Were Never Really Here and the Domestics neither of which are free nothing of interest again.

    2. Equalizer was ok they dragged it out way too long. apart from You Were Never Really Here and the Domestics neither of which are free nothing im interested in again

  2. hey Vidangel first I want to thank you for the new season of the office i’m really enjoying it. but I have a question what do when we want to request something but it does not appear like for example I wanted to request Train To Busan but it didn’t appear. thanks Vidangel for all the good work!!

      1. actually thats the old way but were still having too use it because not all the movies are showing up on search on VidAngels homepage to request a filter yet. so until they get it fixed or whatever we have to use both.

  3. VidAngel, you guys and gals are great. Thanks so much for adding the Expanse, I love sci fi shows. Any idea how long it will take to get season 2?

    As always great job and I love your service.

          1. well Dads in July i was in December. we get a kick out of Friday the 13th. 13 is our lucky #

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