4 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: July 23rd

    1. i just watched the trailer for S1 not impressed, way too corny. very slim pickens this week. 2 shows, 8 movies/only 2 of which are free nothing of interest. Finished filtering all of Westworld, Impulse (youtube), Cobra Kai (youtube) and Star Trek Discovery all the past couple weeks. next Orphan Black final season, Strike Back S4 and then check out CB Stirke

    2. Tick is awesome! So glad VidAngel filtered it. If it were clean from the get go it could be the best family friendly Super hero show out. Tick is a bumbling but true “Good guy”! Arthur is weak and scared and great. Dot his sister is supportive and nice and not sleazy. If the language was gotten rid of by Amazon this show would rock. Thank you VidAngel for the filters!

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