13 thoughts on “Recently Added To VidAngel: August 20th

  1. a B movie superhero flick and 3 films iv’e not heard of. Not much of anything new to watch that doesnt cost $15+. Plus your offerings are dwindling normally you guys post 50 or so titles a week the past 2 weeks barley even 10. while its mostly stuff that doesn’t interest me anyways. Really looking forward to “Upgrade” already requested it glad its not hindered by the suit really didnt want to got through Clearplay they butcher movies when they filter them.

        1. Yes! Reminded me of the early Saw films, with a lot of action. Which would make sense considering that the director wrote a couple of them

  2. Thank you for making our family movie nights possible! This has been a lifesaver in many ways!
    Are you planning on adding Amazon’s Jack Ryan to your list? My husband and I were so excited to watch it last night and it seems their rating has gone from TV-14 to Mature. Darn! Hoping you guys swoop in and save the day once again!

  3. Do you guys have any plans to finish the Sopranos Series? Currently there is season 1 and 2 and there is a total of 6 seasons in the series. Thank you for what you guys do!

  4. Hey!!!! Thanks so much for adding Jack Ryan!!! I was yelling to my husband about it and getting all excited!! You guys are awesome!!

  5. Well i finished Jack Ryan hopefully as popular as this show is maybe people will request Strike Back. its similar to Jack Ryan but its got a more 24 feel to it much more grittery and has quite a bit of comedic undertones to it. Apart from the numerous F bombs and sex/nudity. One of my favs

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