9 thoughts on “Recently Added to VidAngel: October 16th

  1. Skyscraper was great in 3D, Hotel Artemis very good, Hotel Transylvania 3 worse of the 3. Bought 1/2 through Hill house really like it. Looking foreword to Apostle.

    1. I read Hill House several years ago, and I thought it was one of the greatest horror novels of all time, right up there with Dracula. But this new show has completely butchered the story imo. I only saw one episode, and I was very disappointed. I didn’t find it overly scary or interesting.

      I did see The VVitch and Hereditary for the first time recently. I was also disappointed with The VVitch as well. There were only a few actually scary moments.
      Hereditary, on the other hand, was possibly the most terrifying movie I have ever see.

      I do really appreciate that Vid has started to add more horror films.
      Keep it up guys!

  2. yeah i dont read much books. the line from the original to the movie rarely is the same. Then again even Stephen King was impressed with the TV show. As for the Witch I didnt get alot of the movie due to the old English dialogue but i didnt find it scary either, just slow and weird. As for Hereditary its on my list, was hoping it would be on prime by now.

    1. Defiantly check out the book. It is extremely well written.
      I am honestly not a big fan of King to begin with.

      Logan, trust me. Hereditary is worth the rent. I am very hard to scare, but that film shook me to my core. By far the most haunting thing I have ever watched.

      I am really excited for the new Halloween film. Sadly, due to the nudity, it isn’t something I would see unfiltered. So i’ll wait till it comes out of Vidangel. But it seems to be getting great reviews, which is strange for a slasher film.
      And honestly, anything has to be better then the Rob Zombie remake……..that was terrible

  3. wasnt a fan of the original Halloween. I liked H20 and Resurrection, didnt mind Rob Zombies remake but his sequel lost me.

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